How To Be More Confident When Driving – Driving is often considered one of the most common activities that cause panic and fear. This specific phobia of driving has been given many names: amaxophobia, ohophobia, motorphobia or hamaxophobia. This specific phobia results from a persistent and extreme fear of driving or driving a vehicle and losing control.

Different driving situations can cause anxiety in a person. They can be anxious or scared if they drive through a tunnel, over a bridge and on a highway or simply sit in the passenger seat. These structures or routes can cause potential road problems or hazards. Whatever the situation, the fear stems from the fact that these individuals feel that something tragic or negative could happen.

How To Be More Confident When Driving

How To Be More Confident When Driving

Fear of driving is more intense and debilitating compared to fear caused by general anxiety. If the fear of driving is not treated, it can interfere with your daily activities and cause long-term mental health problems.

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There are various reasons why there are terrible drivers. The most common reason is the fear of having a panic attack while driving. Other reasons are:

The most common sign of driving phobia is complete avoidance of driving. Other symptoms to consider are:

Panic attacks are brief periods of intense fear that occur unexpectedly. If you have a phobia of driving, you are more likely to have these attacks which can lead to panic disorder.

Medical professionals can diagnose panic attacks. You will be asked to describe your experience – when and where it happened, and what you were doing at the time. The good news is that panic attacks are treatable.

How To Be A Confident Driver, Top Tips

Overcoming your fear of driving won’t be easy, but it’s also not impossible. Here are some tips on how you can overcome your driving phobia and be a confident driver:

It is surprising to know that many people are absolutely terrified of driving on the highway because they lack the necessary driving skills. Taking lessons is the first step if you want to learn how to drive. It is important to find an understanding and patient driving instructor who will guide you all the way.

An instructor will verbally guide you as you drive. They will tell you what is happening outside, as well as possible threats or traffic accidents. You will feel more relaxed knowing that an expert is sitting by your side. Don’t skip driving lessons if you want to get rid of anxiety.

How To Be More Confident When Driving

Exposure therapy is basically facing your fear or anxiety one step at a time to overcome it. For example, you can sit in the driver’s seat of your car and stay there for a few minutes. You don’t need to start the engine or do anything.

Katie Couric, Michelin Encourage Drivers To Share Best Advice On Safe Driving

Just sit back and feel the steering wheel with your hands. You can do this every day until you feel more comfortable. Then you can slowly add another task besides sitting. Then you can try to start the engine. In exposure therapy, you keep adding a more difficult or complex task each time you feel comfortable.

Sooner or later, you will be surprised that you already drive effortlessly. If driving is still too difficult, virtual reality exposure therapy is an option that can help manage your fear of driving.

The Brute Truth Method is basically sharing your fears with someone you trust. In turn, they give you a positive perspective when facing your fears. For example, if you are afraid of chickens, a trusted friend points out that it is a harmless chick.

If you are uncomfortable sharing it with someone, you can either write it down in a phobia workbook or make a voice recording. You need to be honest with yourself in naming your fear. This is the only way you can step out of your fear of driving.

Tips For Building Confidence On The Road

When you love to drive so much, you need to learn the importance of relaxation. You should not be tense or paranoid when driving. You have to relax and stay focused when you drive. One of the many relaxation techniques is meditation, which has been proven to be very effective.

Meditation can be inexpensive, and you can practice it in the comfort of your own home. Deep breathing is a good relaxation exercise. If you’re already feeling a little anxious, take a few deep breaths while listening to soothing music until you feel more relaxed.

Self-encouragement will go a long way in your progress. While driving, you can say these to yourself to put yourself at ease:

How To Be More Confident When Driving

I’m scared, but I can do this. I am open to the possibility of finding the ride fun and worthwhile

How To Feel Confident As A Car Owner: Your Complete Guide

Just ride until you feel comfortable. Roll down the window and let the cool air touch your hair. You can never get rid of that fear if you don’t try to drive at all. You need the courage to face your fear if you want to drive.

Driving phobia should not be taken lightly as it can lead to more traffic accidents that could endanger the lives of so many people. It is a very serious condition that requires medical attention and treatment from a therapist, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. A mental health professional can provide a treatment plan that may include medication, psychotherapy, joining support groups, and any combination of the three.

One of the best methods for treating driving anxiety or panic is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The goal of CBT is to relieve panic, anxiety, and negative thinking.

You should also consider enrolling in a defensive driving class. These classes can provide practical practical advice that can help you get back on the highway without worry.

Preparing For Driving In Unfamiliar Places

Due to intense mental stress, a person with a phobia of driving can develop long-term medical health problems such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

CBT teaches you to focus on the road ahead while driving and not map out a route on local roads for yourself every day. The daily commute can be very stressful and can eventually lead to driving avoidance. Take it one step at a time. Cross the bridge or tunnel little by little until you get familiar with it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy reduces your catastrophic assumptions. You panic because you feel that something terrible could happen while you are on the road. You have been driving for a while, but everything is fine. However, you think that next time a tragedy could happen.

How To Be More Confident When Driving

CBT allows you to focus on being real and let go of all emotional reasoning. Extreme fear leads to powerful emotional reasoning. The thing is, most fears are unfounded, so you’ll just be wasting your time if you give in to your fear.

Expert Tips For New Drivers

You don’t have to give in to your fear. You think that if you feel something, it will surely come true. Such a belief will cause a false sense of danger. You will most likely be paranoid during the day and not get work done.

The most effective way to recalibrate your nervous system is to not automatically go into panic mode and face your fear head on. Do this repeatedly. Don’t take the easy way out all the time. Doing this will only reinforce your fear instead of overcoming it.

CBT makes you aware of the subtle safety behaviors you have. These safety behaviors give your brain signals that without these behaviors, you will be unsafe. Some of these safety behaviors are:

If you notice that you are anxious and uncomfortable driving, do not waste time and seek professional help. Don’t wait for accidents to happen before you do something about your condition.

How To Test Drive A Car

If this article helped you, the Kentucky Counseling Center (KCC) can arrange a one-on-one session for you or connect you to a support group. KCC offers therapy specifically designed to manage driving phobia.

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How To Be More Confident When Driving

Free CEUs for Social Workers: Enhance Your Professional Development. As a mental health professional, staying abreast of the latest research, techniques, and best practices is essential to providing exceptional care to your clients. ContinuingPractice is the most important tool to help the new driver become a safe and reliable road user. Almost all states require young drivers to take a certain number of supervised driving lessons with an experienced driver – usually a parent or guardian – before taking their driver’s test. The required hours vary from state to state, but the more a new driver can practice driving with someone experienced, the better.

How To Overcome Fear Of Driving Anxiety ¦ Leeds Hypnotherapy

When you begin to teach a new driver the rules of the road and how to operate the car, it can help to divide driving practice skills into three stages.

The learner driver learns about the car’s controls and gains confidence in starting, stopping, accelerating, braking, signaling and other basics. If a student is going to learn how to drive a stick shift, this is it

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