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As an aspiring musician on SoundCloud, increasing your airplay is essential to gaining recognition and building a dedicated fan base. In this blog post, we’ll explore 14 effective strategies and tactics to help you increase your SoundCloud airplay and increase the visibility of your music. Let’s dive in!

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

To attract more SoundCloud plays, start by focusing on creating high-quality music that resonates with your target audience. Take the time to improve your songwriting, production and overall sound quality. Experiment with different genres, styles and arrangements to find your unique sound. Prioritize professional mixing and mastering to ensure your tracks stand out.

Tips To Increase Likes On Soundcloud

Developing a strong brand identity is important to stand out in the crowded SoundCloud ecosystem. Establish a consistent visual aesthetic by designing a distinctive cover image that reflects the mood and style of the music. Create a compelling artist bio that showcases your history, influences and projects. Use consistent branding elements on your SoundCloud profile, website, social media and promotional materials.

Collaborating with other artists introduces your music to their existing fan base and vice versa. Look for opportunities to collaborate within your genre, where your styles and strengths complement each other. Create unique songs together that showcase the talents of both artists. Cross-promote the collaboration track on the relevant platform to maximize SoundCloud’s reach and airplay.

Build an email list of fans and supporters who are interested in your music. Offer exclusive content, early access to new releases, and behind-the-scenes insights as an incentive for fans to sign up for your mailing list. Send out regular newsletters that provide value to your subscribers, such as updates, personal stories, music recommendations and exclusive offers. Include links to your SoundCloud tracks, encouraging recipients to listen and share them.

Participate in repost chains within your genre community. Similarly, find artists or producers on SoundCloud and connect with them. Create a mutual agreement to share each other’s songs via reposting. By interacting with other artists and sharing each other’s music, you can reach a wider audience, gain exposure and increase your chances of getting more SoundCloud plays.

Get Noticed On Soundcloud: Music Promotion Tips

Explore and join SoundCloud groups related to your genre or niche. Actively participate in these communities by sharing your tracks, providing feedback on other people’s work, and participating in discussions. By becoming a respected member of these groups, you can expose your music to like-minded listeners who are more likely to appreciate and play your songs.

Optimize your SoundCloud tracks for discovery by adding relevant tags, genres and keywords. Research popular keywords and incorporate them into your song descriptions and titles. In addition, create engaging and descriptive song descriptions that highlight key elements, effects, and mood. This will increase your visibility in SoundCloud search results and increase your chances of attracting listeners and plays.

Go beyond the basic tags and delve deeper into niche and genre-specific tags. Research popular tags used by influential artists in your genre and incorporate them into your songs’ metadata. Use a combination of broad and specific tags to maximize your chances of appearing in SoundCloud’s recommended songs and playlists, increasing your exposure and attracting more plays.

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

Respond to comments, messages and comments from your fans instantly. Show appreciation for their support, answer their questions and encourage discussion. Regularly interact with your SoundCloud audience by liking and reposting their content, as well as sharing songs you enjoy. Building a real connection with your audience not only helps retain existing listeners, but also encourages them to share your music, ultimately increasing your SoundCloud plays.

How Can I Increase My Followers On Soundcloud?

Promote your SoundCloud profile and songs on various social media platforms. Share engaging content, teasers, behind-the-scenes and snippets of your music to generate interest and anticipation. Collaborate with visual artists or video creators to create engaging visuals to accompany your songs. By effectively utilizing social media, you can attract more followers to your SoundCloud profile and increase airplay.

Host a giveaway where entrants must follow your SoundCloud profile, like a specific song, or share your music on social media to enter. Offer prizes like exclusive merchandise, concert tickets, or a personal shout-out. This encourages engagement and introduces your music to a wider audience, resulting in more plays and increased exposure.

Hold a remix contest for one of your songs and encourage other artists to participate. Give them the letters or individual song elements to remix. Promote the contest on your social media channels, SoundCloud groups, and mailing lists. By doing so, you engage the wider music community, attract listeners interested in remixing, and generate more airplay for your original song.

Use a download page to exchange free downloads of your music for social engagement, such as following, reposting, or sharing. Platforms like ToneDen or Hypeddit allow you to upload downloads, which requires users to perform specific actions before they can access your song. This not only helps you grow your SoundCloud following, but also encourages listeners to play and share your songs, contributing to more plays.

How To Market Your Music On Soundcloud

Consider running targeted ad campaigns on SoundCloud to reach a wider audience. Use SoundCloud’s advertising platform to promote your songs to users who are likely to enjoy your music based on their listening habits and preferences. Create compelling copy and choose attractive visuals that showcase your unique selling points. Monitor and optimize your campaigns regularly to ensure you get the maximum return on investment in terms of SoundCloud plays.

Increasing your SoundCloud airplay requires a combination of producing great music, leveraging your existing audience, optimizing your songs for discoverability, engaging with fans, and employing a variety of marketing strategies. By implementing the techniques discussed in this guide, you can grow your SoundCloud presence and attract more listeners, ultimately leading to more airplay and more exposure for your music. Keep experimenting, fine-tuning your approach and never stop creating. Best of luck on your SoundCloud journey!As an artist, you have a responsibility to promote your own music. So how do you promote yourself to get more plays on SoundCloud?

Here are 5 rock-solid SoundCloud promotion strategies that will matter for the music industry in 2023. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you will get on SoundCloud, as well as followers and likes. Went! 👇

Is It Good To Buy Soundcloud Plays?

SoundCloud has made changes in the last few years where the homepage is no longer your stream. This means that people who follow you aren’t always finding your music when it’s released.

Spotify is a much more popular choice these days for listening to music and it allows you to reach a wider audience.

Including key services like Spotify and Apple Music in 2023 is important to unlock the full power of promotion and marketing.

Apart from that, let’s dive into the top 7 methods that will get you more plays on Soundcloud 👇

Get Free Soundcloud Plays

While crappy music can be promoted, it never survives the ultimate test: audience opinion.

No matter how much PR or marketing you give a song, if it’s really mediocre, no one will want to listen and you won’t get plays.

Never forget this golden rule of music promotion – your music is your marketing. You don’t just market music, it’s inherently linked to the promotion process.

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

One of my earlier songs, ‘Carpark Anxiety’, has only gotten 900 plays in 3 years, even though I sent it to a lot of people. Why? No one wanted to share it, because it is very average.

Organic Soundcloud Promotion Tools & Services

People don’t buy vacuum cleaners if they don’t want to, so people don’t listen to music if they don’t like it. This is especially true on Soundcloud, where the barrier to entry is so low that a lot of terrible music is uploaded, meaning listeners have more to sift through.

I have found over time that artists and producers (especially those who want a career) tend to overestimate the quality of their music. I did that in the early days, and you can go and listen to my very old music and hear the improvement over time.

One of my newer drum and bass songs, which was an original version of Porter Robinson’s Get Your Wish, got a lot of plays and shares a lot more, because this song is much higher quality than my old stuff.

But this begs the question – should I upload my music if it’s not 100% there yet? This is debatable, but on a platform like SoundCloud the stakes are much lower, removing songs is just a click away.

How To Repost Your Own Track On Soundcloud

Plus, you’re likely to get valuable feedback from the public if you ask for it, allowing you to gauge what will and won’t work.

So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and taking it into the studio will prove to be a much more valuable use of time.

So how do I make my music “better”? It’s a completely different topic, which is why we have courses like EDM Foundations and Songwriting for Producers.

How To Boost Soundcloud Plays Free

There’s no getting around it – if you really want your music career to take off, you need to invest money in it.

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This also applies to Soundcloud, where many great things

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