How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes – FOX Weather explains how potholes form in the winter cold and how much damage they can do to your car.

Happy National Pothole Day – everyone has a day. Sunday, January 15, some celebrated, or more precisely, hated the pits. According to AAA, these road craters cost car owners $26.5 billion in vehicle repairs for 2021. But did you know that you don’t believe it all?

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

“When a car hits a pothole with any force, the tires, wheels and suspension take the brunt of the impact, and any of them can be expensive to repair,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of automotive engineering.

Hit A Pothole? Then You Need To Read This

The Auto Club estimates that drivers pay an average of $600 in repairs. They also estimated that in 2021, one in ten drivers will have significant car damage that requires immediate repair after hitting a pothole.

“A lot of my customers come in with tires that are beyond repair or with flat tires from potholes,” tire shop owner Zach Leeper told FOX Weather’s Will Nunley.

“You have internal belts inside your tire, and when you hit that pothole, of course, it breaks the belts because those belts are made of steel and nylon and cuts them right off or a little bit of the way,” Leeper said. Sharp threads that dig holes in the tire as you continue to drive. “That’s when that tire can completely blow out, or if you hit a pothole in the right place and hard enough, it can blow out right away.”

This is a file photo of a tire burned in a wildfire. But it does show threads of metal below the rubber that make up the belt that Leeper mentioned.

Investigates: If Your Car Is Damaged By A Pothole, Will Txdot Pay?

Most vehicles are designed to withstand the worst road conditions. But State Farm recommends having your vehicle inspected after hitting a very large or deep pothole. A gap can also damage your vehicle’s steering, suspension, and alignment.

“Some signs of pothole damage may include a pulling sensation in one direction, gouges in your tires or rims, or low tire pressure,” said Heather Paul, State Farm Public Relations Specialist.

“Make sure you don’t have any bumps or dents in the wheel,” Leeper said. “Then, when you have the chance, it’s best to restore your car to avoid further damage to your tires.”

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

Collision insurance usually covers pothole damage after paying a deductible. But, do your homework, this may not be worth the claim.

Submitting A Claim To The Government For Pothole Damage? Good Luck With That

“Because pothole damage to your car can fall below your deductible (usually $500 or $1,000), filing a claim isn’t always beneficial,” Paul said.

“A driver who has been injured by a pothole should find out which jurisdiction is responsible for the road and inquire about compensation for the pothole damage,” Paul said. “The driver may need photos of the damage and the pothole, as well as an estimate or two for the claim. Remember, there may be a time limit on receiving compensation, so don’t wait to file a claim.”

For example, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has a hotline to report potholes. Drivers can also fill out a road maintenance request online. To fill out the form, you’ll need the route, mile markers, and nearby intersections or intersections.

Owners of damaged vehicles can file a claim online through the Tennessee Department of the Treasury. The investigator will review your evidence of damage caused by the state’s negligence in the inspection, maintenance, or construction of state-maintained highways or bridges.

Who Should Pay For My Car Damage Caused By A Pothole In A French Road?

You’ll also need to show that government officials had advance notice and the time and ability to fix the problem before you hit the hole.

“If you notice a pothole, you can report the road hazard to your local city or county transportation department, so they are aware of the problem,” State Farm said.

Finally, stick to warranties when replacing tires. Most standard tires are guaranteed. Tire shops may offer additional warranties. Add tire and wheel insurance, which may also come with a roadside assistance policy.

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

Potholes appear when regular traffic stops. Water seeps into the cracks and pools under the asphalt. When water freezes, it expands and further weakens the road. The ice melts and the water flows away, leaving a void below the surface. More traffic continues to damage the road in that area and potholes appear.

The Mother Of All Potholes Took Out Two Tyres And Wheels On My Car

A recent America’s Infrastructure Report Card found that 43% of the nation’s public highways are in poor or fair condition. The report estimates that Americans drive on roads in poor conditions 17% of the time.

After the extreme weather the US has seen so far this winter, the number of sinkholes is sure to rise. A holiday blizzard and arctic blast sent freezing temperatures as far south as Florida. The melted water like a spring quickly subsided, and the flood water shook the foundation of the road.

Atmospheric river-fueled storms in the West are also hitting roads. Several California cities received more than a foot of rain in just 3 weeks. The pavement is cracked and in some cases slides down hills. Potholes caused by runoff start small but eventually engulf cars. The pictures and videos were amazing.

FILE: A car and a truck fall into a sinkhole as another atmospheric river storm drenches California on Jan. 10, 2023, in Los Angeles. In the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles, two cars with four people fell into a ditch that opened up under the road they were traveling on during heavy rain. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Reporting Potholes And The Damage They Cause To Your Car

The word pothole was invented before cars were invented. In England in the 15th and 16th centuries, potters dug pits and troughs made by wagons and wagons for clay to make pottery. According to the American Public Works Association, the teams driving the cars called the potholes potholes. Heard from a Prescott Valley man recently, one of several drivers who contacted Operation Safe Roads about Arizona’s poor road conditions and the high cost. they.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I can tell you that potholes aren’t very common in Arizona,” said William Skaggs. “It’s not something we expect on the roads.”

The state denied his and others’ claims for damages to the vehicle.

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

He had video evidence of the moment he hit a series of potholes on I-17 near Sunset Point in March of this year. But the Arizona Department of Risk Management said they are not responsible because there are signs in the area warning drivers of poor roads.

Pothole Damage Claim

“Essentially, the person who denies the claim is someone who works for the state and it’s in their best interest to deny the claim,” Skaggs said.

Wanted to see what it would take to actually get the claim approved, Megan Thompson sat down with an Arizona attorney.

“I would say the default for most of these claims — whether it’s road conditions or other things — is to dismiss them,” explained attorney Kevin Garrison with the Garrison Law Firm in Peoria.

He said any driver should file a claim first. This is important because it must be done within 180 days.

Pothole Tire Damage, What Next?

“You have to describe what they did negligently or wrongly,” Garrison said. “You have to describe your injuries … what your damages are … and you have to put something called an actual amount on it. So you have to say, ‘I’m going to pay my claim for $10,000.’ or $100,000, or whatever.”

“There are a lot of other things you can do to make it stronger,” Garrison described. “You can try to get maintenance records for that area, so file a Freedom of Information request with the state, city, or county. Google Earth, Google Maps… see if you can get a picture from earlier.”

Now, if a pothole has not been previously reported, the state can declare it a road hazard and they are not liable.

How To Claim Tyre Damage From Potholes

“You have risk management … ADOA is the person who makes the decision to approve or deny the claim … it’s in their best interest to deny it. there?” asked Megan Thompson.

Hit A Gnarly Pothole, Got Some Rim Damage. First, Is This At All Dangerous To Drive On? Second, How Easy Is This To Repair. How Much Would It Cost?

“All I can tell you is based on my experience, but I don’t think my experience is that different from many, many, many lawyers that I know. I think, and my experience is universal, that these claims have generally been denied,” Garrison responded.

Garrison said a lawsuit could be filed. Of course, it’s over

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