How To Get Scratches Out Of Bathtub – To keep our cast iron appliances looking like new, I have a never-failing formula for cleaning and removing all those scuffs and scratches! Here’s how I clean our cast iron sinks and tubs.

When I was helping my client prepare her house for sale, she said she was committed to replacing the cast iron tub in her boys’ bathroom because it was scratched and stained. I told him to stop because I knew how to clean cast iron sinks and tubs to make them look new again.

How To Get Scratches Out Of Bathtub

How To Get Scratches Out Of Bathtub

I use the same technique on our own cast iron sink every couple of weeks when scratches and scuffs start to show. And when we get scratches in our tub, I clean it the exact same way.

How To Choose And Maintain A Bathtub

Let’s get started and turn back the clock to your dirty, dingy, scratched cast iron sink or tub. It will look new when we are done. Allow!

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For your convenience, I made a video showing you exactly how I clean our sink. Watch the video or continue reading.

Rinse all food residue out of the sink. Next, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the sink and scrubbing sponge. (If your sink is really dirty, you can add a drop of dish soap to the sponge.)

How To Clean Your Bathtub

Use a little muscle to clean the sink. Pour the vinegar onto your sponge and into the sink. Use a sponge to wipe and clean the baking soda from the sink. Rinse the sink with water.

Your cast iron sink (or bathtub) should now be clean, but your surface may still have scratches and marks. That’s okay, because it’s time to use the Kohler Cast Iron Sink Cleaner. It’s a miracle in a bottle!

This is the cleaner recommended by our kitchen designer. Honestly, if I didn’t know about this cleaner, I would have been disappointed with our farmhouse sink a long time ago because it gets quite a few scratches from the cast iron pots and pans. (Want to know if I would buy a farmhouse sink again? I’ll answer that and tell you what no one tells you about owning a farmhouse sink in this post.)

How To Get Scratches Out Of Bathtub

Pour a small amount directly onto marks and discoloration. Use a clean, dry paper towel to buff the cleaner onto the scratches.

How Do I Clean My Cast Iron Bath?

Rinse the sink with water and see… the marks are gone! If you look closely, you will see that the scratches are still on the sink, but they will disappear visually.

Hopefully this cleaning method will help prevent a perfectly good cast iron sink or tub from being ripped out! Keeping them looking great is as easy as knowing how to clean cast iron sinks and tubs to make them look new again. Be sure to share this post with a friend. 😉

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