How To Do Health Insurance – You probably already know the standard benefits and coverage options your health insurance carrier offers you, from doctor’s appointments to preventive care to routine tests. But do you use or even know about its hidden advantages and benefits? To encourage a healthy lifestyle and compete with other plans, carriers will often include benefits and discounts for enrollees. While this list is by no means exhaustive and benefits vary greatly from insurance company to insurance company and plan to plan, these may be some of your hidden benefits that you should ask your broker, HR department, or health insurer about:

Walk-in clinics are available around the country and may be located at your local pharmacy. Walk-in clinics are perfect options when you’re traveling or can’t get an appointment with your regular doctor. Places like CVS, Walgreens and Target offer walk-in clinic services as easy, fast and simple as shopping. Under a doctor or registered nurse, you can seek treatment for a wide range of ailments, fill a prescription, and even perform tests.

How To Do Health Insurance

How To Do Health Insurance

Telehealth is a bit of a catch-all term with a wide assortment of definitions. Many insurance companies refer to telehealth as a system of accessing care remotely through the comfort of your computer or phone. With services like Teladoc, you can video chat with a certified doctor while taking advantage of low wait times and on-demand service at the touch of a screen.

Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

Although not as common as other hidden health insurance benefits, insurance companies are beginning to explore subsidies and offer discounts on healthier foods and groceries. These benefits may also include discounts on registered dietitians and popular weight loss programs such as Jenny Craig®. Your insurance may even offer you their own weight loss programs and services.

If you have a qualifying illness, you may be able to participate in your carrier’s chronic disease management program. Qualifying illnesses may include, but are not limited to, heart problems, diabetes, asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions. In addition to online access and support, you can get a case manager who helps you learn how to navigate your symptoms and manage your illness.

Some insurance companies partner with fitness centers and gyms to offer discounts and savings on memberships to enrollees like you. You can also save further health costs down the road by staying fit and active. Not to mention that some insurance companies offer rewards programs in which you are rewarded just for going to the gym or walking a certain number of steps each day.

See if you can get access to one of the many companies that offer house calls like Heal. A house call is when a doctor comes to your home for a personal appointment, instead of you having to go to the doctor’s office. Many insurance companies cover house calls, so they are an affordable and convenient option for when you feel sick. Finally, you can avoid germ-filled waiting rooms and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your home.

Health Insurance: How Much Health Insurance Do You Need In Your 30s? Know How To Choose The Right Medical Insurance Policy

If you feel a little sick or have a medical question, you can call a 24/7 nurse line. These phone lines may be covered by your insurance through a partner organization or directly sponsored by your carrier. Typically, the nurse line includes a registered nurse who is available 24/7 to answer questions and offer advice about symptoms, care and minor illnesses. But a 24/7 nurse line is not a substitute for emergency services, as in any case when you experience a medical emergency call 911.

We’ve all had that moment when we took the family for a vacation and someone gets sick. While it depends on the carrier and your plan, you realize that your insurance can reach across the country. Call your insurance company and the doctor’s office before making an appointment to see if a doctor is contracted with your insurance. But don’t assume that just because you’re away from home means you’re not covered.

There are many benefits that you may not be using. These benefits include discounts, savings, and special programs and resources you may miss. Take advantage of your options and find out what hidden health insurance benefits you may qualify for.

How To Do Health Insurance

For more information about some of the hidden benefits of health insurance for specific carriers, call your broker or insurance company. Call us today at AEIS, Inc. to help you explore hidden benefits at 650-348-6234.

Importance Of Reading The Fine Print In Your Health Insurance Policy

Disclaimer: You should familiarize yourself with your available insurance benefits before you need them and in the event of an emergency seek immediate medical attention and call 911.

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How To Buy Health Insurance

While we strive to give our best, move up the corporate ladder to give our family a more comfortable life, there are other things we need to do to secure our family’s financial future beyond a monthly salary.

Growing up, we were repeatedly reminded of the importance of saving for a rainy day. The idea is to have enough savings that we can rely on when an urgent need arises, without borrowing from anyone or taking a bank loan.

One of the first things you should do is collect at least six months of your family’s average monthly expenses. If your family spends about $3,000 each month, you should have at least $18,000 in savings.

How To Do Health Insurance

If you​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ are worried that six months of spending isn´t enough, consider increasing this to nine months or even a year of savings. This will allow you to fall back on a large enough reserve in the unfortunate event that you find yourself without work for a period of time or have to pay for an unexpected bill.

A Closer Look At The Cost Of Health Coverage

Healthcare expenses can be costly in Singapore, and a sudden illness may be all you need to quickly drain your savings. To take care of unexpected health expenses, make sure that you and your family members are protected with adequate health insurance.

First, you should consider getting a private integrated shield plan like Healthshield Gold Max. This covers the cost of hospitalization and treatments, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind that your family won’t be saddled with a hefty hospital stay.

In addition to your hospitalization bill, you may also incur additional costs due to health conditions. This may include other treatments outside the hospital, or having to leave your job for a temporary period to recover. In such circumstances, having a critical illness protection plan will be important as it will give you the financial resources to do so.

While health insurance can cover your medical related expenses, you should also consider making sure that your family’s long term is provided for in the event that you are no more.

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You must calculate the amount that your family needs in the absence of your financial support. Some things to consider include how many loans you currently have, the number of children you have, whether or not your spouse is working and your current monthly living expenses.

What many people also don’t consider is the additional expense a surviving spouse may incur in providing for the family. For example, a domestic helper may be required to help with household chores, or the surviving spouse may need to take a sabbatical from work. These cost extra money and should be carefully considered beforehand.

Last but not least, you must ensure that assets you leave behind or insurance policies you purchase are given to the correct beneficiaries.

How To Do Health Insurance

This can sometimes be more complicated than what we expect, especially if you are caring for both your children and parents. For example, in the absence of a will, all your assets will be automatically distributed in accordance with Singapore’s Intestate Succession Act. This means that your surviving spouse and children will inherit all assets, while your parents will be left with nothing, even if you intended to leave them a portion of your assets to provide for them in their old age.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Health Insurance

It is important for you to understand how your assets will be distributed in your absence, and to ensure that you have a valid will if you do not like the standard way in which the Law of Intestate Succession will follow.

These are actionable plans that you should think about and take care of to secure your family’s financial future today. By doing this, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have secured their future.

Healthshield Gold Max​A Medisave approved integrated shield plan consisting of MediShield Life and private


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