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I am 17 years old and just got this car. I scratched it, as you can see in the picture below.

How To Get Rid Of Rim Scratches

How To Get Rid Of Rim Scratches

No, I’m not a bad driver and I hope this doesn’t happen again. That was a mistake – my girlfriend was sick and I had to turn around quickly so she wouldn’t throw up in my car.

How To Fix Gutter Rash On Alloy Wheel Rims

The edge really doesn’t look that bad. The main danger lies in driving conditions that may push the rough edge into the tire. Even if this did happen, I doubt it would cause the tire to blow out, although it may shorten the life of the tire.

I can’t tell if there is any damage to the sidewall of the tire itself from your photo – I would walk around the perimeter of the tire and check for any deep gouges or holes that might be a cause for concern.

The next thing you should do is read the terms of your lease and determine your responsibility. Something strange happens, and this is taken into account in the rental company’s calculations. You will not lose your license or be thrown in jail for this. I also doubt that this would be grounds for terminating the lease.

You can try to fix it yourself, but unless you’re very skilled at this kind of thing, it’ll be obvious when you bring the car back and they check it. They will feel more insulted by the deception than the actual damage.

I Got Some Scratches On My Rims. Any Way I Can Fix It Without Paying For Refinishing?

However, I doubt anyone would expect to replace the entire wheel, and in fact it may end up costing you more if you go out and buy a new wheel instead of doing whatever the rental company wants you to do.

Don’t waste your money on this repair, it’s cosmetic, but until your lease is almost up, you don’t have to worry about damage. My advice is to put the actual money aside, and contact Mazda Lease Corp. When your lease is 3 months from end, have them inspect the car for damage and never mention this story again. They probably won’t notice this little thing. note. Rinse the vomit off the paint as quickly as possible. Otherwise it will cause damage that will be claimed by the rental company! EDIT* NOTE: A lot of new car customers get some sort of “wheel protection/warranty/warranty” Don’t say that’s what the curb did… (hole!) They will give you a new tire too!

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How To Get Rid Of Rim Scratches

By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree that Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose the information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. I purchased a slightly used set of 19-inch Acura RDX wheels for my wife’s Honda CR-V. I’ve always loved these wheels and have been waiting for a good deal to come along. I saw this particular set on sale and quickly jumped on it. The seller was 2 hours away, so before I made the trip, I asked the seller if there were some scratches or pavement marks. The seller said it was in “brand new condition.” I was very disappointed when I got there because there were a lot of dents and dents. Thankfully there are no signs of braking.

Can This Curb Rash Be Fixed?

As a detail specialist, I wanted to make the wheels look as perfect as possible, so I tried to smooth out the imperfections. Fortunately, I had a bottle of McKee’s 37 Complete Swirl Remover. I tried using this product with a microfiber towel. I used a microfiber towel as the applicator (instead of a foam pad) because I want it to be as aggressive as possible.

The product was very easy to use. The working time seems to be long even though I haven’t used the machine. Removing residue was also easy. The color of the product is white and the consistency is on the thicker side like typical compounds. I didn’t have much of a smell and I’m grateful for that. There are some compounds that smell like gas or heavy chemicals. The product wasn’t dusty either but again, I didn’t use it with a polisher.

I know this isn’t your typical show and shine because I don’t work on car paint but I wanted to share the results because I was blown away! I would say I was able to remove 95% of the blemishes. There were a few but they were there because the scratches were too deep or the paint was chipping. And I achieved this with very little effort.

I am looking forward to using this to install on my wife’s car in the near future. It’s hard to find time when you’re taking care of a two-year-old. I’ll be sure to share my results with you guys next. I guess I didn’t say a touch of wood when I wore it, and I paid for it!! (I really don’t believe in things like this) LOL

Wheel Scratches Without Any Tire Rash?

Anyway, yesterday when I was talking to my wife and I didn’t care enough, I scraped the rims of my car (front and back, I must be a terrible driver!!!) on the sidewalk!!!

I immediately stopped and checked but the damage was done, I was angry, sad and completely mad at myself (I tried to blame my wife for talking to me but then that was not a good strategy to get out of my guilt) anyway no sleep (I usually get… Snooze) I went to the nearest hardware store and got two different 400 and 1200 wet sandpapers and started working on them as soon as I got home.

The results were amazing, I was feeling much better and now drive more carefully! The finish is really good at the moment, but to get the actual polished look I would have to go to an auto accessory store and get a metallic paint (can’t remember the name but I’ve had one for some time).

How To Get Rid Of Rim Scratches

If you guys get scuff marks on the edges of your car, this is a very good method, as in just using sandpaper to get the really rough parts out of the chrome or polished alloys. If you have painted alloys, you will need to putty and paint, the process becomes more complicated, I believe it is available online, just google it.

Diy: Alloy Wheel Scratch Removal

Note: The only step to follow is to make sure the area is clean, wet the sandpaper and rub only the damaged part!

Almost the same situation. After less than two weeks of using the new alloys, I hit a curb and scraped my left front wheel pretty badly. I’ll try this – though I’m in deep.

Not sure if this would work on deeper scratches! If it is a painted alloy, I think you can sand it down, use putty and sand again and paint the affected area.

Very nice advice. I got to try it. Had an experience similar to yours. The wheel scraped the pavement while turning and the impact is visible on the metal wheel.

Rim Repair Aftercare

Can you tell me the name of the chrome plating please. I’ve been looking for one for a long time now.

Will this be effective on OHC Vtec stock alloys. I can see that protective coating peeling off my alloys! There are no deep wounds as such.

In my case, my Alto K10 AGS is more of a show piece that does more occasional errands than any normal driving. During the five years it was with me, it traveled less than 6,000 kilometers. They are mostly kept parked in an enclosed parking space. When driving, it is usually 13 km on the national highway between my house and office, where there are no holes or stones that can scratch or break the alloy wheels. The bullion itself is HRS bullion purchased from a reputed seller in Delhi.

How To Get Rid Of Rim Scratches

But over time, I find that these alloy wheels develop “scratch-like” marks and “swirls” without actually being scratched (I can’t remember a single occasion when I’ve driven the car this way). The chrome plating on the spokes has come off in these locations, exposing the white base plating. Even in the center of the alloy wheel, there are circular “scratch-like” marks. Given that the center of the alloy wheel is slightly lower, there is no possibility of “scratching” this area. There are such marks on all four wheels. There has never been a puncture when any of these alloy wheels have been taken out and manhandled by a local puncture. I also don’t think anyone intentionally scratched the alloy because it’s easier to stand up and scratch the body than to bend and scratch the alloy.

Cost To Fix Curb Rash [by Wheel Type]

I am confused as to why these signs appear. Does anyone else

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