How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically – Twitter is a huge social media platform with millions and millions of subscribers. As of 2019, there were 262 million Twitter users outside the United States and 68 million users within the United States. This is a huge audience that you can tap into to engage with your potential audience. It is the easiest platform to get a following as there is only one way to get followers on Twitter, at least initially.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use Twitter and build your following if you don’t have anything to begin with. It took me less than two months to go from about 35 followers to over 3,000 followers. The screenshot below shows the results of my work in the last one and a half months:

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

Getting started with Twitter is easy. Sign up for an account by going to and following the instructions. After that, mobile apps for phones and tablets are also useful. Download them so you can build your following while on the road. A desktop website is useful when you want to manage who you follow, which we need to do if we want to increase our number of followers. We can download Android app from Google Play Store and iOS app from iOS App Store. After you download the mobile apps, sign in so you don’t have to remember your password. It’s probably a good idea to protect your phone with a passcode so that unauthorized people can’t mess with your account when they have your phone.

How To Get Twitter Followers: 30 Tips And Tricks

There are a few ways to use Twitter. We can tweet, which creates short messages of 280 characters or less. Once they tweet, they can only delete them. They cannot be edited like on most social media platforms. In tweets, we can use hashtags to tag our posts. Also, we may address other Twitter users by using the @ symbol before the Twitter username. We can post videos and animated GIFs as tweets…

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Is It Safe For My Account If I Buy Twitter Followers In 2023?

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Why I Quit My Job as Google’s Chief Decision Scientist, Why I Quit Being Chief Decision Scientist at Google, and… Am I the only one? Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms with 330 million monthly active users. This allows you to reach your target market and engage with your audience. So, it should be part of your social media marketing strategy.

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

To get maximum ROI from Twitter, actively growing your audience on it is imperative. It is synonymous with increasing business. A huge list of fans and followers shows the credibility of the brand. This will increase your brand awareness and help generate more sales as a result.

Most Followed Brands On Twitter In 2019

All marketers are struggling for one thing and that is getting Twitter followers. With millions of tweets on the platform every day, competition is high. But if you want to connect with the target audience, here are 15+ ways to do so;

The first tip to get more followers is to optimize your profile. People check your profile to decide if it is worth following or not. So, make sure your profile is attractive. An attractive profile picture or company logo is a good way to present yourself in an elegant way.

Focus on your Twitter bio. Twitter provides 160 characters for bio, so use them wisely. Tell us about your business, location and add your website link.

Your profile should show who you are, what your business is, what you talk about, etc. So, profile visitors know what to expect from you. Marsha Collier’s Twitter profile is an excellent example.

Ways How To Get More Followers On Twitter

You may be wondering what the 80/20 rule is. That means 80% of tweets are non-promotional while 20% of the content can be promotional. Non-promotional content sharing industry news and insights relevant to your niche. When you talk about your business, that’s promotional content.

Posting only promotional content is perfectly fine, but it will limit your growth as users won’t follow accounts that only post promotional content.

Now, interact with them more. Comment on this influencer’s tweets at least 10 times daily. Your comments should add value to the tweet. If you can’t provide value, don’t comment.

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

Continue like this for a week or so. You may notice that some of them keep in touch with you, put them on the list and remove others from the list. Add new influencers to the list. And repeat this mechanism again. This way, your account will start growing faster and you will also make connections with influencers.

Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Account

Posting multiple times a day is essential. According to Moz, the average life span of tweets is 18 minutes, so increasing the frequency is necessary to increase your profile visibility. Doing this will eventually increase your followers.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This statement also applies to Twitter. Posting informative content in the form of visuals like images, videos or GIFs will bring more engagement. If you’re stuck for tweet ideas, another great idea is to repurpose your blog posts.

Twitter is all about connecting with an audience. Followers feel valued when you engage with them. They respond to this with more engagement. This gives more exposure to your content, which in turn increases your followers. So, engaging with your followers is a great way to grow on Twitter.

Check your notifications daily and respond to mentions and retweets. Say thanks for retweets and reply to company mentions in a tweet.

Top Sites To Buy Twitter Followers (real & Instant)

Some tweets get more engagement than others. Don’t let them go, use them again and again. Most of the time, tweets that lead to engagement have the potential to do the same, if not evergreen content. Twitter Analytics provides information on tweets with high engagement. Recycle these tweets. And the best way to recycle evergreen content. Set up a custom queue to schedule and publish evergreen content. Here are the simple steps to set up the feature for recurring tweet publishing:

Social media scheduling tools have many benefits. This will save you a lot of time and hassle. By planning and scheduling tweets in advance, you don’t have to worry about planning content every day. This will help you to be more consistent which will have a great effect on your Twitter account.

With social media scheduling tools like , you can easily schedule your tweets as well as threads, schedule content in bulk using a CSV file, repost viral content, post the same content on multiple platforms with a single click, and more. Social media scheduling tools can also help you reach your target audience when they are most active. You can also drill down into what types of content your followers engage with the most.

How To Grow Twitter Followers Organically

Writing a blog is not enough. You also need to advertise. You can make it easy for your audience to retweet by embedding what they like in blog posts. You can also use Clicktotweet which provides this benefit in a different way.

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Emails are a great way of communication. People, as well as businesses, use emails for communication. Add your Twitter profile link in email signatures. This way, you can bring in some extra followers.

To keep up with trends, keeping an eye on keywords and hashtags relevant to your niche and brand is a must. Real-time monitoring helps you respond to mentions and stimulate conversations with your customers. This engagement brings more visibility to your profile. Provides keyword monitoring. Start using it to monitor how audiences are talking about your brand and even engage with mentions.

Tweeting at peak times is an easy way to increase your organic reach. This increase in organic reach results in more engagement and followers. See the best times to post on Twitter so you can post at peak times for your industry.

Analytics is a great way to monitor the performance of your tweets. Check your account analytics by visiting, and then by evaluating the data through Twitter Analytics, you can create a content plan to grow on Twitter.

Buy Twitter Followers: Boost Your Twitter Influence In 2023

Twitter analytics provides information about the number of tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits and follower growth at a given time.

In the monthly overview, it shows

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