How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud – One of my favorite bloggers at Do Androids Dance published this great article addressing the undeniable presence of bots on SoundCloud and the prevalence of “fake” plays on accounts ranging from touring DJs to bedroom nobodies. While I agree

Feeling that this is cheating at the most basic level, that a select few are paying to game the system and that people should be held accountable,  I feel it is my responsibility to

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

First, it is important to understand who benefits from these inflated statistics. SoundCloud, unlike most streaming sites, does not offer advertising on its site so they cannot monetize content views like YouTube or Pandora. SoundCloud makes its money in two ways: through subscriptions and investors. Even if SoundCloud were to offer secret marketing campaigns that boost stats for pro subscribers, it wouldn’t impact

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, the bread and butter that keeps the big investors’ money coming in. Additionally, these “fake” user accounts take up resources that SoundCloud must pay for and, in the face of massive, lethal DMCA takedown demands, pose a significant threat to the company’s ability to attract capital.

Artists, on the other hand, will earn a lot from inflated stats. As a full-time musician, label owner, and occasional blogger, I can attest to the power a large social media following can have when it comes to getting blog features and gig deals. In a world where money is generated by “pay per click” or “pay per view”, large digital followings can literally translate into cold hard cash (and it’s damn real). And who gets paid to build a following for artists? That’s right, PR firm.

“Fake” stats give PR companies something to point to and tell artists “see? We’re worth a total of $800 a week.” It’s a way to guarantee success in a world where music marketing is becoming increasingly obsolete. Now, of course, these agencies don’t

Generate “fake” statistics but it is naive to believe even for a moment that a single PR firm is above engaging in this type of activity; if a person does,

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Now that we’ve figured out the “who,” let’s discuss the “how” (this is the part where I’m going to offer you a red pill or a blue pill). There are two basic methods of generating “fake” statistics on SoundCloud:

Anyone remember Diablo 2? Click farms are basically computer welding shops where workers in impoverished areas (sometimes children) sit at computers and click on assigned links and create accounts based on customer needs. These needs can range from draining a competitor’s online advertising budget to adding a hundred comments to a track on SoundCloud… as low-tech as this seems, it has become a growing problem that violates human rights and threatens the internet’s current ecosystem.

Bots have been around since the early days of Internet chat rooms and are essentially programs dedicated to performing simple, repetitive Internet tasks. Since SoundCloud is 100% web-based, it’s very easy to program a bot to literally execute

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

A normal user can perform. Armed with a list of email addresses, one could automatically set up hundreds of SoundCloud accounts in minutes and invite them to follow, like and comment at will. Since plays on SoundCloud are simply tracked by the number of times a song is accessed by a unique IP address, all that is required to generate plays is a list of public proxies and a bot that plays the song once from each proxy.

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1) Users are limited in their ability to follow, unfollow, comment and like within a certain time frame that increases the longer the user is in good standing with SoundCloud. Suspicious activity leads to the user’s account being flagged and eventually blocked.

But like all internet battles, it’s a war of attrition that SoundCloud will never be able to fully win. The bot makers and click farms are aware of SoundCloud’s security measures, so in an attempt to mask their suspicious activity, they will make their accounts add big artists and some random smaller ones to appear more legitimate as well. In fact, this is a major factor in why major artists have huge, inexplicable bot followings regardless of whether that artist was a specific target of bot following or not (remember, when you create a SoundCloud account, SoundCloud automatically suggests several dozen artists for you to follow organized by genre!) And while it’s easy to look at sites like YouTube and see how they’ve combated the “proxy play” problem by adding a “time watched” metric to distinguish actual viewers, it’s important to remember that SoundCloud does not make or lose money on the plays.

To counteract the false statistics. But ****, isn’t it really our fault that we give that statistic meaning in the first place? Isn’t it up to us to use our ears rather than our eyes to decide whether a song or artists is “good” or not? This should be a wake-up call to A&Rs and bloggers and promoters and bookers everywhere to be bold and promote artists you actually like and believe in…

But it won’t be… because money is still important. That’s why the most important people in the music business aren’t the artists or the labels or the promoters, it’s the listeners…fans keep the big hungry machine going.

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So in a world where Pandora and Spotify have one hand clutching a wad of cash while the other is shoved elbow deep into the anus of every musician on the planet, I just want to thank SoundCloud for not shamelessly exploiting my art for profit and for allows me to control who makes money from my music (even though most major labels disagree… but that’s a separate issue we’ll get to

I’ve given you a very broad, shallow overview of what’s going on, but if you want to go #onedeeper (and get tired of a good dose of “industry” bullshit) check out this wonderful article by Terry Matthew of from a year ago and this telling piece by Clyde Smith of Hypebot from 2012… Remember kids:

It’s a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when viewing You landed here because you’re tired of getting a paltry amount of plays on Soundcloud. You see your favorite artists get thousands of plays and fans and you wonder “how the hell do they get so many plays and fans?”

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

Don’t worry, we won’t sell you crap that won’t work and we won’t give you unrealistic strategies that will take up all your time.

Soundcloud Repost Promotion Service

Before we start, just so you know. If you’re serious about succeeding as an artist, you need to check out The Definitive Guide to Success as a Music Producer.

It has helped artists get their first record releases, blog placements, get into huge Spotify playlists and start getting them the plays and fans they deserve.

Soundcloud is one of the biggest players in the music streaming industry, but if you’ve been around the platform long enough, you know that there was talk of it going out of business.

That was back in 2017, before it got a new investor to save it. Although it’s been up and running and growing steadily since then, we wanted to mention this because you have to be aware that putting all your energy into one thing isn’t always the best idea.

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It’s ideal to use the strategies in this list, along with Spotify campaign plans, so you can diversify your fan base and still have something left over if one of them disappears.

Spotify & Apple Music are where you’ll find the majority of your listeners, but they’re not as fierce as Soundcloud.

In our experience, Soundcloud followers are much more likely to buy your sample packs, synth packs, and music-related products, since many of them are also producers.

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

It’s also much easier to promote your wares and give away freebies to generate potential leads on Soundcloud.

Tips On How Gather Your First 5,000 Followers On Soundcloud

If you’ve been on Soundcloud for a while, you’ll know that repost trading and chains are probably one of the best (but also worst) things about Soundcloud.

Repost chains are networks of like-minded producers who help each other by reposting when a new track of yours is released.

By joining a chain, you give the chain owner access to your account’s repost, like, and comment features. And in return, they will spread your music to thousands, if not millions of users.

By using repost chains along with trades, I’ve also been able to rack up over 10.8k plays on one of my other tracks.

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Before using the repost chains and trading I was getting around 400 plays per song and almost 0 followers from each release.

By using them on my latest release I gained over 100 new followers. That’s pretty awesome from a couple minutes of work!

They repost all kinds of music genres, they repost tons/day, they destroy your feed and scare away potential followers of yours in the future.

How To Get Fake Plays On Soundcloud

Make sure you ask how many times they repost/day and what genres they repost. Ask to see the artists in the chain – listen to their music and make up your own mind.

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As I said above, it’s important to get into a quality repost chain to maximize your Soundcloud plays and follows.

But how do you know that?

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