How To Get More Customers In Your Store – If you own a retail store, then you already know how fierce competition can be, both online and brick-and-mortar. Such direct competition can lead to bidding wars that you cannot always expect to win as cutting prices too low can lead to low returns or bankruptcy.

But an approach that can work is to improve the overall shopping experience for your customers, making sure that it’s not just products that bring shoppers to your store every time. Spending time improving your in-store experience can increase traffic and sales.

How To Get More Customers In Your Store

How To Get More Customers In Your Store

Products don’t always just sell themselves. They are often sold by knowledgeable and friendly sellers. Therefore, develop a comprehensive and consistent training plan for each new employee. Consistency is important. You want to make sure your customers have the same experience every time they enter your store, no matter who they’re talking to.

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It is also important to make sure that your employees value the product that they are selling. Offer samples and organize in-store training to build knowledge and friendships. Depending on what you sell, many distributors will also come to your location to train employees on specific items.

A solid training program will help your employees see value in the experience they provide while also allowing them to enjoy the excitement of making sales.

Make every customer’s experience in your store as unique as possible. Selling your products through a good in-store sales experience will be much easier. If you succeed in this, your products can even become a souvenir or a symbol of someone who has visited your store.

An analytical sales approach is still important – pricing strategies and retail KPIs are key factors in profitability – but a good experience is also key to success. Due to the explosion of eCommerce and the ease of entry into the market, you most likely won’t be able to compete on low prices alone. Focus on the things that make your retail store stand out.

Advanced Customers Discounts

Get inspired by Reformation, a sustainable fashion brand catering to the modern, stylish woman. They offer a unique shopping experience that allows shoppers to select the clothing they want to try on via a touch screen on the wall.

The items they chose will appear in their fitting rooms where they can connect their devices to play music and change the color of the light to match their mood. This strategy works perfectly with brands as they design clothes for young, trendy, tech-savvy women who will enjoy these features and share their experiences with their friends.

Incorporating retail technology trends into your in-store experience is a great way to get your customers talking about your business.

How To Get More Customers In Your Store

The initial engagement sets the tone for the rest of the interaction with each customer. A warm welcome and a genuine desire to help go a long way. Make sure your employees stay engaged whenever they are on the sales floor.

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Phone browsing, small talk and other mundane behaviors can make customers feel unimportant and less likely to make a purchase. They have many other options. Implement strong customer interaction training and ensure that each of your customers feels they have gained value from coming to your retail store.

Train your employees to be more than just salespeople and instead be experts in your products or services who are at the same time approachable and even friendly.

If possible, allow your products to be sampled and tested. Samples allow for a seamless introduction and talking point between your staff and each guest. Product testers show that you are confident in what you are selling and make it harder for people to say no. More interactive experiences are desirable, where possible.

Wine or beer tastings at liquor stores are a great way to market your store and talk about what you love. Host a baking class at your bakery for neighborhood kids. Set aside an area in your game store for visitors to try out new board games with each other.

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Online retailers and eCommerce are getting in on the action too; Most retail clothing and accessories stores offer “Try Before You Buy” services.

Figure out what kind of strategy will work best for your store. You can go in many different ways. Done right, this can make your retail store an attraction and enhance your brand.

Long lines are a nightmare for retailers. Sure, it shows you’re busy, but it also means some of the guests in the queue won’t be coming back anytime soon. Most customers expect to be in line for less than 8 minutes and 77% are less likely to return if they have to wait longer. If you own a popular coffee shop or donut joint in town, you’ll have to find new ways to get through the line faster.

How To Get More Customers In Your Store

Some stores started making employees use mobile phones and tablets to increase efficiency. Sam’s Club and other major retailers now allow scanned payments to be made through their apps. It personalizes the experience and reduces the time to pay. Starbucks now accepts remote pre-orders so customers can just drive by or walk in to grab their drink, skipping the lines by paying in advance.

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Retail owners can also improve checkout times by using a retail POS system. For stores that need fast turnover, even a small glitch in the chip reader can back up the line, losing you customers and cash. Click below to start your free trial with KORONA POS. Our marketing solution is one of the fastest in the industry.

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We answer your important questions about how to choose the right POS system for your business. Get this exclusive guide today below for FREE! Whether you’re a new business about to open your doors or one that’s been around for decades, the bottom line is getting customers in the door. And back. Still, day-to-day operations can be overwhelming and tedious, and it’s all too easy to forget about implementing new retail marketing strategies or changing existing ones. Some of them focus on changes you can make to your physical location, while others deal with external resources and methods. Here, we’ll highlight a few simple things to remember. Even focusing on a few of them will result in more feet in your door or clicks to your website.

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Shopping is becoming more and more about consumption. Products must be delivered, but customers look for ways salespeople can make their time in your store unique.

A little thought in this can go a long way. Getting customers to pass an extra wall of merchandise or stay in your retail space for an extra five minutes can increase your average spend per customer. Retail marketing strategists hold Target as the gold standard. And think about it – when was the last time you splurged on a $7 bottle of shampoo and didn’t spend at least $40. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

This refers to the most prominent part in your retail space. It should have new, more expensive and higher priced products. Put the essentials and necessities in the center aisle or back corner and use this space for a new pour over coffee maker or an elegant, packaged, liquor gift set.

How To Get More Customers In Your Store

Depending on the position of your store, this is generally the first 5′-15′ past the gate. There should be nothing that you would like the customer to notice and allow a smooth and pleasant adjustment to your space.

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Large retailers often employ a grid that leads customers to travel down paths they wouldn’t have when looking for a product. Others use a loop scheme. These generally travel counter-clockwise (many people are right-handed and prefer to turn right once they enter the retail area) and allow the customer to bend any wall of the loop as they travel. IKEA is aware of this arrangement. If you have limited space, consider a free-flow arrangement. Get creative with your marketing strategy and focus on certain products. Track sales based on placement and retail pricing strategy.

A big picture can leave you forgetting about equally important details within your space. Do not allow yourself to lose sight of these. If you are in the store every day ask for a fresh perspective from a friend. A little adjustment can breathe life into a space. Doing so will create a more pleasant experience and keep people waiting longer in your retail store.

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