How To Apply For Canada Student Visa – Canada is honored as the center of education for every stream. The country offers excellent courses in medical, engineering, civics and other fields. Individuals are required to have a student visa in Canada. There are two types of student visas in Canada, SDS (Student Direct Stream) and non-SDS. Aspiring students can obtain visas through an application process. There is a big difference between a study permit and a student visa. Study permits in Canada complement the student visa, allowing an international student to study for free in Canada. It is valid for the duration of the student’s course and can be extended further. There are many international students in Canada. Hence, aspirants can easily obtain student visas for Canada with their own documents. A strong SOP student should study in Canada. After Covid, the student must be fully vaccinated to be allowed to apply for the study. Both SDS and non-SDS visas have different eligibility criteria. However, the SDS visa acceptance rate is higher than that for Non-SDS visas.

It can speed up the process of obtaining a self-study permit in Canada through an SDS visa. The vast majority of SDS applications are processed within 20 business days. In terms of SDS, IELTS is the worst, with an average score of 6 to 6.5 on each hand.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

Only students of certain countries can apply for an SDS visa. You must be a legal resident of these countries to be eligible for an SDS visa:

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply For Student Visa Canada

If you are not a legal resident of the above countries, you can apply for a Canadian study permit through a non-SDS visa. In addition to this, the student must have a guarantee certificate (GIC) of CAD$10, 000. The student must also have a letter of acceptance from their university. LOA is granted to students after they have submitted their salaries for 1 year.

If a student cannot fulfill the SDS visa requirements, they can apply for a non-SDS visa. The processing time for non-SDS visas is about two months. The acceptance rate of Non-SDS visas is lower than for SDS visas. As per IRCC reports, 71% of applications for SDS visas in 2021 have been approved. When it came to non-SDS visas, the success rate was 40%.

If the student is applying on a non-SDS visa, they will not give IELTS. A student can take any English proficiency test like Duolingo, PTE, TOELF or IELTS. Unlike the SDS visa, the student does not need to apply for the same fees for the first year as a non-SDS visa. And you don’t even have to be a GIC student; they can show proof of funds to enter a study permit through a non-SDS visa. A student can show proof of funds through HER or bank transfer.

The study permit application process in Canada is done online. One must have proper documents to study in Canada. Apart from this, the help of expert counselors can help the student in many ways. Professional advisors guide the application process with ease. They can also enrich the SOPS of the students and help them to collect all the necessary documents. You need to follow this process to get a study permit in Canada:

Canada Student Visa Requirements & Process For Indian Students

1. You are short of your universe: a student must have a clear picture in his mind of his goals. It is clear which universities should study. With this, students should have clarity about the course they want to pursue.

3. Letter offer : After the acceptance of the application, the student receives a letter offer from the university.

4. Fees: The seat of the students is confirmed after they submit their fees to the college. Total fees for the 1st year if the student applies for an SDS visa. If students are applying for non-SDS, they can also submit one semester’s earnings. After successfully submitting the fees, the student receives a letter of acceptance from their university. This letter confirms his seat at the university.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

5. Investment Guarantee Certificate : The student needs proof of GIC of CAD10,000 to stay on Canada Student Visa. GIC provides proof of student living expenses in Canada.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa In 2023?

6. Medical: If you want to apply for a student visa in Canada, a medical must be done upfront. A Canadian medical board conducts an examination of medical applicants.

After completing all the Canadian student visa requirements, he can submit his visa application. After the successful application, the student must appear for the biometric test. A Canadian Student Visa costs around CAD235. The Canadian Student visa application fee is CAD150, and the biometric fee is CAD85.

Once the student has cleared the eligibility criteria, they can apply for their study permit in Canada and a Canada Student Visa.

Many students take one of their family members with them to Canada. In this case, family members need to apply for the Visa at the same time they apply. A family member can apply for temporary residence for work or study.

Difference Between Canadian Student Visa And Study Permit

Applications are rejected if they do not submit the required documents. Under these conditions, the Canadian embassy returns the application indicating the missing documents.

One can submit the missing document on IRCC’s online portal. Consulting an expert counselor saves the student from all these hassles. Counselors can manage all documents at once; This saves a lot of time for the student.

The chances of getting your study permit rejected are higher if you want to study in a populous country in Canada. For example, many applicants are dismissed from Toronto and Ontario.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

Want to get into Canada’s top universities, but don’t know where to start? Contact the expert career leaders of Overseas Education Consultants. We are here to choose the best university to get Canada Student Visa and Study Permit in the shortest possible time. Contact us at our toll-free number 1800-1230-00011 or send it to application02@ Canadian universities that prioritize international students. With an excellent education system and resources, Canada is rich in offering great learning opportunities and opportunities.

Ways To Apply For A Student Visa To Canada

If you are a student and eager to get a Canada student, read below to know about the simple process of obtaining your visa.

Here are the key steps to follow to apply and obtain a Canada Study Visa in 2023:

If you are not sure where you want to study, you should decide the same before starting your application process for applying for a student visa in Canada.

Once your application has been accepted by your preferred Canadian university, you will receive a letter of acceptance, which must be seen by the student’s application.

Tips For A Successful Canadian Study Permit Application

Acceptance of a literary study permit, a study permit at a selected Canadian university, and a student visa are required

Once you have received the letter of acceptance from the designated university, you must proceed to the next step, i.e. apply for a Canadian student visa or student permit.

Once you have collected all the relevant documents, you can apply for a visa either online or on paper. The total visa application fee is $150 CAD.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

If you are not a native English speaker, all Canadian universities ask you to provide proof of English language proficiency.

Canada Study Visa! Canada Study Visa Requirements

As per your country’s requirements, you are required to show up at your country’s Visa application center for biometrics.

The biometric fee is 85 CAD and is added to the payment of other visible cards. A few applicant countries are exempt from this biometric visit.

As per the Canadian government website, the overall processing time for your visa application depends on a variety of factors.

Although, the estimated processing time for Canadian student visas from Indians is between 5-12 weeks. Depending on your form you may be asked to attend a short visa interview.

Things To Take Care Of While Applying For A Canada Student Visa

We offer phone or in-person support to help you choose the right universities and the most relevant course as per your study profile in Canada.

From guiding you through the entire Canada study visa process and helping you collect all the documents as per your Canada student visa, our team is constantly helping you with your application status as well.

The study permit is awarded to a student who is selected to study at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Once you receive the acceptance letter from the DLI, you can apply for Canadian study.

How To Apply For Canada Student Visa

Processing times usually vary depending on the region of residence. But the shortest processing time for a Canadian student is seen to be around 1-2 weeks.

How To Apply For A Canadian Student Permit Through Sds

Yes, there are a few laws and conditions attached to your study permit that you must observe and comply with in order to reap all the benefits of your Canadian study experience;

Studying in Canada is affordable as tuition fees are generally lower than Australia, the U.K. and compared to the USA.

A designated study institute (DLI) is a school that is allowed to admit foreign national students. All primary and secondary schools are DLIs, but not all post-secondary schools are DLIs. It always

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