How To Fix Car Dents Yourself – Even if you are lucky enough not to be injured in a car accident, it is rare that you escape without some form of damage to your vehicle. It goes without saying that there are some things you shouldn’t try to fix yourself, but if it’s just a scratch or dent, DIY can be a cheaper way to go.

You can remove most small dents from your vehicle with a hair dryer and compressed air, dry ice, or even hot glue and a cork, but if it happens to be isolated on your bumper, you only have a few boiling water.

How To Fix Car Dents Yourself

How To Fix Car Dents Yourself

Just pour the hot water over the tooth, reach under the wheel well and remove the tooth.

How Does Winter Weather Increase Dent Damage

The heat allows the plastic to expand and become flexible so you can push it back into place.

Afterwards, pour cold water over the area to soften the plastic back into place. Check out redditor SX_PNTHR’s Imgur table for a photo tour and read through the comments for more tips and tricks.

This method is not for everyone, however. A commenter pointed out that this method is not suitable for most older cars. Newer urethane body parts can handle it, but old metal ones have a good chance of getting paint.

It’s also probably more trouble than it’s worth if the tooth is in a place where you’d have to take the stump off to get to it. However, if you want to give it a shot, check out the video below to see how to remove the wheel and hub for the hot water method.

Diy Car Dent Repair Kit

Have you had success with this method of removing dents from bumpers? Share your experience with us below!

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Make sure the surface you are going to work on is clean. Using one of our dry cloths, apply our wax and grease remover. Once applied, wipe the area clean using another cloth. This will help ensure that everything is completely removed and that you have a fresh, spotless surface to begin with.

How To Fix Car Dents Yourself

Start by removing the paint from the tooth area. Make sure you remove 50mm of the surrounding area. To remove the paint, use a machine or hand sand with 24 – 36 Grit sandpaper. Once you have removed the paint from that area, clean the area with a wax and grease remover.

Importance Of Getting That Car Dent Fixed Immediately

Mix the right amount of Glass Fiber Filer or Metal Tech. Using the ratio of one-part hardener to one-half filler, make sure your tone is visibly continuous and consistent before proceeding. If the tone is correct, then apply a thin layer immediately on the tooth area. Gradually continue to apply the remaining filler until the affected area is slightly higher than the surrounding area.

Once the mixture is completely hardened and fully cured, you can process it to dry sand. You can dry the area by sanding by hand or using 40 – 80 grit sandpaper. If you think the affected area may need more filling, you can reapply the filler and follow the same process again.

Feather sand the area with 120 – 180 grit sandpaper. This will help you achieve a smooth finish. Once you are happy with your repair area you can proceed to painting.

You can simplify and speed up your work by observing the exact proportions when mixing colors. … Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: No one wants to use body filler—it’s not a flawless solution. But often, the perfect is the enemy of the good. Sheet metal can be repaired with special welded strips and a sliding hammer, but that’s beyond most people’s skill and tool budget. Body filler is the next best thing and shops have been using it for decades. It’s an effective way for home mechanics to deal with dings and minor accidental damage. More serious damage should be dealt with by replacing the panel, but cleaning dents is a fun skill to develop and can save a lot of money.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Scratch On A Car?

The first coat in a paint job. It seals the metal and provides a base for paint. Layer for a smooth finish. $12

Safety glasses, respirator of your choice (paper filter or better), nitrile gloves, sandpaper, orbital sander, clean rags, buffing pads, masking tape, mixing and spreading paddles.

Body filler is designed to bond to sheet metal, so the first step in any repair is to remove the paint and primer underneath. Options include using an abrasive pad on a drill or die grinder, or just sandpaper on an orbital sander. Do not go much lower than 80-grit or you will scratch the metal surface unnecessarily.

How To Fix Car Dents Yourself

You work with a two-part polyester resin activated by a hardener. Scoop out the amount of filling you need and spread on a plastic mixing board. The difficult part is getting the right ratio of filler to solid (about 50:1); it’s something you learn through trial and error. Mix thoroughly and quickly to a consistent color with your loose paste. A pink or robin’s egg blue is what you’re after.

How Much Does Dent And Paint Repair Cost In 2023?

After mixing the compound, you have about 7 minutes to work – more concrete means shorter work time, less means more time, and too little means the mixture will not harden at all. Use a spreader pad that is close to the size of the damage. Try to apply the filler in smooth strokes across the tooth, using just enough to fill the hole. Load too much of the tooth and you will spend a lot of time sanding. Don’t hesitate – cleaning filler off undamaged areas is a pain.

Let the filling harden completely – it should take about half an hour. More time is better. The task now is to clean the spot smoothly, but do it slowly. Use 120-grit sandpaper on a sanding block or orbital sander and smooth the surface, running your hand over the area to see if it is wet. Check the area with a shop light or flashlight to tell how smooth it is. If you go too far, dust off the surface with a rag and add more filling.

Now it’s time to bring the paint back to snuff. You can do it yourself or take it to a paint shop for a perfect finish. If you’re going for a paint job at home, start with a good primer – a premium type will fill in small imperfections – and apply light coats. Color-matched paint can be ordered from a dealer, but long-term color matching on older cars may need to be custom-mixed at a paint shop. Apply paint in light layers followed by a clear coat, then use a polish to bring out the shine.

Safety Tip: Body filler emits toxic fumes while curing, so work in a well-ventilated area with mithril gloves. Wear goggles and a mask while sanding or expect pink boogers and tears.

How To Fix A Small Dent In A Car

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How To Fix Car Dents Yourself

But there are genius hacks that will allow you to fix various motor problems – here are five of our top tips…

Remove A Dent Using Dent Puller Kit

If that sounds too good to be true, there are amazing videos of car owners riding their dented cars by pouring scalding water over the damaged area.

Once the dented part of the car is nice and warmed up, the dent can be gently pushed out from the other side.

It should be said, this trick may only work if your bumper is made of plastic.

And while hot water can work wonders, many people prefer to use cold water on the previously damaged area after it has returned to its original shape to help cool it down and soften it.

Consumer Reports Used Car Fixes: Diy Fix For A Dented Bumper

Depending on how powerful your hoover is, the suction from your vacuum can help you get rid of dents in your car.

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