How To Hide Car Scratches – Scratches and stains are inevitable; This is the truth!! No matter how hard you try to keep them from getting into the vehicle you love. You can at least get a little lighting here and there. It could be the child who accidentally bumped into your bike, or the child who was hit from behind by a car at a red light. Now you don’t have to go to the repair shop for each scratch on your car. A collection of these scratches in one area is not a good look for your beautiful car. And what’s worse if these scratches are left untreated can sometimes lead to rust. In this blog, We’ve provided some cool hacks that can help you fix them, if not remove them entirely.

Yes, Duct tape. It is a very useful and versatile item for a variety of household items. Used wisely, it can solve some of your most mundane problems. Same thing with car scratches. However, this may not be useful if the scratch is of high length. Works well for small, long scratches that aren’t too deep.

How To Hide Car Scratches

How To Hide Car Scratches

You’ll need to get duct tape that matches your car’s paint color. Duct tape is available in a variety of shades these days, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, If it’s not an exact match, you have to make sure you get a very matching shade. A high-contrast color in the shade and the same color can be easily seen especially in the light, which can destroy the entire utility of this space.

Ways To Remove Scratches From A Car

The duct tape should then be applied as evenly as possible over the scratch. Do your best to avoid creases and other air filling lines. Try to make it as smooth as possible with light hands. At least you can go with duct tape until your paint job is done.

We know this is one of the most popular ideas on the internet. But you know what? it works…

As with Duct Tape, Toothpaste DVDs, CDS and tablets; It is also a very useful and useful household item for removing scratches on things like phones and laptops. The magic lies in its astringent properties. Abrasive Property Smooths the surface by reducing the visibility of scratches.

But if it’s a really deep scratch, It will not be completely smooth. But it will obviously help. It should work well on light scratches. Toothpastes with silicones work better because of their natural scrubbing properties. For best results, use a toothpaste with whitening properties.

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Like toothpaste and duct tape, Shoe polish can prove useful at least along with scratching your car. However, this only works best with black painted cars.

However, There are some lighter shades like cream and tan available in the market from some brands. Find a shade that matches your car color. Next, you need to wash your car. Now apply the shoe to the scratch and you will be happy to see the color fade.

There is a polish other than shoe polish that can repair scratches on your car with light to medium shine. Nail polish, also known as nail polish. now, This is great because it comes in so many shades. And you can find a shade that matches the color of your car. You don’t even need to buy one because it’s so cheap and you can find one that fits in a woman’s dresser drawer in your home. It also has a brush that can help you cover the scratches as accurately as possible. However, there is one thing to be aware of. Many nail polishes give a very different shade after drying. So you have to do a quick test before applying it to the car.

How To Hide Car Scratches

There are sprays specifically for cars. It can be used instead of contact paint and comes in a spray bottle, so it’s very easy to use. These are available in a variety of colors and are available at relatively affordable rates. Use as much as you need and use the rest later.

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Spray paint is the best choice when your car has a lot of scratches and a large area that needs to be covered. However, Make sure the color matches exactly, or at least very closely.

However, this hack will require some preparation. First, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and then polished with sandpaper. Then you can spray the scratched area. A clear coat must then be applied and waxed for a proper finish.

Just like car paint spray. You can use the touch-paint that comes with it, especially for car scratches. The best part about these touch up paints is that they come with a color chart, that way you can easily find the right color for you. But there is a key to it. You need to use your car’s VIN to find the exact color match.

Your car’s VIN can usually be easily found in the lower left corner of the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. Then go to your car dealer and tell them your car’s VIN and they should help you find the exact match touch-up paint. Always use the contact spray recommended by your dealer or results may not be satisfactory.

Can Decals Be Used To Cover Scratches/chipped Paint/scuff Marks?

The best part about these contact creams is that they are available with a pen-applicator. It helps to cover the scratches with more precision and accuracy.

Once you have your touch-up paint, Like when using car paint spray, you have to do some prep work. The scratched area must be cleaned first and sanded with sandpaper. Then apply the polish and let it dry. Follow this with an automotive clear coat and finish with a generous coat of wax.

This is the most effective way to cover scratches on your car. That’s because this is the same substance that repair shops and professionals use to remove scratches. Therefore, buying a high-quality kit will give you the best result. However, it will require some time and effort.

How To Hide Car Scratches

Because with a touch-up kit, automotive clear-coat; Many layers of paint and other components like primers etc. have to be applied. However, the result is worth all the effort. You can check out some detailed tutorials on YouTube to help you with the process.

Easy Ways To Fix Car Scratches At Home

If you want a creative way to fix your messed up car. Why not try some artwork? Yes…artwork not only enhances the look of your car, but is also a very effective way to cover (if not remove) scratches. It is also very easy and cheap to do and you have many options.

Colorful prints to effectively hide scratches; You can get cutouts or stickers. Lines can even do a crime on your car in such a way that scratches go unnoticed. But the success of this trick depends on your creativity and imagination. Also, the placement of the lines is an important factor in covering the scratches.

These are 8 simple but cool hacks to fix scratches… most of these hacks will work on light to moderate scratches. These hacks are not permanent solutions for scratches. However, They can help you hide those scratches until you schedule your paint job. The idea is that you can have a temporary solution with these hacks to hide the scratches so that you don’t feel inhuman on the road. Well, That’s what hacks are all about. Hacks may give you instant success, but they are not a permanent solution.

If you want to remove scratches completely, you must have a professional paint job/special scratch removal process done.

Best Car Scratch Removers 2023

Try these hacks and let us know how they worked for you (in the short term, of course). We want to know your experience. We would be even more happy if you could share other tips that you use to repair scratches on your car. Hope these tips help you…

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How To Hide Car Scratches


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