How To Get More Plays And Followers On Soundcloud – We saw in a previous article how you can promote your streams on Spotify and include your music in playlists. You can use platforms like Groover to contact playlist curators directly. You can also create your own playlist. So you made that killer Spotify playlist – the best in the world. You are so excited about your work that you want the world to see it. But day after day, apart from a friend or two, you don’t have more followers than when you started. What is the question? You made the “perfect” Spotify playlist… so why isn’t anyone following it?

To start, think about the playlists you already follow and think about why you followed them. You want to hear new EDM music so you type in EDM and click on the first 2/3 playlists that have the most followers, right? What about the other 10,000 that could be better? Well you never know. Anyway, I’m going to give some tips from my personal experience to help you out.

How To Get More Plays And Followers On Soundcloud

How To Get More Plays And Followers On Soundcloud

Over the last year or so I’ve grown some musicals in the mid-thousands range through pure organic growth, which is also very active. Here are some tips I found that helped me a lot and should help you too!

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I started SchniTunes a year ago when I noticed one day that my Adderall Spotify playlist had over 500 followers. I had never told anyone about it. Every now and then a few of my friends would message me saying they saw me listening to this playlist and thought it was good. I have found that “Adderall” as a music category is unique in its name. Many people may have been searching for this.

There are so many playlists out there with generic names. Pregame, Electronic, Old School Rap… create something different that stands out – I recommend naming a playlist with a current mood or feel or even some kind of interesting idea. Let’s take a look at some of Spotify’s biggest playlists. For example: I like “Creamy” and “Brain Food” and “Most essential.” You can’t tell what kind of sex it is but at the same time you can… Naming my playlist “Adderall” was definitely the first reason I was able to get followers from pure organic analysis. Finally, once you have a name, do not change it as this can destroy the search results.

Spotify lets you think about this however you want. You can create a target audience. Put yourself in your fans’ shoes and find out what they’re looking to listen to. If they are studying, running, working out, prepping – create this vibe for your audience. But don’t forget, you are unique so make playlists about how you would want them for yourself, NOT for other people. This will definitely work in your favor. If you make a playlist for studying, put yourself in the position and see what you like when you study.

Also a Pro tip! When people look up your Spotify playlist they listen to the first 3-5 songs before deciding if they want to subscribe. Make sure these are your favorites on the playlist.

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I have posted my playlists on various threads in reddit. This has really helped me grow. Not only that, I’ve met some awesome artists who sent me the tracks in a Reddit message. Reddit threads are my favorite tool for free organic promotion. Threads like r/spotifyplaylists, r/chillstep, r/electronicmusic, r/playlists, r/chillmusic, there are so many. I even posted in several college Reddit threads over the last week saying that “

” and it was my playlist. This helped me get more than 100 followers in one night. Get creative with where you want to post your playlist and this goes back to creating that idea or vibe around your playlist.

It’s the first thing you see. Check out the popular Spotify playlists. The images are very slim and unique in what they stand for. One of my favorites is the “Nasty Bits” playlist. It has a black and white photo of a guy aggressively biting into a chicken wing looking at the camera. Sounds weird… fans 182k.I personally like to put the name in the picture too.There are a million pictures and websites to create or edit images so be creative with it.

How To Get More Plays And Followers On Soundcloud

. This kind of sense is unique. Enough so that anyone typing the word dirty with bass or house first has this list in the search results. To take this even further with SEO, add about 10 artist names to the bioso when people look up Artists, your playlist will appear in the playlist section.

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Link your Spotify playlist with a few artists to drop into the search results – Example with Childish Gambino

Keep your Spotify playlist fresh. Cycle songs in and out of your playlist. I never try to keep track of my playlist for more than 3 months and I always try to update it at least once a month. Along with this, try not to have too many tracks from the same artist. (I try not to keep more than 3-4 songs by the same artist max) as apparently this can penalize your Spotify playlist when it comes to search results. Along with this, keep your playlist tight and be picky. A good selection is around 50-200 songs max. Be real with yourself, would you want to follow a playlist with 800 songs in it?

Most of the biggest Spotify playlists have only 50 songs – this is for a reason and that’s why it works. I personally like to keep around 125-180 as my personal range but there is no ideal number. Keep it anywhere within the 50-200 song range. Add whatever songs you feel will fit the mood of the playlist for your audience. There is no one size fits all. Just remember, Spotify’s massive playlist is mostly for the average listener who isn’t looking to discover 200 new artists in one day.

You cannot share your Spotify playlist multiple times. Have friends or artists become your playlist champions. Get other artists and curators to share each other’s stuff on social channels, with friends and through word of mouth is sometimes overlooked and can lead to strong growth. Everyone in this community is super friendly and happy to help.

How To Get More Soundcloud Plays, Listens, & Views (i Have Over 41,957 Followers)

If you add an indie artist to your list and have his/her contact information it’s a win-win for both of you for the artist to share the playlist. You will get more fans and ultimately that artist will get more listens and streams. The same situation if you know other curators. You can share each other’s playlists to help each other out. Growing a playlist is like a common interest in that sense. The more people listen to it, the more people will see that other people are listening to that Spotify playlist and will be tempted to click on it, leading to even more growth.

Badly. Making playlists is fun and a great hobby. There is literally no bad result from a good Spotify playlist. Think about the last time you played your music on a road trip and got compliments for your music. It brightens the mood of everyone in that car. Or any time you were in control of the music played at a large gathering or party. Making playlists is more rewarding than it sounds! Remember, making a playlist that will be successful is nothing but “cheating” or saying to yourself: what would I listen to in a “certain moment”? And BOOM there is the name of your playlist.

For more concrete advice on playlists, we recommend the guide for artists and playlist keepers whose 2nd edition was published in August 2021 👉 Work Hard Playlist Hard

How To Get More Plays And Followers On Soundcloud

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However, the downside of this easy process of releasing music is that the competition is growing every day, as there are millions of artists that your music will compete with. compete for the attention of Spotify listeners.

But what can you do to increase the number of followers, plays (streams) you get on Spotify and other music streaming platforms?

This is no longer an option to skip. If you want to connect with people (for example music listeners, or potential fans) you need to build a personal brand like

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