How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada – Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your WHV (infographic) A unique opportunity to discover, live and work in Japan.

Japan Working Holiday Visa – Have you ever wanted to travel to Japan and immerse yourself in Japanese culture for longer than your average holiday? Well you are in luck! Japan has a special visa program designed for young people that allows them to spend time in Japan while allowing them to work on the side to cover travel funds.

How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada

How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada

With this visa you can maximize your travel experience and see Japan from a different perspective. You can take your time to get a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, travel to different places in Japan and experience a slice of Japanese life that you won’t get if you’re on vacation.

How To Get A Working Holiday Visa For Japan

A working holiday visa is a special type of visa that allows you to stay in Japan usually for up to one year. With this visa you are allowed to travel freely in Japan and engage in work as a means of covering travel expenses. Japan started their working holiday program in 1980, with Australia being the first partner country.

In the program based on a bilateral arrangement, participating countries can promote greater mutual understanding and friendship between partner countries, foster a global perspective and a deeper understanding of other cultures. The young people are offered the opportunity to expand their horizons and knowledge by visiting foreign countries for a longer period of time to learn and understand foreign cultures and ways of life. The main goal is to spend time in Japan either traveling or learning about Japanese culture and life while having the option to engage in work activities.

There are several requirements to consider before you can take advantage of this special program. As of January 21, 2022, 20 different countries are participating in Japan’s working holiday program.

Depending on the country, citizens must be between 18 – 30 years old at the time of application. Residents must have a valid passport (At the time of application as the visa will be attached to the passport. Please check with your local embassy for the required validity of your passport.) and have sufficient funds for a return ticket if you do not already have one. have bought one.

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You should also have enough financial funds to cover the initial period of your stay and be healthy. It goes without saying that you cannot have a criminal record. Lastly, only applicants who have never participated in a working holiday program in Japan are eligible.

Now that you have checked if you are eligible, let’s go through the required documents before you apply. Since the Japanese Immigration Bureau follows strict rules about who is granted a visa and who is not, make sure you prepare the following to the best of your ability. Any missing documents or incomplete forms will only delay your application or in some cases even be rejected.

When you have collected all the necessary documents, it is time to apply. Go to your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your country, make sure you do it in person and don’t send anyone for you because the application will be rejected, and submit all the documents. You cannot send applications by post or email as we only accept applications made in person. Usually, you don’t need an appointment, just go during opening hours.

How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada

Depending on your country and based on the documents you submit, you may or may not be interviewed for more detailed information when needed. After your documents have been checked and stamped, you must hand in your passport and receive a receipt that you must keep to collect your passport. After about a week you must return to the embassy/consulate with your receipt and pay the visa fee (the amount varies between countries) to collect your passport. Inside you will find your new visa. Conditions and requirements vary between countries, please check with your local embassy or consulate for more information.

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Note: You cannot apply for a working holiday visa for Japan outside your country of citizenship. Say you are from England and you live in China. To apply for WHV to Japan, you must physically return to the UK to submit your application.

Once you receive your visa, you will have one year to activate it by entering Japan. From the first time you go through customs in Japan, your visa will be valid for one year from that day. Citizens of Australia, Canada and New Zealand must extend their visa after 6 months. To extend a working holiday visa you must visit the immigration office with your passport and Residence Card and pay an extension fee of 4000 yen.

So you have a shiny new visa in your hand and you’ve arrived in Japan! Hold on, don’t run away to the luxurious Maid Cafe! Even though the hardest part is over, there are still some steps you need to take to make a smooth transition into your new life in Japan.

Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step 1: When you arrive at immigration after you land, you will be given a credit card sized Residence Card (在留カード). This will also serve as your ID and it is important to have it with you at all times.

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Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step 2: You are expected to register your residency within 2 weeks of arriving in Japan. If you are staying at a friend’s place or a hotel, you can temporarily use it as an address until you find your own accommodation, which you must then notify by changing the address. Go to your local municipality office and fill out the residency registration form.

Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step 3: Any non-Japanese resident staying longer than 3 months can join the National Health Insurance (国内健康保院). It has many benefits and joining it is highly recommended. Under the National Health Insurance, patients only have to pay 30% of the total cost of treatment in clinics and hospitals. It is accepted by more than 90% of hospitals, clinics and even dental clinics in Japan. To join, fill in the form for National Health Insurance (found at the town hall) and submit it with your Residence Card and passport at your local municipal office. Premium is billed monthly and you will be billed later. The premium amount depends on the region, your income and financial situation. You will receive a health insurance card that you must bring with you when you see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step 4: You will also receive a My Number card after you register your address at the municipal office. The purpose of the My Number system is to streamline and unify administrative procedures among government agencies for things like taxation and social security. On your card you will be given a 12-digit identification number. A paper My Number card will be sent to you by post so it is important that you can receive the letter at the address you registered.

How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada

Japan Working Holiday Visa – Step 5: Set up a mobile phone account. It can be a bit of a hassle to set up a Japanese mobile phone account as with most providers they will ask for a Japanese bank account. But to set up a Japanese bank account you need to have a Japanese phone number. This creates a chicken-or-egg situation where you can’t do either. Fortunately there is an option to set up a Japanese mobile account by paying with your foreign credit card using smaller providers aimed at foreigners such as B-Mobile, OCN Mobile One, or UQ Mobile.

How Do Working Holiday Visas Work?

If you go to a larger electronics department store like Yodobashi Camera (insert link), they usually have English speaking staff to help you with your application. An employee will consult with you and after deciding on the plan will walk you through the options and help you with set up. In addition to your monthly payment, you will also have to pay a one-time start-up fee.

Japan Holiday Visa – Step 6: With your Japanese phone number, it’s time to set up a Japanese bank account. Unfortunately with most big Japanese banks like Mizuho or Sumitomo, you have to have lived in Japan for at least 6 months to set up an account. The easiest way for foreigners to set up a Japanese bank account is with Japan Post Bank (English-speaking staff available at some larger branches) or Shinsei Bank (English-speaking staff available at some branches). Along with the filled out form to set up an account, your passport, Residence Card, Japanese phone number are required. If you have a Hanko stamp it is recommended to bring it with you, although you can also sign in with your signature. You can have Hanko

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