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The way you talk to yourself can really affect your confidence. The effect can be good or bad depending on whether your self-talk is positive or negative. Below are some ways you can improve your conversation.

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

Self-talk is basically your inner voice, the voice in your mind that says things you don’t necessarily say out loud. We often don’t even realize that this ongoing commentary is happening in the background, but our self-talk can have a huge impact on how we feel about who we are.

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Positive self-talk makes you feel good about yourself and the things going on in your life. It’s like having an optimistic voice in your head that always looks on the bright side.

“I’m doing my best”, “I can totally pass this exam”, “I’m not feeling well right now, but things could be worse”

Negative self-talk makes you feel pretty bad about yourself and the things that are going on. It can spoil anything, even something good.

“I should be doing better”, “Everyone thinks I’m an idiot”, “Everything is bullshit”, “Nothing will ever get better”.

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Negative self-talk tends to make people pretty miserable and can even affect their recovery from mental health issues. But it is not possible, nor useful, to be positive all the time. So how can you make your self-talk work for you?

The more you work on improving your self-talk, the easier it will be to find it. It’s like practicing an instrument or going to sports training: it won’t be easy to start, but you’ll get better over time.

It may not seem like much, but self-talk is a huge part of our self-esteem and confidence. By working to replace negative self-talk with more positive self-talk, you are more likely to feel in control of the things that happen in your life and to achieve your goals. Two crossed lines forming an “X”. Indicates a way to close the interaction or dismiss the notification.

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

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How To Look And Sound Confident During A Presentation

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Confidence is the key to success in many areas of our lives. Confident people excel at work, in social situations, and in group settings.

As a result, they have more influence, tend to be more admired and listened to, and have access to better resources.

If you’re not sure how big you’d like to be, some small modifications to your body language can have a huge impact. Learn to fake it until you make it with these eight tricks.

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Lillian Glass, body language expert and author of The Body Language Advantage, says you need to keep your head up at all times.

“Confident people always look up, never down at the table, the ground, or their feet,” she says. “You always have to pretend there’s a thread holding the crown up.”

Good posture greatly affects how others perceive you. Standing tall shows confidence, authority and poise, while slouching makes you look unprofessional and disinterested.

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

Roll both shoulders back and avoid looking tense by allowing your upper body muscles to relax while keeping your core tight.

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You may think no one is looking at your feet, but the right attitude can show confidence. If you stand with your feet too close together, you can look timid.

As a general rule, aim for a stance that is in line with your hips and shoulders. You want your feet to be about a foot apart, facing outwards.

“A sovereign person literally has two feet firmly planted on the ground,” says Glass. “You’re more physically balanced and that shows more confidence than if your legs are crossed or together.”

Also keep in mind the difference between an open and a closed attitude when talking to someone. Pointing your feet outwards and in the direction of the person you are talking to shows interest, trust and receptiveness, while a closed stance can express disinterest.

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“Gesturing with your palms up gives the illusion of sincerity, and it will make you appear more confident,” says Glass. Aim for wide, smooth movements, which will show calmness and poise.

Make sure your hands are always visible, never hidden. “Putting your hands in your pockets is one of the worst things you can do if you want to look confident,” says Glass. “We hide our hands when we’re nervous, so putting your hands in your pockets sends the message that you’re uncomfortable or insecure.”

If this is something you struggle with, try looking at the other person’s eyes for two seconds, their nose for two seconds, their mouth for two seconds, and then their face as a whole for two seconds. Continue this rotation throughout the conversation.

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

With this trick, Glass says, the other person won’t be able to tell that you’re not looking directly into their eyes the entire time.

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People judge confidence by the way a person speaks, so it’s very important to be mindful of your mannerisms and tone.

“You want to speak while keeping your abs tight, because you’ll have a more confident, lower, more powerful voice,” says Glass. more articulate.”

“Don’t mince words, try to be precise and direct,” she adds. “Also, don’t be afraid to use inflection in your tone and show enthusiasm, as this shows confidence.”

Glass says the best advice for people who want to appear more trustworthy is to focus on the people they’re interacting with, rather than worrying about how others perceive them.

Body Language Tricks To Instantly Appear More Confident

“The bottom line is to be interested, not interesting,” she says. “Be more focused on the other person and the message being conveyed than on yourself and your self-awareness.”

She says it’s very possible to trick people into thinking you’re more confident than you actually are through body language.

Kathryn has reported on the strategy team for Business Insider and is based in New York. Follow her on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

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The Wisdom Of Insecurity: What You Learn By Gaining Confidence

At meetings. If you’re shy, new to a new company, or still not quite comfortable navigating the world of remote work, knowing when and how to speak in meetings can be stressful.

We share insights on why speaking in meetings is important and 9 effective strategies on how to speak more confidently during face-to-face and remote meetings.

Since the beginning of time, meetings have been a gathering place to share perspectives, collaborate on new ideas, and provide feedback. Even in ancient history, meetings were used to determine where to hunt next, or what changes a village should make.

The purpose of a meeting is for a group of individuals to come together and share thoughts, make decisions, or update.

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By the same token, if you are in a meeting, you are considered valuable for the thought process. Your unique perspective and experience can help generate a new product feature, optimize a process, or even just help inform other team members. Putting your ideas on the table proves to yourself and your team that you are up to the job and that you are in the right place.

Put your talking points on the meeting agenda so you’re ready to confidently share your thoughts with your team using a tool like .

Context is key to your mental preparation. Do you go into a casual meeting with your team to brainstorm a new idea? Or a key stakeholder represents it

How To Be More Confident When Talking To Someone

If you’re an anxious person, having a glass of water and your meeting notes open during the meeting will help ease your nervous energy. Preparing for meetings in advance will help you stay focused on the discussion and be confident in your answers if questions arise. Coming to a meeting prepared can also save you time by keeping the discussion on track, especially if you tend to be nervous.

Body Language Tricks To Appear Super Confident (even If You’re Not)

For anyone who feels uncomfortable, it can feel like you’re out of the meeting and your contributions won’t be as impactful.

It is important to remember that you were invited to the meeting for a reason. Someone knows the value you bring to the project and wants to hear your opinion. If you’re ever unsure of what your purpose for the meeting is, ask the host or a close associate who is too

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