How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim – Policies pay different amounts to repair or replace property (your home and personal items). Usually, you have to pay part of the cost yourself. That amount is called the deduction. Then the amount you get from the insurance company depends on whether the coverage you buy pays “replacement value” (RCV) or “actual cash value” (ACV).

ACV is the amount to replace or repair your home and personal belongings, minus depreciation. Depreciation is a decrease in value based on things like age, or wear and tear.

How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim

How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim

Even if you have purchased coverage that pays RCV, some types of assets may only pay ACV. These may include:

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*️⃣  Most companies only pay you a portion of the RCV upfront. You will need to prove that you have repaired your home, or replaced or repaired personal items before you get the rest of the money.

Deductible – If you have a claim, the deductible amount will be deducted from your claim payment. It can be found on the declaration page of your policy.

Policy – ​​The contract between you and the insurance company. The policy tells you what is covered and what the insurance company has to pay.

Third Party Claim – A claim you file against another person’s insurance policy or a claim someone else files against your policy. If you are filing your first roof insurance claim, you may be confused by the summary of your claim. At Restoration Roofing, we receive many questions from customers regarding their insurance documents. For clarity, we will share an example of an insurance claim summary and break down each item.

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A claim summary is an insurance adjuster’s estimate of the expected cost to repair or replace damage to your roof.

Item Line 1: This is your entire item for materials and labor. This is the total of all the items in the previous page increased before the tax.

Line 2: Line 2 is the material sales tax. That’s where they add your sales tax for the municipality in your state.

How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim

Line 3: The number three is an important number that we want you to pay attention to. It’s usually in bold and it’s usually the largest number in this list. That number is the replacement value. To summarize, replacement value is the value or what it costs to rebuild your roof back to its pre-loss condition and fix the entire roof.

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Unless you have a contract on the front or signed between you and your contractor, insurance companies tend to depreciate the roof.

Depreciation is based on the age of the roof. So, for example, if your roof is 10 years old, it will be significantly reduced based on the type of shingle you have.

We also receive many questions about replacement value and depreciation. Customers often ask, “Are you going to get your depreciation back?”

If you jump down to line 8 it says total recoverable depreciation and that number is the same as line 4 which is depreciation. So the money that was taken out on the last page you can get it back at the end of work.

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Line six: This is your deductible and your deductible is what you agree to pay should a claim or loss occur. Some have higher deductibles while others have lower deductibles, but this is what you have to pay by law.

Line number seven: This is the net request. In this case, the net claim is what the first check from the insurance company is to the home owner to start work.

Rows eight and nine: Rows eight and nine are items you can collect after completing a task. When the job is done, we draft what’s called a COC or Certificate of Completion and we’ll send the invoice and the Certificate of Completion to the insurance company with item number eight and nine on our invoice. You will get the depreciation back after we confirm that the work is done and it is okay to release the depreciation.

How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim

The second page in the insurance summary is the code upgrade page. In some municipalities as well as insurance companies, if it is required in your policy that you have code upgrade coverage, the insurance company will pay for that as well. In the Memphis area, common upgrades are adding drip edges to the eaves and rakes of the house, adding ice and water protection in the valley, and sometimes upgrading the roof if you have more space. These items will bring your roof up to code.

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We hope this outline clarifies common questions we receive from customers regarding their home insurance claims. At Restoration Roofing we pride ourselves on being well versed in the insurance claims side of roof restoration.

If you suspect your roof is damaged, please give us a call at 901-854-3402 for Free inspection. We are a high quality, fair price roofer for the Memphis area here to serve you. After you’ve reached your goal of buying a home and covering it with an insurance policy, you’ll be offered the option of choosing replacement cost coverage. This will protect you by providing funding to replace damaged or stolen property. This is the process of recoverable depreciation, which covers the gap between the depreciation value of the product, and the actual cost to replace it with “fresh out of the box.”

If the stolen stereo’s depreciation is $700 while the new model is $1800, the gap in recoverable depreciation is $1100. When you find a problem and make an insurance claim, all of us here stand by you at Alexander Insurance Agency to calculate the true cash value of your damaged, missing, or damaged goods. If the product is damaged due to a problem covered by the policy such as flood or fire, the company will appoint an adjuster to determine the value of the replacement.

This provides a close look at the item’s disclaimer including its age, normal wear and tear, and life expectancy. If you bought a home computer for $3,000 three years ago and it’s gone, your landlord’s adjuster can determine that the typical useful life of a desktop computer is five years. Since the laptop is three years old, the depreciation record is $1800. The ACV payment is $1200, which is $3000 – $1800. Your deductible also kicks in and applies to claims, where the average amount is $500 – $1000.

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If your current homeowner’s policy does not have replacement cost coverage, the check you receive after the claim will be for the ACV minus the deductible. If you are currently covered for replacement costs, you will receive the first payment for the item’s ACV so you can start the repair or replacement process, and the second payment will be issued for the depreciation refund. Once you receive your ACV insurance payment and begin the repair or replacement process, you will receive a depreciation refund after you submit your receipt.

Sometimes after a disaster “life just happens” and you’re too busy to take care of everything piling up on your to-do list. If you do not comply by completing the repair or replacement, you will not Receive a second payment for refundable depreciation. In this case, you will only be checking the ACV of the item. Damaged items are what you are reimbursed for, and if you decide not to replace them, you will not receive full compensation.

Final depreciation may be issued to you, the creditor, or the company you hired to repair the item. If your home is damaged, your mortgage company may be the one listed on the check because they hold a legal stake in your property. If you are replacing something like a bed or stove, the payment will be issued directly to you as the owner. These important details can make a difference when it comes to how quickly you can get or deposit the money you are due.

How To Get Depreciation From Insurance Claim

Everyone’s situation is different, but personal belongings are incredibly important to your daily prosperity and health. If something were to happen to them, you have to ask yourself a serious question, do you have enough money to pay the full compensation? If there is any question about your ability to do this, it is best to make sure you have replacement cost coverage so you can meet that need during the most stressful times. Here at Alexander Insurance Agency of Saint Charles, we’ve been helping families and businesses build their dreams for years and are eager for you to have a plan for when the unexpected affects the tenure you’ve worked so hard for!

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