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My dog ​​chewed the bottom of the door frame to my bedroom. I live in a rented apartment so this is not true.

How To Fix Dog Scratches On Drywall

How To Fix Dog Scratches On Drywall

Is there a way to fix it and make it more presentable (not necessarily perfect)?

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@XOPJ: Thanks, that’s useful to know. Actually, I don’t think she actually chewed it, but she did scratch it when I left her in the room for a while (she has separation anxiety). So my description is not very accurate to begin with!

As for replacing the trim, I think it’s too much work for someone like me who doesn’t know much about projects. I originally considered this before coming to this forum, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to remove the trim, and I’m afraid that if I try I’ll knock off a large piece that I didn’t expect. Take it away!

My filler experiment was a half-success: I had a large piece that I managed to glue back, filled the rest with wood filler and painted over it. Because it’s near the bottom of the door, you won’t notice it unless you’re looking for it. However, I think I will try to touch on it at some point in the future.

As large pieces of wood are missing, use wood filler (found at any home improvement store) to fill them in. Use a putty knife to match the shape of the trim as closely as possible. After the filler has cured, use sand paper to round it. Door Protector From Dog Scratching, Window Sill Protector, Clear Sided Shield Protection Barrier Anti Cat, Dog Scratching, Slobbering, And Clawing Furniture, Glass, Car Door, Couch 4in X 3.3ft

You need to paint over the filler. Take a chip of wood trim to a home improvement store and paint it to match the color (you may also be able to pull a piece of trim off the wall).

Another option is to find similar trim at the store and replace the damaged piece. Some fancy trim can be hard to match, but what you have looks pretty basic.

At the last place we rented, our rabbit used to chew on the door trim in our bedroom. We eventually trained the rabbit not to do that, but it took a while and the damage was pretty bad. We repaired the trim using the methods above. We got our full security deposit back.

How To Fix Dog Scratches On Drywall

You can replace the molding. This profile is an inexpensive ranch casing available from your local home center. You should be able to match it exactly to the result. Nailed to the wall. Buy a new piece that fits. You’ll need to miter the top edge to fit with a miter saw, but you can buy an inexpensive miter box to do exactly that job.

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Once the new piece is cut to fit, take the old one and bring it to any good paint store. They can match the paint exactly. A quart of paint is enough to repaint the molding for touch ups.

Install the molding with finish nails and set in place with a nail set. Then fill the head with putty and paint.

It looks like pretty standard molding, but if you can’t match it exactly (which is more likely for an older house) and you want to, you may be able to find matching molding inside a closet. Replace with closet molding, then replace the closet molding – no one will ever notice or care.

This is a fairly simple repair as long as you have the right tools and some good instructions. The tools you’ll need are a sheetrock knife to separate the molding from the wall without damaging the existing paint or drywall. A hammer and a flat screwdriver to pry the molding from the wall. A hand saw to cut a 45 degree angle in new molding. A few finished nails to attach the new molding. A nail set and some caulking to cover the nails. and a paintbrush to paint the molding. I’ve included a few links to some photos of a similar project and a video I found about repairing pet damage.

My Cat Scratched The Trim Around A Door In My Apartment. Best Way To Fix This?

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How To Fix Dog Scratches On Drywall

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