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How To Help Someone Think Positive

How To Help Someone Think Positive

Sometimes, good thinking quotes are just what the doctor ordered. When times are tough and your heart is heavy, hearing some words of encouragement or just a little something to make you smile can make a world of difference.

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Positive thinking has the power to turn a bad day into a manageable one and a good day into a better one. Although good food is always a good idea, there’s something about these inspirational words that feeds the soul in a way that even the best slice of Hummingbird Cake can’t. So here are positive thinking quotes from the heart that are sure to make a positive impact in your life.

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How To Help Kids Who Feel Inferior

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Have you ever noticed that you (or your children) often criticize more than praise? That bad news sticks with you and your students more than the good news?

This is how the human mind works, from an early age. Our well-intentioned minds want to protect us and ensure our survival, so they constantly scan our surroundings for threats. The tendency of the mind to focus on negative things is called “negativity bias.”

How To Help Someone Think Positive

So, if you are worried that your children are emphasizing this bad thing, know that it is normal. And there’s even better news: Thanks to something called neuroplasticity, it’s possible to rewire the brain for positivity. If we help our children practice positivity, we train their minds to look on the bright side.

Keep Calm Think Positive Party Gift Funny Socks

Before you continue, we thought you might like to download our FREE 5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Kids (ages 5-11). This science-based training will help your child train their brain to love themselves, trust themselves, and be able to face challenges and obstacles.

Before we get ready to practice positivity, let’s talk about emotions. Emotions are the search engine that guides us through life, and we need them all, good and bad.

Although we want to help our children practice goodness, it is important to accept all feelings. Striving for happiness all the time creates emotional avoidance, which is the root cause of many psychological problems. Moreover, it rejects emotions such as guilt or sadness, which provide a moral compass and help us navigate difficult situations.

When your children are upset, sad, or mad, show compassion. Use phrases like, “This is hard,” or, “I understand why you feel that way.” It is reasonable to feel that way in this situation.”

Positive Thinking Benefits And How To Get Started

Children need to understand that all emotions are normal and appropriate. We don’t want to encourage children to hide or hide their feelings. Instead, teach children how to recognize, accept and process their feelings.

Teach coping strategies for emotions like fear and anger, including deep breathing exercises, talking about it with a family member or friend, and doing things like drawing and journaling.

Play the game “unfortunately-fortunately” to show the best in every situation. This helps train the mind to look on the bright side.

How To Help Someone Think Positive

Accept a negative experience or feeling while experiencing a positive outlook. For example, you might say, “Unfortunately, we can’t go to school right now. Fortunately, we get to spend more time together as a family. And we can wear our PJs!”

Simple Ways To Keep A Positive Attitude At Work

You will have to give “good luck” or tell your kids a few times you play the game, but the kids will pick it up quickly.

As always, we cannot expect children to demonstrate skills that we have not used ourselves. Practice “lucky-lucky” with your difficult situations.

When you make a mistake, think aloud about what you learned from the experience or how you would handle the same situation differently next time.

Put into words the moments of joy and beauty that occur throughout your day. Often, small moments of positivity last 10-20 seconds. Unless we take a few minutes to acknowledge and act on it, they are easily forgotten.

Coping With Depression

Journaling is an excellent activity that can encourage reflection and positivity—and, when done together, connection. The Big Life Journal is full of creative ideas that will help you and your child focus on the positive. You can also keep a simple gratitude journal as well.

At the end of each day, join your children in writing three things you are grateful for that day, including people, experiences, or accomplishments. It can be anything, no matter how small it seems.

If you stick to a gratitude journal, it will teach your child’s mind to appreciate the good things as well. When your children have a difficult experience, their minds will go to the place of “…but I thank ____________ .” They will learn and recognize all the wonderful things, people, and moments in their lives that may otherwise go unnoticed.

How To Help Someone Think Positive

You can extend this practice by having each family member keep a gratitude journal. At the end of the week, have a meeting or dinner where each family member shares their three favorite moments of gratitude for the week.

Stay Positive Quotes To Start Your Day With Optimism

At least once each day, take a moment to let someone know you noticed something good about them. Like a gratitude journal, this can be a process for the whole family.

For example, you might say to your daughter, “You picked up your toys so we can have a clean and safe place. That was helpful!” Or you may say to your son, “I saw that you helped your sister tie her shoe so she wouldn’t stumble.” That was kind!”

Don’t forget to download the 5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Kids (ages 5-11) to help your child love and trust themselves!

Even small acts of kindness increase happiness levels and release “feel good chemicals” in the brain. In fact, research shows that the effects of kindness on the mind are the same for the person who does the act of kindness, the person who receives it, and all who witness the act of kindness. So, if you want to promote positivity in your family, being kind goes a long way.

How To Have Better Conversations With Friends, Family — Or Anyone

Talk to your children about how they can be kind and helpful to your family, friends, community and the world at large.

Additionally, focus on the acts of kindness of others, especially in times of stress or uncertainty. As Mr. Rogers said, “Look for helpers.”

Small moments of beauty, wonder, and joy are easily missed if we don’t take the time to capture them. Take an “adventure trip” or “adventure trip” with your kids. Show flowers, animals, warm sunlight, birdsong, families laughing together, etc.

How To Help Someone Think Positive

Awareness is focused awareness of the present moment, and it is the most powerful way to increase happiness and joy. Being aware means looking at time as it is without judging it. Keep Your Chin Up Positive Mind Motivational Gift T Shirt

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