How To Get Plays On Soundcloud – You landed here because you’re fed up with getting a paltry amount of plays on Soundcloud. You see your favorite artists getting thousands of plays and fans and you wonder “how the hell do they get so many plays and fans?”

Don’t worry, we’re not going to sell you something that doesn’t work and we’re not going to give you unrealistic strategies that take up all of your time.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

Before we start, just so you know. If you’re serious about finding success as an artist, you should check out the definitive guide to generating success as a music producer.

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It’s helped artists get their first label releases, blog posts, get into major Spotify playlists and start getting them the plays and fans they deserve.

Soundcloud is one of the biggest players in the music streaming industry, but if you’ve been around the platform long enough, you’ll know there was talk of it failing.

That was back in 2017, before it found a new investor who bailed it out. Although since then it has gradually started and grown, we wanted to mention it because you should be aware that putting all your power into 1 thing is not always the best idea.

It’s ideal to use the strategies in this list, along with Spotify promotion plans, so that you can diversify your fans and still have something left if one of them does leave.

Soundcloud Tackles What It Calls The ‘zero Plays Problem’ With Ai Powered ‘first Fans’ Feature

Spotify and Apple Music are where you’ll find the majority of your listeners, but they’re not as loud as the Soundcloud ones.

In our experience, Soundcloud followers are much more likely to buy your sample packs, synth packs, and music-related merchandise because many of them are also producers.

It’s also much easier to market your merchandise and give away free stuff to build potential leads on Soundcloud.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

If you’ve been on Soundcloud for a while, you’ll know that repost trades and chains are probably one of the best (but also worst) things about Soundcloud.

Free Soundcloud Plays Archives

Repost chains are networks of like-minded producers who help each other by reposting when a new track drops by you.

By joining a chain, you give the chain owner access to your account’s reposting, liking, and commenting features. And in return, they’ll push your music to thousands, if not millions, of users.

Also, using repost chains next to trades, I was able to collect over 10.8k plays on one of my other tracks.

Before using the repost chains and trading I was getting around 400 plays per track and almost 0 followers of each release.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

Using them on my last release I gained over 100 new followers. That’s pretty awesome from a few minutes of work!

They repost all kinds of music genres, they post loads/day, they ruin your feed and scare potential followers away from you in the future.

Make sure you ask how many times they repost/day and what genres they repost. Ask to see the artists in the chain – listen to their music and make up your own mind.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

As I said above, getting a quality repost chain is essential to maximizing your Soundcloud plays and follows.

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But how do you know if a repost chain is of high quality? In addition to getting into a quality repost chain, using giveaway templates or contests can be an extremely effective strategy to further promote your Soundcloud presence, attract more listeners, and increase engagement with your music.

Repost trading is another essential strategy to increase Soundcloud plays. Not only will this increase your plays, but it will also get you more Soundcloud followers.

It works by agreeing with another artist to repost each other’s music, comment and gladly expose your music to the other person’s fan base.

And is quite similar to repost chains, but instead you have full control over what you repost on your profile.

Discover How To Get Free Soundcloud Plays: Somiibo’s Soundcloud Play Bot

This is a huge bonus because it means you can adjust it to match your profile’s theme and style, while also taking advantage of the power of reposting.

It takes a lot longer than using repost chains, but is worth it if you’re willing to invest the time.

You can find trades by sending new artists you like on Soundcloud and asking them to trade with you. You can also expand on this by asking people to disagree.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

If you’re still stuck and want to boost your growth, check out the definitive guide to generating success as a DIY musician for everything you need to know.

Which Music Genres Had The Most Plays On Soundcloud In 2022?

In it you’ll find, done for your message templates, a list of dedicated Soundcloud trade servers and chats, how to build your own chain, use current effectively and repost trade like a boss.

I would recommend using both a mix of repost chains and repost trading to get your music heard by the right people.

This will get your music the most reach, your profile the most Soundcloud followers and start moving the ball forward.

There are thousands of channels, playlists, blogs and other promotion services you can contact to help get your music out there.

Ways To Gain Soundcloud Followers

Channels like this are always looking for amazing, new music to share with their audiences and yours could be their next.

Some people are better at music marketing than you, and many of them repost your tracks for free!

Aside from reposting, this strategy is going to push your music to new audiences and get you a ton of fans in the process.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

It’s also worth noting that you want to make sure you’re subscribing to a channel that covers your style of music.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud: 5 Killer Ways (2023)

Sending a future bass track to a dubstep promotion channel simply won’t work and is a waste of time.

If your music is already great, then connecting with already built communities is a brilliant way to expose your music to other artists and new fans.

I personally was recently featured in a playlist, and subsequently landed a collaboration with an artist who has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

It’s harder to make this strategy work, but when it does, it pushes you into realms you never thought possible.

Soundcloud And Groover Partner Up To Help Artists Promote Their Music

If you’re having trouble finding blogs and other music marketing channels, here are some places to look:

Releasing on labels is a great way to get noticed as it puts your music in front of a large fan base who respect the label’s choice of music and are likely to enjoy yours too (if you’re accepted).

However, there is a downside to releasing your music on labels and I thought it would be worth noting here.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

And every time you get your music on a label, remember that you’re favoring the label more than they’re favoring you.

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The new followers, likes and plays they get are off the back of your track (besides their incredible marketing) and often, even with major labels, the return in the form of new fans for your music is little to none.

They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t have the music in the first place. Granted, neither do the artists, but in this day and age it’s easy to learn music marketing and do it yourself.

The percentage of followers you get is much higher when the music is actually released on your profile. If you can make it work, releasing your music independently is much better.

If you’re going to release on a label, I recommend shooting for the bigger ones. Labels with less than 5k following on Soundcloud are simply not worth it in my opinion.

Should You Buy Soundcloud Plays? Pros, Cons And What To Do Instead

It’s much, much more work. But if you’re willing to do that, the payoff is far greater than releasing with a label.

By effectively building an email list and using download gates to entice people to join—even if Soundcloud goes down—you’ll have a database of your followers’ information to keep.

This means you can email each release and get these people to listen to your new music or tell them about your new sample pack, live shows, etc.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

If you’ve ever been on your favorite Soundcloud user profile, you’ll have noticed that a large majority of them offer track downloads or free sample downloads in exchange for a like, comment, share, or something else.

Tricks To Get Hardcore Followers On Soundcloud

Personally, we think the best way to grow your Soundcloud using download gates is to use Toneden.

Once you get the emails, you need some kind of software to send mass messages to your newly acquired target audience.

There are many email platforms out there. They all do pretty much the same thing, but some are a little better than others.

Personally, I use Mailchimp for all my email campaigns. They offer you up to 2000 contacts and a large portion of monthly send credits all for free.

The Easiest Way To Gain Listeners On Soundcloud In 2021

This is definitely the best service I have used so far for email marketing. But I may switch to Active Campaign soon as I’ve heard it’s much better.

When you email your fans, you want to make things interesting and write subject lines that will get people to open your emails.

Offer free content, tell a story about your music, or offer tutorials on how you made your music and the process.

How To Get Plays On Soundcloud

The idea is to create a

Adding A Genre And Tags When Uploading A Track

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