How To Become More Self Confident – I’m Tamara Pflug, a certified confidence coach and personal development champion, and I’m here to help you become more confident and take control of your life!

Since confidence is a skill that EVERYONE can develop if they want to, I decided to create a structure for it.

How To Become More Self Confident

How To Become More Self Confident

So I brainstormed and organized 12 pillars that if you focus on each and every one of them, you can build lasting confidence, I am 100% convinced of that.

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When it comes to building your confidence, being aware of WHY you want to be more confident and in what situations is a great start.

So let’s understand yourself better, what are your values? Grab this free PDF to explore them! 🙂

Start with all this and you will understand yourself better. When you do this, you can use everything you find as resources to achieve your dreams and goals! 🙂

But you also need to realize that NO ONE is better than you. Whether they know more about a subject than you or not, if they are “successful” at something, it doesn’t mean they are better than you!!

The Key Steps To Building Self Confidence [image]

It took me a while to realize this, but it gradually really made a difference in my eyes!

Additionally, when you spend time with others and be yourself, you connect on a deeper level.

Listen to this podcast episode on How Taking Action Helps You Develop Self-Confidence and discover that when you take action, there are two consequences:

How To Become More Self Confident

Listen to the episode called The Secret to Stop Taking Things Personally and see how becoming more empathetic can help you build your confidence.

Self Confidence Activities For Students

Schedule time in your agenda to do activities you enjoy! Read books, paint, swim, whatever makes you feel good!

You know when we say that if you take care of your relationships then you will have great ones!

Well, the same goes for our relationship with ourselves. And how to do it? By doing more of the things we love and that make us feel good!

As you become more familiar with your emotions and how you are feeling, you will feel more comfortable in EVERY situation of life.

How To Be More Confident In Yourself As An Aspiring Pro Cheerleader

The direct consequence is that you feel more in control of your actions and your life in general! 🙂

That doesn’t mean you’ll stop feeling every emotion. They are a sign of what’s going on inside you, so they’re important!

If you are interested in that topic, you must listen to the podcast episode called How to Deal with Emotions and Boost Your Confidence!

How To Become More Self Confident

Imagine what they would do or feel in situations where you want to be more confident! 🙂

How To Become More Self Confident In Three Steps

And when you encounter situations, imitate what they would do, I tell you, try it, it really works! 🙂

The first thing to do is to observe without judgment, out of curiosity to see where you are.

Again, there is no judgment like “this is bad, this is good”, we are simply observing where we stand today!

Sometimes, we may describe ourselves as who we were in the past, what we said or did.

Ten Assertiveness Skills To Improve Self Confidence [infographic]

She did her best and there was no harm in thinking about what could have been said or done!

Look at that person as if she were your friend, we often judge ourselves much more harshly than we judge others!

Sometimes, people think that when you accept something it means you just gave up something, which can have a negative connotation.

How To Become More Self Confident

In fact, it’s about letting go of what happened in the past and focusing on what you actually DO have control over!

Ways To Build Your Confidence And Appear More Attractive

So it’s really not about accepting and giving up but “that happened and it’s in the past, now I can focus on enjoying the present and creating the future I want for myself ”, a little more empowering, right? 🙂

Then we won’t fight them by thinking “something is wrong with me!” or “I have everything to be happy, I shouldn’t complain!”

We just need to be in that moment and understand that everything is okay, this too shall pass! 🙂

Additionally, self-acceptance is understanding that we are 100% enough just the way we are! 🙂

Tips To Gain Self Esteem And Body Confidence

There is no such thing as perfect or enough, it cannot be something that some people have and some people don’t, how can we agree on its definition?

This isn’t a plan to get you confident quickly, but doing it like you would any other skill can help you become SUPER confident in no time! 🙂

If you’re interested in diving deeper into this issue, check out the following resources I offer:

How To Become More Self Confident

Of course, if you want to build your confidence, you MUST listen to my podcast, the Confidence Get Happy Podcast!

How To Boost Your Kids’ Self Esteem

Follow my podcast and everything I have to say about confidence, and then I can assure you that you will build your confidence! 🙂

Greet! I’m Tamara – a certified life coach and personal development champion – and I’m here to help you be more confident and take control of your life!

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The 12 Benefits Of Increasing Your Self Confidence

Necessary cookies are absolutely necessary for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Is confidence important? Why is confidence important? Let’s find out the answer to the question ‘how can you build unshakable confidence’ to climb the ladder of success.

The old adage about confidence describes that even though we are not born with it, we can still build confidence. The point is that inculcating some best practices into our daily habits can put us on the path to becoming more confident and successful.

As a student or working individual, confidence plays an important role in your physical and mental health. It enhances your ability to work more effectively, solve challenges, and live a fulfilling life.

How To Become More Self Confident

Confidence is a feeling of belief in yourself, acceptance, and control over your life. You may find yourself confident in some areas, such as academics, but lacking confidence in others, such as relationships. A guitarist who knows they can play a song very well is an example of confidence. It involves belief in one’s abilities.

Why You Should Stop Trying To Be More Confident

Have you ever thought you wanted your dream job but weren’t sure if you’d be successful in the interview? Self-doubt seems to dominate your thinking ability and your ability to succeed in that particular endeavor. Studies1 have shown that people who are more confident tend to perform better academically and professionally.

The need for confidence pervades every aspect of our lives. However, many people struggle to find it. Struggling with confidence is normal and we all tend to face it at one point or another in our lives. It can become a vicious cycle: people who lack confidence are less likely to achieve success, which can lead to more self-confidence.

For example, your chances of passing an interview increase when you communicate clearly, hold your head high, look people in the eye, and answer questions firmly.

You can easily gain the trust of others if you have confidence and that can help you succeed in whatever you do. It’s important to know how you behave when faced with a difficult situation.

Building Self Confidence: 10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Let’s look at how a confident person acts and how a less confident person behaves. Do you identify with any of the following characteristics?

Knowing the above characteristics, you can easily identify the areas where you need to work on becoming more confident.

Do you want to build unshakable confidence? Here are the top five steps to help you build confidence:

How To Become More Self Confident

Do you feel jealous when you see your friends having a good life? Do you compare your salary with your relative’s salary? Comparison is natural, according to social comparison theory. However, it makes you lose confidence and you end up feeling more miserable.

Regain Your Confidence

What can you do to stop comparing? Simply remind yourself that each person is unique and you cannot compare your life to someone else’s. You are responsible for creating your own path to success, and comparison doesn’t help. Focus on your abilities and what you have to enrich your life. Be grateful for everything and make an effort to


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