How To Fix Small Dents – Hail damage and other small dents are an inevitable part of car ownership. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept this cosmetic flaw.

Repair dentless paintless can smooth out the surface of your vehicle and smooth out your ride. Learn how to repair dents without road paint and how it can repair damage, dents, and dings on your vehicle.

How To Fix Small Dents

How To Fix Small Dents

Paintless dent repair is a process where a technician accesses the dented area from behind, which can be through a window, by removing body panels or by other means. Once the back of the dent has been reached, the technician uses a special tool to massage the outer edge of the dent back into position. The damaged area gradually shrinks and softens until it eventually disappears entirely.

How To Repair Small Dents

No body filler, sanding or repainting is required, so paintless dent repair is generally cheaper than alternative options.

Paintless dent repair can usually be done faster than more conventional dent removal methods and you can get in and out and back on the road without too much disruption to your schedule.

Vehicles that still have their original paint job and no major body work done generally retain most of their value.

Because there is no need to apply new paint, there is no concern about matching colors or leaving the shop with a noticeable difference in the damaged area.

Ways To Remove A Dent In Car With A Hair Dryer

Paintless dent repair can be used to repair most dents. Exceptions are dents with very sharp edges or torn metal, dents with paint damage, dents close to panel edges and dents in areas that have been previously machined.

Here at Zimbrick Body Shop you’ll find a team of technicians who are trained, skilled, and experienced in doing paintless dent repair. And if the damage to your car is too big for paintless dent removal to handle, we can take care of it using other methods.

We are among the leaders in paintless dent repair and other body work services in the Madison, WI area, proudly serving Sun Prairie, Middleton, and surrounding communities. Contact your nearest Zimbrick Body Shop today to learn more about our paintless dent repair services and how we can help your car. , and motorcycles. It only takes a minute to register.

How To Fix Small Dents

Don’t want to do any (more) damage here as I’m a complete body repair newbie, so what would the experts do to fix this dent? Any tools I should look at?

How Do I Fix A Dent In My Car Myself?

Tl;dr: It depends on what you want to do. You can make it better easily but a perfect repair is not a DIY job.

Instead of setting your hopes on a perfect fix. An older car doesn’t seem like a place where you want to spend an amount of money that could be a significant percentage of its current resale value. There’s no reason to look at dents and blemishes to make you sad, though.

Again), you are actually in a decent position. It looks like a fist sized curve near the edge of the fender. If I were to work like this (and I have), I would (and do 😉 assemble the following:

The plan is to push that indent a little more, see the results and repeat but stop before you think you’ve finished the job. Stopping the hair early will reduce the chance of creating a new bump or crease. That’s just crazy to make.

What Can Paintless Dent Removal Fix?

In short, less bad is completely achievable. If you want to get it back to perfect/new, you need professional help.

Either learn to ignore it, or get a professional to do it. If there is a little damage to the paint where the two panels join, you can touch it to prevent rust spots from starting, but the paintwork on the panel itself looks undamaged, fortunately.

The reason this kind of thing is not easy to fix is ​​because when you make a dent, you stretched the metal sheet, so there is now a larger area of ​​metal than you need when you try to bend it back to the right shape.

How To Fix Small Dents

The only way to deal with it is to cut a hole in the groove to remove the “excess” area, then beat the panel back into shape leaving a hole smaller than the one cut out. Finally, you have to fill the hole and repaint the panel.

Small Car Dents Often Happen: Look Out For The Reasons!

As you can imagine, doing that to fix the invisible takes practice and experience, and you don’t have experience or anything to practice with. It also explains why body repairs are not cheap.

If you really want to fix this, the “best” option is probably a complete new panel, even if the damage is only localized.

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By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you agree Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Every driver in Colorado knows the pain of hail damage, and the cost of hail damage repair. As one of the states of “Hail Alley,” we receive up to seven to nine days of hail per year, and with the current weather, it can happen literally out of the blue. Worst of all, no one can guarantee the safety of their vehicle when nature decides its time.

How To Fix Your Car’s Dents And Dings

And you can’t even consider removing hail damage as an option. For one, waiting to file a claim can lead to potential legal problems. And even so, it is important to consider that the damage may be more extensive than it seems. As a result, the next hailstorm could be the last before your car goes from dinged to totaled.

While the amount of hail damage isn’t as high as Texas, Colorado is still pretty high on the list of states that see hail-related insurance claims. Pair that with strong and unpredictable winds from the highlands and mountains and it’s definitely no cakewalk in the Mile-High Country.

The average cost to repair a hail damaged car is $4300.00, while the average cost to repair a hail damaged roof is over $10,000. .

How To Fix Small Dents

In Colorado, auto hail damage repair costs without insurance can vary greatly depending on the severity of the damage and the type of vehicle. Smaller dents may only require paintless dent repair (PDR), which can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 for each individual dent, while hailstones larger than a quarter size can cause more serious damage that requires shop repair. traditional body. The total cost of these repairs can vary from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the size and number of dents, as well as paint damage.

Dings And Dents: When To Take Your Car In For Car Ding Repair

The cost of hail repair is determined by the extent of damage, exterior location, and even geography.

States with high frequency like Colorado tend to have more expensive car insurance rates. Currently, the average cost for car insurance in Colorado is $1,940, according to, putting it outside the top 10 in the state. And with insurance, there is no guarantee that the company will provide the entire amount required, especially at a time when many people are affected.

As for the cost of physical repairs, the location of the dents, as well as their size – what determines this most. Very large dents that cannot be repaired with less invasive means can call for new parts and paint, which is especially expensive with today’s shipping costs.

In Colorado, there are 3 categories of hail damage ranging from minor to extreme damage. These rates start at around $75 for small dents, $125 for med, and large dents at a staggering $250 and more! – although this is significantly lower than traditional body & paint.

How Is Auto Hail Damage Repair Done With Paintless Dent Removal

Although this may not be much on the surface, this figure adds up quickly, especially in a state that sees such tremendous hail regularly.

It is not always easy to find the right repair facility, since not all are built the same, even in Colorado. Even the average cost of the quotes varies, and so does the quality of the work. Luckily, there are several ways to see the difference.

First of all, it can help to read online reviews carefully. The results and happy customers therein literally speak for themselves!

How To Fix Small Dents

Next, make sure that this facility is fully licensed and qualified to make the best repairs suitable to your vehicle. Don’t be shy to call and get the facts! In some cases, this may call for the use of PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), which allows the removal of dents without the use of body fillers and paints.

How Much Does Fixing A Car Dent Cost & Should I Fix It?

This is ideal in many instances, and may be recommended as a primary option, in case you may have

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