How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors – There’s nothing like a nice warm wooden floor to create a homely space – but when it comes to laying them out on a large scale, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many different suggestions out there.

Pesky scuffs and scratches can form, which can be a stressful situation for renters worried about getting their bond back.

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

Depending on how damaged your floor is, you will need to decide on the best course of action

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Don’t feel too bad about minor marks, says Randy Fleerman, CEO of the Australian Wood Flooring Association: Over time and normal wear and tear, some floors will need to be recoated.

Before deciding on your next course of action, clean the area thoroughly with a damp cloth and determine how deep the scratch is and see if the varnish has chipped.

Before you jump into fixing a damaged floorboard – assess the damage and consult with an expert. Image: Getty

Glass floors can usually be repaired with minimal fuss – “Laminate floors can’t be easily repaired if scratched, because it’s a photographic film attached to a fiberboard base,” says Randy.

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If your floor is laminate wood it is best to talk to the manufacturer about the best course of action

If the surface is wood then the next step is to find out what the wood is in order to determine the best way to clean and repair it.

Wood flooring can be made from a variety of materials; Some are made from traditional hardwood, while others are made from engineered or bamboo

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

According to Randy: “Engineered flooring and bamboo can also be installed as floating floors and minor scratches can be easily attended to. They can usually be re-coated “

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Repair kits for pine, hardwood and other woods are easy to source from your local hardware store These usually include fillers that mimic the tone of the wood, so once you apply the scratch will disappear.

Different coatings on wood determine the look and feel of wood floors, so depending on what your floor is covered with, you need to choose a cleaning agent that works best with the surface.

Some wood floors love regular applications of oil fresheners, maintenance oils, maintenance pastes, maintenance waxes or metallic polishes, which add layers of wear to protect and extend the life of the wood. So it’s important to know what you’re working with

It can be tempting to jump straight in to slap some varnish on any nasty scratches, but that’s tricky and often makes the problem worse.

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Gentle and natural beeswax will do a great job of covering delicately and can be applied with minimal fuss and cleanup.

Black scuff marks on floors are a common site that gets a lot of foot traffic and may seem difficult to remove, but it’s actually easier than you think.

These little beauties will only cost you a few dollars but can save you tons of cash over the life of the floor and reduce wear and tear from your dining chairs, armrests and footstools that move regularly.

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

Also, try re-upholstering furniture and rugs to let the floor wear as evenly as possible.

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Always use a damp mop with a mild detergent to wash the floor – and splatter immediately to reduce the chance of spills under the wood coating.

Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia will damage your floors over time so always stick with safe, mild soaps.

It may be the last thing you think about when you think about floorboard maintenance, but footwear can have a major impact over time.

Stilettos and pointed shoes definitely have more impact than socks and bare feet so consider going shoe-free if you want to keep your floorboards in tip-top shape!

How To Repair Scratches On Bamboo Flooring

This article was originally published on 18 February 2019 at 9:00 am but is updated regularly to keep the information current. Unfortunately, there is no flooring material (or other material, really) on earth that is 100% scratch-proof; Diamond floor, anyone? Bamboo is the hardest hardwood out there, but it’s scratch-resistant rather than impenetrable These floors are rarely affected by normal scrapes and impacts, but they can become gouged or dented under heavy conditions. I’m sorry to all the home bowlers out there, but you have to stay in your lane!

Pets do not damage woven bamboo flooring and are more difficult to dent than traditional hardwood. However, when something really sharp is dragged across the surface, it is not impossible to scratch the light surface. Fear not, there are many hardwood floor repair kits on the market that you can use to repair bamboo.

If you use sharp enough and apply enough force, everything can be scratched Fortunately, industry standards have developed the Janka scale to compare the actual hardness of various wood materials. You’ll find that strand woven bamboo is superior against tough ticks and rose blooms

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

Are you thinking about a home improvement project but not sure which new flooring is right for your lifestyle? Look no further: Bamboo is versatile in style, but its signature toughness remains firm across all products!

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Micro-surface scratches are light white scratches that are drawn to a very sharp edge on the floor surface. Common causes are a vacuum cleaner, sharp toys, and grit or stones caught under furniture legs that don’t have casters underneath. These micro-scratches are not as visible on light-colored floors as they are on dark floors They usually occur on prefinished floors with a polyurethane finish and are usually not permanent. In fact, these scratches will usually buff and disappear over time, just from the friction created by walking on them.

There are many kits available on the market to reduce them if you need to Some people claim that rubbing a broken nail or applying a dab of mineral oil can remove the scratch. Dog claws are usually not sharp enough to cause these types of scratches, which is why pets love ambient floors!

Permanent dents from scratching are very rare This is where strand woven flooring earns its reputation as the hardest wood on the market Because of its thickness and hardness, sustainably woven bamboo requires a lot of energy to dent Not to say it can’t happen, but pets and high heels don’t usually make dents in this floor: a major reason families with active kids and pets choose it for refinishing. Also, large pieces of furniture like pianos and pool tables can be placed on strand woven bamboo without any backlash. Meanwhile, traditional hardwoods and floors like LVP and LVT can easily be permanently dented by pets.

Scratches on wood floors can come from many sources The most common is the daily build-up of sand, dust, and dirt from normal traffic The dirtier a floor is, the more likely it is to pick up some small scratches that can add up over time That’s why, as with any floor, it’s a good idea to keep your floor clean and tidy to keep it free of debris.

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Other causes of scratches on your wood floors are pets, children, high heels, and furniture. Since dogs, children, and trendy shoes will often dent and scratch hardwood, it’s best to use felt pads or casters under the furniture or place some thick towels or blankets under the furniture before going across bamboo, hardwood, or any other type of siding. Flooring Also, no matter what flooring you choose, always use a hardwood-flooring-approved chair mat under the roll office chair. Be careful to choose a mattress with a breathable bottom layer, as some plastic mats can trap moisture on the floor and cause permanent damage.

Remember that both hardwood and bamboo can be equally prone to long-term standing water problems, so all spills should be cleaned up quickly. Ambient flooring has a 24-hour window before spills can be wiped up. After that, damage can occur It’s also a good idea to only use a lightly damp mop (not soaking wet!) when cleaning up spills, leaks, and other oops, and if you’re wondering, “Can I mop bamboo floors?” The answer is no. Stick with a swiffer-type cleaning tool, or use a light damp mop.

Quality bamboo is significantly harder than hardwood flooring and subsequently has greater scratch-resistance If you go with the strand weave, you’ll get a stiffer product under your feet

How To Fix Scratches On Dark Bamboo Floors

It involves a heat process and extreme pressure to compress and bind the bamboo and embed the grass fibers into a tightly woven material that is two to three times (2-3X) the strength of any other form of cord.

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Stranded floors are undoubtedly high-traffic areas in your home where your pets and children will be. And although strand weave is more expensive than other flooring types, bamboo costs significantly less than most hardwood flooring on the market.

Of course! If you get a scratch


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