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Social Security promises a lifetime retirement benefit based on your earnings record. However, Social Security checks don’t arrive at your doorstep once you retire. In fact, it takes a little work to figure out exactly how Social Security works and what you need to do to get your first check. Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide so you have the tools you need to get started on your Social Security retirement payments.

How To Get Money From Social Security

How To Get Money From Social Security

Just because you’re retired doesn’t automatically qualify you for Social Security. First, you need to be in the right age group. You can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits at age 62 or 70. The full retirement age for people born in 1960 or later is 67. If you are taking benefits before your retirement age, your monthly benefit is age 67 for people born in 1960 or later. permanently reduced to 35% if you reach the age of 62. If you wait until your full retirement age, if you were born in 1943 or later, your monthly benefit will increase by 8% each year.

How Much Will I Get In Social Security Benefits?

In addition to the age requirement, you are required to qualify for Social Security based on your income. The Social Security Administration requires 40 “quarters of insurance” to retire. The amount you have to earn to get a quarter of your coverage varies over time with inflation. In 2022, the required income for one quarter of insurance will be $1,510.

To claim your first Social Security check, you must prove your eligibility and provide information to the Social Security Administration. You will also need to provide additional financial and identification information. According to the SSA, you must prepare these documents before your first Social Security examination.

You may need to provide additional information, such as your most recent W-2 or tax return, proof of age (such as a birth certificate), a copy of your military service certificate if you served in the military before 1968, and proof of citizenship. You were not born in the United States.

The Social Security Administration prefers if you file your benefits online. Generally, you can choose to visit SSA offices, but all are currently closed. You can call the SSA for help. You can apply up to four months before you start receiving your Social Security benefits.

Retroactive Social Security Benefits

If you can’t complete everything at once, you can save your application. When you are done, you will be asked to electronically sign the application.

After you submit your application, the SSA will review your response. SSA will contact you directly if any part of your application is missing or needs clarification, so be sure not to make any additional requests. Failure to respond promptly may result in the rejection of your application.

If all is said and done and the SSA deems you eligible for payment, your first check should arrive shortly. The exact amount of your payment depends on what you request and when you pay. For example, if you apply four months before your 62nd birthday, you will have to wait until you reach your minimum pension age to start making payments. After that, your payment will be made within the month after the due date. For example, if there is a payment due in December, it will be paid in January.

How To Get Money From Social Security

Please note that federal law requires all Social Security payments to be made electronically. When you complete your application, you can choose between two options: direct deposit to your bank account or transfer to a Direct Express® Debit Mastercard®.

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By clicking the “Register Now” button, you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. You can click the “unsubscribe” link in the email at any time. The maximum amount of your Social Security pension depends on other factors, such as the age you start collecting and your earnings history. The 2023 maximum will be $3,627 per month for a person filing at full retirement age (FRA) at age 66. But for those who are eligible to receive pension benefits until the age of 70 and those who are delayed, it is 4,555 USD.

Is Social Security Running Out? Three Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Benefits

To qualify for Social Security, you first need 40 work credits, or about ten years of service. To qualify for the maximum benefit, you must earn the maximum amount of Social Security taxable income for 35 years. The maximum Social Security taxable income will be $160,200 in 2023, up from $147,000 in 2022.

Social Security benefits are calculated based on your 35 highest earning years (if you worked for more than 35 years). First, all wages are indexed to account for inflation. The salary of the previous years is calculated by multiplying it by the year in which it was received. This calculation gives the purchasing power equivalent of money based on the current value of the dollar. For example, a salary of $14,000 was much more in 1954 than it is today, so it is important to account for this change in valuation.

After all wages are indexed, your Indexed Average Monthly Earnings (AIME) is calculated by dividing the sum of all indexed wages by 420 (35 years in monthly terms). If you have worked for less than 35 years, the years you did not work will be zero. The benefit amount is then calculated based on factors such as the year you began collecting benefits, whether you reached your FRA, and whether you continue to work while receiving benefits.

How To Get Money From Social Security

If you have 40 work credits, you may be able to collect Social Security at age 62, but waiting until FRA will give you a higher benefit. If you start saving at age 62, the most you can get in 2023 is $2,572. Your FRA depends on your year of birth. For example, your FRA is 67 if you were born in 1960 or later, and 66 if you were born between 1943 and 1954. (But not only 66. For example, for people born in 1956, the FRA is 66 and 4 months.). If you wait to receive your benefits from FRA, you will receive 100% of your benefits. If you file at age 70, you get an 8% premium for each year you delay compared to your FRA.

Social Security: 9 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Benefits

Once you’re 70, there’s no reason to wait too long to start saving – your benefits will no longer increase.

Few people receive a maximum Social Security check from the government. To get $4,555 a month, you’d have to earn decades of high income and delay taking benefits.

Say a person who turns 62 in 2021 reaches the FRA at age 66 years and 10 months and is entitled to $1,000 a month in benefits at that time. Choosing to receive benefits at age 62 will reduce their monthly benefits by the following percentages. 29.2% to $708, and they can receive benefits for longer, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). This reduction is usually permanent.

If that person waits to receive benefits until age 70, their monthly benefit increases to $1,253. This large amount is due to the delay in pension credits received due to the decision to defer benefits before the FRA. In this example, the higher amount at age 70 is about 77% more, or $545 per month, than the monthly benefit you would receive if you started receiving benefits at age 62.

Social Security Can’t Be Your Whole Retirement Strategy

Of course, the best time for someone to start receiving Social Security benefits depends on many factors, not just the dollar amount of the benefits. Factors such as current income, employment status, other available retirement funds, and life expectancy should be factored into the decision.

The average Social Security pension is much lower than the maximum. In September 2022, it was $1,628.17 per month, according to the most recent SSA data.

To maintain purchasing power, SSA adjusts benefits annually for changes in the cost of living. For example, the cost of living adjustment (COLA) will increase by 8.7% in 2023, compared to 5.9% in 2022 and 1.3% in 2021.

How To Get Money From Social Security

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Who Gets The $250 Social Security Benefit When Someone Dies?

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