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10 Cool Ways to Fix Scratches on Any Surface Restore the look of wood floors, furniture, glass and more with these extraordinary products.

How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

Finding scratches and scuffs on your floors, walls, furniture, or other surfaces in your home can be frustrating, and they can make your home and belongings look old and worn even if they aren’t that old. Fortunately, you can often remove or hide these imperfections with a few simple tricks.

Paint Your Cabinets With The Right Brush

Here are 10 of the best scratch repair products to help you restore your home’s surfaces to their original glory without having to replace them.

This cabinet and furniture restorer features a polymer-based formula that works to restore cabinets, furniture and other wood, formic and laminate surfaces to their original appearance. Simply wipe the liquid formula onto wood surfaces and scratched areas. It will fill in scratches while adding shine and offering UV protection. One layer can provide months of protection.

Repair stains and gaps on wood floors, wood furniture and other surfaces with this water-based wood and grain filler. Wood fillers, like this one, allow you to fill in imperfections. This wood filler will not crack, shrink or sink for optimal results. It will also accept different wood finishes or stains, allowing you to cover up any evidence of patch work. You can even mix a pigment or stain with the filler before using it to repair your item.

This leather and vinyl repair kit includes all the supplies you’ll need to restore vinyl or leather sofas, car seats, jackets and more. It will help you cover scratches and cracks; patches rips, tears and burn holes; and repair peeling surfaces. The kit includes 10 repair compounds in different colors to match different leathers and vinyls to ensure a perfect repair that will blend in with your sofa, seat or other item.

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Finding scratches on your floor or wooden furniture can be discouraging. This anti-scratch cover is designed to help restore wood damaged by pets, scratch marks and more. As well as helping to rejuvenate floors and furniture, the scratch cover also leaves a protective shield on the wood to minimize future damage. It is available in a light and dark wood tone to match your home.

A versatile scratch remover may be sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. White toothpaste can do wonders for removing scratches from phone screens, watch faces, car headlights, glass, and more. Before using the toothpaste to remove a scratch, it is important to do a test on an inconspicuous area to confirm that the toothpaste will not cause further damage. Also, remember that toothpaste is best for superficial scratches and won’t work for deep scratches.

This epoxy putty wood repair stick can help you fix dry rot, furniture dents and large gaps. The two-part formula is easy to apply by hand: knead the dough to mix the different components, then use it to even out surfaces or repair elements. Once applied, it takes less than 30 minutes to set and will cure in just one hour. Putty can be stained, drilled or sanded and will not rot or shrink.

How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

A hole or gouge in a wall can be unsightly. This drywall repair kit makes it easy to patch the hole and improve the look of your space. The kit includes a 4-inch self-adhesive patch to cover the hole and a primer-enhanced potting compound to completely repair the damage. Use the included sanding pad to smooth the surface, let it dry completely, then paint to match the rest of the wall.

How You Can Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Scratches?

Stain markers offer a simple solution to fixing scratches on hardwood floors, wood furniture and other wooden surfaces in your home. This kit includes six wax touch-up sticks along with six pigmented markers to match oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut and black wood. Start by marking the scratches with the touch-up stick, then color them in with the markers, starting with a lighter color and applying several layers of darker colors to match the wood.

Clear nail polish can be an effective tool for removing glass scratches. Nail polish can fill in cracks and small bumps, leaving the glass with a smoother finish. To use clear nail polish on glass, apply a thin layer to the scratch and let it cure for about an hour. Next, dip a clean, soft cloth in nail polish remover and gently wipe it over the area where the nail polish has been applied to remove excess nail polish from the surface.

In addition to removing scratches from metal, metal polish can also be used to remove scratches from glass. After cleaning the glass, put some polish on a clean cloth and rub it in a circular motion over the scratched area. Work gently and don’t use too much sanding, as doing so can end up leaving more scratches on the surface. We have lived in our current home for over two years. It was a bit of a mess when we moved. We’ve put some love into it, but we’ve also put some wear and tear into it. We know our time here is probably a year and a half at most, and then we’ll go wherever the Air Force decides to send us. So in the back of my head I’m starting to make a mental list of all the fixes we’ll need to make before we’re ready to sell. A very glaring problem was these lovely scratch marks my adorable dog left on the front door.

Eventually, it started to bother me enough that I started to wonder if there was a quick and easy way to get rid of scratches on wood. I really didn’t want to strip, sand, stain! So I started experimenting and totally stumbled upon DIY gold! See all those scratches up there? I hated them HATED them! So let’s do something about them….

Wood Markers Furniture Repair

The first thing I did was clean the door with some Murphy’s Oil Soap. That was good. Then I used Old English Scratch Cover (for dark woods). That was great. I literally scrubbed both of them and cleaned them and the end result was amazing.

Let’s compare just so we can really see the transformation! This took me 10 minutes to go all the way through the door and little effort. So I immediately started trying it on my kitchen cabinets and the result is just as great! You know all those little scrapes and scratches from vacuuming and you know it, kids! Disappeared. Can’t wait to tackle all the woodwork in the house now!

So what do you think of this quick and easy “How to Fix Scratches in Wood” idea? Do you need to address scratches in your wood first? What did you use and did it work?

How To Fix Scratches On Wood Cabinets

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How To Fix Scratched Leather When You Don’t Want To Reupholster

What if you don’t want to paint the wood, but you also don’t want to peel and re-stain it? What if you just want to remove the wood scratches and restore it to its original glory? Well, there is a way to restore it. That’s what I tried to figure out with my latest thrift store furniture makeover. I knew there had to be a better way to restore tables, chairs, and other wood furniture (and even kitchen cabinets!) instead of painting or stripping.

I used to paint all the wooden furniture I bought at the thrift store. That is, until I built my own custom toilet from scratch. Manipulating the red oak, shaping something that started as a vision in my mind, brought an appreciation that didn’t exist before. Suddenly, I wanted to preserve the wood, uncover it, re-stain it, bring it back to life. It is a living thing, after all.

Moving on after building the toilet, I thought long and hard about whether a piece of wood was meant to be restored or painted. If it had a bunch of corners, it was often painted over (have you ever tried stripping and staining round legs and corners?! Trust me, it’s the worst kind of DIY punishment).

But if it’s a flat surface like a desk, table, or dresser, I usually try to salvage the wood top, like the beautiful pink French Provincial dresser I saved for $10.

How To Fix Scratched Kitchen Cabinets

Chairs, however, are a completely separate beast. There are so many sides and parts, some of them hard to reach, some of them curved, that makes disassembly time consuming and difficult.

This is

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