How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster – A variety of alternative health care career options are available to those who have earned a physician assistant diploma. Organizations that offer these career opportunities place great value on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your education. One alternative job to consider is a medical claims examiner. For graduate institutions looking for a career outside of the traditional medical environment, a medical claims examiner job can be an extremely rewarding option. Not only will it allow you to improve your medical experience, but becoming a medical claims examiner can provide you with a long-term steady source of income.

Continue reading this career guide for an in-depth look at the skills associated with a medical claims examiner, as well as the education requirements and salary* for this important position.

How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

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Medical claims examiners work with medical insurance clients to review insurance claims, determine compliance with standard guidelines, ensure the timeliness of claims processing, and ensure that the integrity of information is accurate and kept private.

Most medical claims examiners work on behalf of insurance companies to determine whether a client’s policy covers their medical claims. When reviewing claims, the medical claims examiner follows strict, standardized guidelines for entering claim information and confirming the integrity of that information. Based on their findings, medical claims examiners must decide whether claims are accepted or denied promptly so that insured patients, doctors and hospitals can receive claim reimbursement.

Medical claims examiners work in an office environment and are most often employed by health insurance companies or life insurance companies, while others also work in hospital administrative offices.

Medical Claims Examiner Education and Certification How long does it take to become a medical claims examiner? What degree do you need to be a medical claims examiner?

How To Get Into The Claim Adjusting Industry

If you’re a medical assistant looking to take your career in a different direction, you’re already well-prepared to make the transition to medical claims examiner. While some employers may only require a high school diploma or its equivalent, many prefer candidates with certificates or degrees related to the medical field.

Insurance companies and hospitals require medical claims examiners to follow strict guidelines and will provide training to the candidates they hire. When applying for this position, employers will highly value the knowledge you have gained in your physician assistant education and your thorough understanding of the broader field of medicine.

When insurance companies hire medical claims examiners, many candidates have an insurance or medical background. The knowledge of medical terminology you have acquired as an MA and your general familiarity with the medical field will be highly valued by potential employers. Candidates must also be detail-oriented individuals with strong administrative skills.

How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

Medical assistants who transition to medical claims examiners will be pleased to know they are still working for patients. Insurance adjusters play a vital role in helping people regain good health while protecting their financial interests with fair and honest insurance coverage.

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Although the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not provide specific wage* data for medical claims examiners, they do report wage* data for claims adjusters. The BLS reports that the median annual salary* for claims adjusters is approximately $71,000 and the hourly wage is approximately $34 per hour. Those who earn a claims adjuster in the 90th percentile can earn an annual salary* of approximately $101,000 per year.

According to the BLS, you’re likely to find the highest paying jobs for claims adjusters in these industries:

If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a healthcare-related field, have an eye for detail, and have excellent administrative skills, becoming a medical claims examiner could be a great career path for you.

If you’re ready to take the next step to becoming a medical claims examiner, you can get started by earning a physician assistant diploma in just nine months at Eaglegate College.

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How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

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How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

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If you are a critical thinker with an investigative mind who is detail-oriented and good with numbers, then becoming a Medical Claims Examiner (MCE) could be a rewarding career for you.

One of the fastest ways to train for an MCE career is through medical assisting training and experience. Medical claims examiners are usually required to have specialized knowledge in the healthcare field. Completing a medical assisting program can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will support your work as a medical claims examiner and prepare you for other opportunities in both the healthcare and insurance industries.

Medical claims examiner is just one of several health care career options for graduates of a skilled nursing program. Other career paths include medical office assistant, nursing assistant, home health aide, and EKG technician.

To learn more about these career options, click here to explore our full list of alternative jobs for medical assistants.

Insurance Claims Adjuster: A Manual For Entering The Profession: Casterlin, Charles C: 9781410751126: Books

Medical claims examiners, also called health insurance examiners, are health insurance experts who review applications and claims. MCE reviews settled claims to ensure payments are made in accordance with company practices and procedures. They can also handle insurance claims. In some cases, MCE rejects claims that are not covered by the policy or that are not submitted correctly. They will consult with a lawyer about claims that require litigation.

If you are a detail-oriented, critical thinker who is adept at applying rules, investigating situations, and solving problems, you may be a medical claims examiner.

While overall demand for insurance claims adjusters, appraisers and investigators is projected to decline by 6 percent between 2019 and 2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for medical claims examiners to increase.

How To Become A Medical Claims Adjuster

Reasons they cite for this increase include the fact that rising medical expenses will require more claims examiners to scrutinize

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