How To Be More Positive – To let it affect you. Instead, you can turn your attention to a more uplifting reality and become all the positive changes you want to see. Release the energy you want to receive, and negativity will not be able to cling to your soul. Despite the horrors and tragedies happening in the world, there are still many ways to keep the wellspring of happiness full.

“The whole sea cannot sink a ship without entering the ship.” Likewise, the evil of the world cannot bring you down unless you allow it to enter you. ” – Goi Nasu 10 Ways to Stay Positive in a Bad World:

How To Be More Positive

How To Be More Positive

The company you keep should inspire you, support you and bring your best self to light. If the people around you don’t make you feel loved and respected, it’s time to reconsider why you chose these people as friends. Focus on people who spread love and enthusiasm for life, not those who spread hate and fear.

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You may not feel like you have a lot of smiles, but even your heartbeat is enough to feel happy. Despite your current situation, you can change your entire life just by showing gratitude for your blessings. Smile because you are alive and have the power to create greatness, and life will give you more reasons to feel alive.

You can keep each other in love by monitoring each other’s energies, and notice when the other begins to attract too much negativity. If you see your friend watching too much negative TV shows or listening to junk music on the radio, call them out and suggest alternatives, such as going outside or reading an uplifting book. This will help keep both of your energy levels up. In addition, it will give you a support system to become your best and best self.

4. Limit negative media and entertainment. “News starts with ‘Good evening,’ and then tells you why not.” – Robert Orben

Most of the time, the news, the radio, the latest big movies, and other modern media portray the world in a shallow, depressing, and hateful way. Too much exposure to these programs can make you feel angry, anxious, or depressed, which will affect your energy levels. Instead of turning on the evening news, read good articles like the ones you find on our website, or watch motivational videos on YouTube. Soon, you may find that you want to get out the good and keep the bad.

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Just like limiting your contact with negative media, you can easily replace other bad habits in your life with more positive ones. Cut out junk food and include fresh, whole foods in your diet, or shop to help out at your local homeless shelter. Just do what makes you feel good instead of subjecting yourself to things that make you feel bad. We are meant to feel active and thriving in this day and age, so find activities and habits that make you feel that way!

Many times we increase the problems of the world while forgetting all the good things in front of us. When you find your mind drifting to the dark side of this world, focus on something that makes you feel light: a family playing at the park, a stranger smiling at you, or the person who complimented you on your outfit. The world is as dark as we think.

According to a recent study, children laugh 200 times a day while the average adult laughs 4 times. If you haven’t laughed today, spend quality time with your children, watching videos funny videos on YouTube, or do something silly with friends. The world offers many opportunities to laugh, we just have to take them!

How To Be More Positive

Go to a sacred place in the forest or on the beach where you will feel the peace and the closest to the silence that surrounds you. Put your phone down for a moment, and just meditate, go inside, and be alone. Don’t think too much, help yourself and leave all the responsibilities of life for a while.

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If you must, wear a free hug t-shirt and give people a warm hug as they enter your local mall or grocery store. This will help spread the love revolution and increase your positive energy as well; we may have a lot of violence in the world, but a hug can instantly remind us of our true loving nature.

Your body is your temple, and it’s important to keep it healthy and strong so that it can be a refuge for you when life starts throwing things at you. If you’re experiencing negative energy, eating whole, raw, plant-based foods will nourish your body and help you calm through the storm. Also, rubbing your home or body with sage or enjoying a “BISS Bath” can cleanse your mind and spirit, and allow positive energy to flow through you.

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How To Be More Positive

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How To Be More Positive

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