How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud – As an artist, you are responsible for promoting your music. So how do you promote yourself to get more plays on SoundCloud?

Here are 5 rock-solid SoundCloud promotion strategies that are relevant to the music industry in 2023. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you get on SoundCloud, as well as the number of followers and likes. let’s go!

Free Soundcloud Plays Archives

SoundCloud has made changes over the years where the home page is no longer your stream. This means that people who follow you won’t always be able to find your music when it comes up.

Spotify is a more popular choice for listening to music these days, and it allows you to reach a wider audience.

The addition of major services like Spotify and Apple Music in 2023 is key in unlocking the full power of promotion and marketing.

Although it is possible to promote bad music, it never passes the ultimate test: audience opinion.

Ways To Gain Soundcloud Followers

It doesn’t matter how much PR or marketing you give a track, if it’s really average, no one will want to listen, and you won’t get plays.

Never forget this golden rule of music promotion – your music is the marketing. You don’t just market the music, it’s inherently linked to the promotion process.

One of my first tracks, ‘Carpark Anxiety’ has only got 900 plays in 3 years, even though I sent it to a lot of people. Why? No one wanted to share it because it’s so average.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

If people don’t want a vacuum cleaner they don’t buy it, so people won’t listen to music if they don’t like it. This is especially true on SoundCloud, where the barrier to entry is so low that a lot of awesome music gets uploaded, meaning listeners have a lot more to digest.

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I have found over time that artists and producers (especially those seeking careers) place more importance on the quality of their music. I did that in the early days, and you can go and listen to a lot of my old music and hear the improvements that have happened over time.

One of my new drum and bass tracks, a bootleg of Porter Robinson’s Get Your Wish, got a lot of plays and a lot of sharing, because this track is much higher quality than my older stuff.

But this begs the question – should I upload my music if it’s not 100% yet? This is arguable, but on a platform like SoundCloud, the risk is much lower, with deleting a track just a click away.

Plus, if you ask the public about it, you’re likely to get valuable feedback, giving you an idea of ​​what will work and what won’t.

Soundcloud Promotion Tips For Music Producers & Musicians

So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and taking it into the studio will prove to be a more valuable use of time.

So how do I make my music ‘better’? This is a completely different topic, and that’s why we have courses like EDM Foundations and Songwriting for producers.

There are people who will always be better than you at music marketing. So don’t re-invent the wheel, use these guys to your advantage.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

Find channels on SoundCloud that can share your music to more people than you can handle. This may appear as

How To Grow Your Soundcloud And Promote Your Music

Don’t ignore offsite audiences either. Just because they don’t have a large audience on SoundCloud doesn’t mean a blog or YouTube channel can’t send a lot of plays your way.

The main thing here is to find channels that are suitable for your music. Don’t message someone just because they have a lot of followers. They are already looking for very specific types of music to their tastes.

So check out their last few uploads/shares and decide. Don’t be too scared if your music isn’t exactly the same as what already exists, but if it’s too different, it will probably be passed.

Answer? E-mail. It’s old, but it’s still the best. What does this have to do with SoundCloud, you may ask?

New Place For Buying Soundcloud Plays

Everyone has an email. artist’s. label. Promo channel. Repost the channel. Avid music lover. And you can communicate with them through this channel, whether they have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or not.

I got my biggest play numbers from email networking, including a top placement on one of Majestic Casual’s weekly playlists on SoundCloud. In this case, it was a form that sends them an email, but the issue still persists.

Here’s an example of me emailing someone my track for YouTube upload, and look at the difference in response time.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those channels are great but always try email first. And use the HubSpot extension to track email opens, you’ll thank me later.

How To Loop Soundcloud Songs

To make this easier, you’ll want to create a list of relevant people’s emails that you can send your music to. Just use Google Sheets or Excel.

I personally use software called Notion (it has database functionality) to track YouTube channels, SoundCloud pages, labels, and more. I have left the email blank for privacy.

With the decline of plays on SoundCloud (due to the low visibility of ‘streams’), it’s important that your core audience hears your music even when it’s released, and what better way to do this than through email marketing?

If you’re familiar with download gateways like ToneDen and The Artists Union, maybe you’ve started using them to collect people’s email addresses. If you’re a Bandcamp user, you can also get email addresses at checkout. This way, you can create a list to send your music to the next time you have something to release!

How To Make Money On Soundcloud: 5 Best Ways

Once you have a list, you need to find an email marketing service. Symphonic Distribution has put together a list of the best email marketing platforms for musicians, so be sure to read it.

This is one of the most useful tools to get more plays on SoundCloud. And it’s an effective way to combine the power of multiple accounts in a simple, automated way.

In short, a repost series is simply a group of people who automatically repost a track at a time interval to maximize exposure. A service like SCPlanner allows you to do this effortlessly.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

Simply add a few musical friends to a series and have one person submit new tracks to the series. As each of you grows followers, you increase reach each time.

Sites To Buy Soundcloud Plays And Followers In 2022 And Boost Super Fast Engagement

First, make sure you agree with reposting music in that series. Does this fit with your brand, or will it irritate your followers? Although the numbers may be attractive, stop if you think it will hurt your brand.

Also, some people have a problem with repost chains because it ‘abuses the repost feature’, so think about whether this works for you. Personally, I think it’s okay as long as you repost your favorite music.

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Now that the ‘Discover’ tab exists on SoundCloud, its purpose is to expose your music to this new avenue of discovery.

Get Free Soundcloud Plays

The best way to do this is with metadata. Tell SoundCloud what your music is, and give it the best chance on the platform.

You may be wondering why I bolded the ‘correct genre tag’, and that’s because in SoundCloud it’s probably one of the most important factors that decide where your music will be placed.

You may notice that one of San Holo’s latest tracks is tagged as ‘Electronic’, which is one of the default options when creating your track. SoundCloud likes this because it knows who to show the track to.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

Additionally, the more metadata SoundCloud has, the more opportunities it can give that track on the platform, not only with ‘Discover’ but also with the ‘Charts’ feature, especially when it gets more plays.

Collection: Soundcloud Resources — Buzzsonic

Relevant metadata goes beyond the platform to other services like Google, meaning your music will come up in search results too.

Because Google reads text, not your brain, and if it can see who you are and what the name of your music is, it’ll help your chances of getting in front of you. pretty neat.

For a few thousand extra plays in the short term, you could damage your career, risk having your account closed, or simply lose the trust of your true fans. Also, it is against SoundCloud’s terms of use.

I had to mention it here because it’s often something people consider when looking at their SoundCloud games. The same can be said for likes and followers and other platforms. These statistics are artificial and do not provide organic growth.

Why Is Soundcloud Popular?

That’s why we’ve created our guide on how to promote your music on a low budget. You can get it for free below:

If you have any questions about marketing and promoting your music, let me know at [email protected] – I’ll be happy to answer.

With 13+ years of music production experience, I am the director. I also make music under Artsia. My pastimes include reading, drinking coffee and taking pictures.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

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