How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account – It’s easy to cash checks using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or other mobile device. We’ve listed 37 banks below that allow consumers to cash checks without going into a bank.

To cash paper checks, customers used to have to physically walk into a bank branch. Now consumers can submit checks and deposit funds into their accounts from wherever they are with mobile banking apps for the iPhone and other devices.

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

According to the Federal Reserve, most remote checks are deposited on a mobile device. Mobile deposits from iPhones and other smartphones and tablets became legal in the US after the passage of the Check 21 Act. The act was intended to keep the country’s finances operating after a catastrophe such as the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

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In 2009, USAA Federal Savings Bank became the first bank to allow customers to cash checks using smartphones. By 2013, only 10% of credit unions and banks allowed iPhone, iPad and Android checks to be submitted. Just two years later, mobile check submission is widespread in major banks such as Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Citibank and Bank of America. Even many small banks and credit unions now have apps to monitor customers remotely.

Exchanging control with an iPhone, iPad or Android device is simple. Anyone who can snap a photo with an iPhone can submit and deposit a check using a remote deposit app. Customers simply download their bank’s mobile banking application, sign the check, take a photo of both sides of the check using the app, and the app does the rest. Images of the controls are not stored in the iPhone. It’s a good idea to save the check until the deposit clears the bank account, but mark it “submitted with iPhone.”

Scroll down for a video example showing depositing a check using an iPhone. Also listed below are 37 banks doing business in the US that allow customers to cash checks and deposit them from iPhone, Android or other mobile devices.

1. Capital One Bank – The Capital One Mobile app allows consumers to remotely cash checks and deposit funds, as well as pay bills, make transfers and more.

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2. Bank of America – Bank of America’s Mobile App allows check cashing on iPhone and iPad. The app also allows customers to check balances and order copies of checks.

3. Chase Bank – Chase Bank has a mobile banking app called Chase Mobile that customers can use to cash checks from iPhones and other smartphones. The tool also allows users to manage their accounts, find ATMs, pay bills and make transfers.

4. US Bank – US Bank’s iPhone app of U.S. Bancorp allows users to easily send money to friends and family with them

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

5. Citibank – Citibank customers who want to cash checks with their iPhone or other smartphone or tablet can use the Citi Mobile app. In addition to submitting iPhone checks, the app also provides account alerts. Users can also send money to anyone’s bank account that they like using the apps

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Property The iPhone app is protected by 128 bit encryption. That is the same level of encryption as online banking.

6. PNC Bank – The PNC Mobile Banking app enables iPhone users to use their cameras to cash checks from any remote location. Other features of the app include paying bills, checking balances, viewing transaction history and locating the nearest PNC branch or ATM.

7. Huntington Bank – Huntington Bank customers can cash checks using an iPhone or other device using the Huntington Mobile app. Users can also search for Huntington Bank locations, pay bills and even call the bank quickly from the iPhone app.

8. Wells Fargo – Wells Fargo is one of the largest banks in the United States. The Wells Fargo Mobile app allows customers to cash checks with an iPhone and deposit the money directly into their checking or savings account. Real-time investment tracking is another handy feature of the app. There is also an ATM locator and a

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9. USAA Bank – The first bank to let users cash checks with iPhones and other mobile devices, USAA Bank services members of the military and their family members. Beyond the ability to cash checks with iPhone, the USAA Mobile app also allows users to post trades, get quotes, report insurance claims and submit claim photos.

10. State Farm Bank – State Farm is not just an insurance company, and the State Farm Pocket Agent app handles more than just insurance claims. While users of the app can use it to view insurance cards and policies, speak with a live agent, submit claims and pay insurance premiums, the app can also be used to cash checks with an iPhone. Funds from checks cashed with the iPhone app are deposited into the customer’s State Farm bank account with the

12. BB&T Bank – The BB&T Mobile Banking app allows users to check with an iPhone and deposit funds, plus manage checking, savings and credit card accounts. The app comes with mobile bill payment and easy fund transfer. There is also a version for the iPad. Another iPhone app called the BB&T Cash Manager enables wire transfers.

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

13. Bank of the West – Bank of the West has more than 600 locations in the western and midwestern United States. Users of their mobile banking app can deposit checks from and iPhone by taking a photo of both sides. The app allows customers to use iPhones to pay bills and check balances. A quick login feature makes using the app as easy as remembering a PIN number.

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14. Zions Bank – Cashing a check with an iPhone is easy with the Zions Bank Mobile Banking app. The app also allows money transfers, mobile bill payments and transaction history viewing.

15. First Community Bank – First Community’s Mobile 1st app allows any iPhone user to cash a check and deposit the funds into their account. The 51-branch bank’s iPhone checking app is proof that even small community banks have the ability to offer mobile banking to their customers.

16. HSBC Bank – The HSBC Mobile Banking app enables HSBC customers to cash checks and manage accounts from anywhere in the world from an iPhone or other mobile device.

17. Suntrust Bank – With the Suntrust Mobile app from Suntrust Banks, Inc., consumers can make payments, transfers and, of course, cash checks using an iPhone. The app also makes it easy to pay bills and make loan payments. Users can also use the app to initiate cash benefits from their Suntrust Bank credit card accounts.

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18. State Bank & Trust – State Bank & Trust’s mobile banking app allows iPhone users to check checks and deposit funds directly from their phones. The app also features mobile bill payment and fund transfer, as well as special rewards offers.

19. The Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank – This iPhone app allows check cashing, transfers, bill payment and branch and ATM location search.

20. TD Bank – In addition to being able to cash checks and deposit funds with an iPhone, this app gives users 24/7 access to TD Bank customer service. Bill payment, transaction history and money transfer are standard features with this iPhone app. There is also a business version of the app.

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

21. The Royal Bank of Scotland – The Royal Bank of Scotland may be a Scottish Bank, but it manages $98.4 billion in deposits in America. The bank’s iPhone app allows for check payments, quick cash at select ATMs without the use of a debit card and topping up certain prepaid phone plans. Some of the app’s features only work in the U.K.

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22. Regions Financial Bank – The Regions Mobile app from Regions Financial Bank is available in the app store and allows customers to cash checks and deposit their money. The money can be deposited via iPhone into checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and the banks

. Customers can also use the app to pay bills, transfer funds and view and edit cashback rewards.

23. Fifth Third Bancorp Bank – Customers with the Fifth Third Mobile Banking app can cash checks with an iPhone through a remote deposit, transfer money, pay bills and find ATMs and branches. There is also a business version and an iPad version of the app.

24. Bank of Internet USA – Customers of this bank can deposit checks using their mobile iphone banking application. The app works for iPhone and iPad and also allows online bill payments, fund transfers and management of cash back offers.

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25. Key Bank – The Key Bank Mobile app allows checks to be cashed and deposited remotely via iPhone. In addition to letting users cash checks, the app also handles opening new accounts, paying bills and transferring funds.

26. Northern Trust – Northern Trust Bank customers who want to cash checks with an iPhone can use the Private Passport Mobile app. The app also provides access to 60 days of transaction history, shows users images of checks drawn on their accounts and provides access to investment portfolios.

27. Bank of Montreal Harris – While the larger Bank of Montreal still doesn’t let customers cash checks with their iPhones, Chicago-based BMO Harris does. Their iPhone mobile banking app also allows users to track all their accounts, even if

How To Cash A Check Online Without A Bank Account

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