How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car – Here’s a fun prioritization exercise. Some have described it as a Jedi mind trick. That’s a lot

But it plays well with people’s heads. It derives heavily from Joshua Arnold’s work on the cost of delay, particularly this article on the qualitative cost of delay. I’m basically describing Josh’s penchant for a fun workshop around his work.

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car

First, I ask the team to organize their initiatives based on pure urgency—one axis, not two. I describe many scenarios where urgent things are not necessarily valuable, and valuable things are not necessarily urgent. I stress that the pressing questions of when to enter a market, when to take care of competitors, short-term risk versus long-term risk, are inherently strategic.

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In short, I’m doing my best to put urgency in perspective and leave value out of the picture (for now). It’s a bit of a mind game because people aren’t very good at both of these things. The team will say something

Even when it’s been in the works for quarters or years (or the company has delayed prioritizing it for years). Contrast this with business disruption or an existential crisis. It wasn’t

If they have problems, I force a “curve” and ask them to stick to the distribution (When, soon, and ASAP descriptions are from Joshua).

Once I’m comfortable with the distribution (or I’ve exhausted all my tricks), we start to value. I move everything to the bottom of the 2×2. We start with the premise that nothing is valuable.

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This is where things get interesting. The only move they have at their disposal is VERTICAL movement. They cannot shift the urgency. To help the team, I label the Y axis with something like Game Change, Optimizer, and Tweak.

Based on the urgency exercise tactic, we emphasize that not all things may be equally valuable (but that doesn’t make them not worth doing. I also go to great lengths to skip duration, more on that later. The Small Victory not very valuable, but it’s worth doing.

I convert what they have into 9 boxes and divide each cell into three columns: 1-3mo, 1-3q, and 1-3y. I then instruct the team to place the initiatives in one of the three columns FOR THE CURRENT CELL. There is no movement in different cells. It looks a bit like the following:

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car

Notice what is happening. Something could be Soon + Game Changer + 1-3y, and it’s equivalent to ASAP + Optimizer + 1-3Y. Both should be sequenced after green (Highest CD3).

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They organized their work into three weighted latency categories 😀: high, medium, and low. Theoretically, we should work on the elements in descending order.

So what happened behind the scenes? In the first two exercises, we discovered the opportunity cost (or delay cost) of an opportunity. Disconnecting urgency and values ​​is a mind game, but it works. In the final step, we stratified the duration to arrive at the weight delay value (CoD/duration), a useful tool for sequencing. An outdated bath with leaky plumbing and a yellowish stem is just the place to start and end the day. said no one ever. If there’s one room in the home that appreciates the shiny new look, it’s the bathroom, which is why a bathroom renovation tends to provide a high return on investment.

Still, if your goal is to get the most bang for your buck from a reno, it helps to think strategically before scheduling a showing day. Here are some tips from the experts.

“One of the most important things to keep in mind [for return on investment] are the comps,” says Sarabeth Assaf South, a home expert for, a remodeling resource site. His advice. Look at remodels nearby (try scanning Zillow or Redfin for recent sales). For example, a high-end space renovation might have a freestanding soaking tub and heated floors. “If you include those things in a non-luxury setting, someone might be happy to find them, but they won’t necessarily want to pay more for them,” he says.

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Generally speaking, spending on cosmetic improvements will cost you more money than gut repairs, especially if you plan to move in the near future. According to Zillow, an average bathroom remodel can bring in $1.71 in revenue for every dollar spent, especially if the bathroom is over 25 years old. Such remodeling may include updating plumbing, tiling, and lighting.

If budget is an issue, think twice before deciding to rearrange the room. “The best option is when you don’t have to move plumbing lines, waste lines, and move electrical circuits for lights or outlets,” says Dean Turner, owner and CEO of Evolution Design Build in Reston, Virginia. the same configuration is called “drag and replace and it will be the most efficient”.

More homeowners are replacing tubs in the master bathroom with larger, high-tech showers with multiple heads, says Shannon Cadwell, Anthony Wilder Design/Build in Cabin Joe, MD. “If the family has younger children or pets, they still want to; to keep one bathroom somewhere in the house,” he says, “but otherwise we see most bathrooms being turned off.

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car

According to the Houzz 2022 Bath Trends Survey, simple shaker-style cabinet fronts are chosen by 51 percent of homeowners, followed by contemporary flat panel styles that appeal to 27 percent of homeowners. Turner is a proponent of vanity styles with built-in drawers underneath, which tend to pack more storage than doors alone. For countertops, Kadwell recommends hard surface materials like quartz that are easy to clean.

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If the bathroom already looks less than pristine, it will look even worse when everything else is new. Consider replacing it with a model that has an elongated bowl, which has a slimmer profile and makes cleaning the floor around the toilet much easier.

“Tile is the driving force behind a bathroom’s overall aesthetic, and people tend to love marble, especially in master baths,” says Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design in Silver Spring, Md. But marble can be expensive and start to look dingy if. you are not careful to seal and preserve it. Turner recommends sealing marble tile at least twice a year. For an alternative, Asaff South offers a simple porcelain option, such as a basket weave pattern or penny tile. “It has a similar classic appeal and is easy to care for if you’re a mop person.”

On the subject of tile, one of the cheapest things you can do to add value to your bath is to update your grout, says Skylar Olsen, Zillow’s chief economist. Warning: Turner says it’s important to follow the instructions when reapplying the cream, and if it’s in the shower, the area should be completely dry for 48 hours before starting work. Don’t be tempted to use a pen in the shower either. “They’re a non-wet application,” she says, adding that the pens are good for quick touch-ups behind the hairline or along the base, but they’re not meant to be a permanent fix. “If you start down that path, you’ll keep reapplying.”

In a room where you have to look at yourself in the mirror, good lighting can make or break it. Period lights, such as the mirrored linear housings popular in the 1970s and ’80s, are a turnoff for potential buyers and should be replaced with sidelights, advises John Martinek, partner at Modern Roots Design Build in Iowa City. “When you’re shaving or applying makeup, you want the light to come from both sides because it illuminates your face better and eliminates shadows from overhead lighting.”

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Experts almost always say that homeowners prefer bold colors like pale grays and blues in the bathroom. “White remains the most popular color for bathrooms, but it tends to look a little stark, so people can add a pop of color, whether it’s an accent tile or even a wall color, to give it a little personality,” says Cadwell. :

Replacing cabinet hardware with new knobs and pulls is an easy way to give a vanity a new look. Just make sure they complement or coordinate with the plumbing. Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and matte black continue to be popular options, though brass, both lacquered and unlacquered, will add warmth. The designers we asked all said it’s fine to mix metals as long as you strike the right balance; “Some people make the mistake of overdoing one finish,” says Subaran. If you’re not sure, the safest bet is to choose the same finish for all fixtures and fittings.

DIYs that you can actually do yourself. Don’t be afraid of those home projects. Consider which renovations add the most value to your home (including the kitchen and bathroom), what you can actually do on the weekends, and everything in between.

How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Car

Your home + climate change. whether you’re trying to prepare your home for an electric car or want to compost, we’re here to help you live.

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