How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper – Picture this: You’ve just spent a few minutes perfecting your parallel parking so that you’re close enough to the curb and have enough clearance from the cars in front and behind you. You get out, do your business and return to the car. The cars in front and behind you have disappeared, giving you plenty of space to leave the area. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, it appears that some of the other cars are left behind: your bumpers are SCRATCHED, KNORS, DENTS. Fixing such a small cosmetic defect turns out to be just as expensive as completely repairing anything on your car.

There are ways to save a little money and a way to complete a less quick fix like a DIY project.

How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper

How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper

So yes, fixing up damaged bumpers requires a little sanding, sanding, molding and painting. But understanding these steps will save you.

Deep Scratches Front Bumper

Too many vehicle owners end up heading to the local auto parts store for some really cheap body filler and a can of what they think is spray paint. It is a bad idea.

Over the years, the production of car body parts has changed, and so you, the vehicle owner, will have to adapt. This is a completely new set of supplies that you need to assemble to attach the painted plastic/carbon fiber parts rather than the metal that was previously used to make bumpers.

There are too many companies that specialize in DIY scratch and bumper repair accessories. What you need is the following (at a minimum):

It’s interesting to note the fact that when you talk about a bumper, you’re not actually talking about that part of the car that protects the front and rear frame of your car. The actual “bumper” part of a front or rear bumper is what’s hidden underneath plastic or sheet metal that is prone to dents and scratches. The thing is that the plastic coating was actually created specifically to bend and deform upon impact.

Is It Necessary To Have Body Shop Work For A Scratch On Your Car?

On most modern cars, the screws are located behind metal caps near the trunk latch, as well as screws under the headlights and in the wheel wells. Once these were removed, we were able to slide the bumper tabs out of a series of slots in the rear quarter panels. Locate the screws or bolts under the trunk carpet between the wheel and the rear bumper.

Work in a warm and dry place. Keep in mind that no two bumpers are the same. Check the label inside to determine the type of plastic.

So, it’s time to choose a filler. Different fillers react to different materials, and in most cases they are labeled accordingly. As with most cars: compatibility is important.

How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper

Once the material has cured, look at the front of the bezel and remove the tape. Use 80-grit sandpaper to sand away any excess material that has bleed through. Once you have filled the cut or tear, as well as any indentations in the front of the panel, with a suitable repair material, be sure to wipe it down with a scraper.

Paint Repair Of Scratches From Road Debris

Once you’re done, apply a light coat of repair material to any potholes or surface imperfections. This will restore the original outline before you finish sanding with 400 grit wet paper.

Eventually you will cover the bumper with a base coat. Keep in mind that you will need to sand the surface first and then wipe it down with a tack cloth in case there is any debris or dust.

You can NOW spray paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat until item is completely and evenly coated. After the base has dried, mix the clear coat with hardener and then apply two medium coats, allowing each to dry on its own.

That’s all. All is ready. Leave it overnight before reinstalling and then use a buffer to remove defects.

I Scratched My Car Driving Onto The Curb What To Do Help Please

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How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper

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Best Ways To Fix A Scratch On Your Car

As the weather gets warmer I’ve been thinking about buying some very fine sandpaper to see if I can smooth out the scratches. I was thinking about using some heat from a butane torch.

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This would be good information if anyone has it. Luckily mine is more minor. More like a rash of dots. The landscaping wall has a rough finish and now a very small portion of the corner of my bumper.

“Honey, when I die, sell my tools for what they are worth, NOT for what I told you I paid for them.”

How To Determine Whether Bumper Repair Or Replacement Is Your Best Option Bumper Buddies

Have you ever found anything that works for this? I had a similar case and am looking for a solution.

I used fine sandpaper to try and remove the ceramic coating, which was starting to look terrible. The results were not very good. I now have some minor scratches on this piece of plastic trim. I use black plastic restoration to keep it looking good when the scratches start to bother me.

My Hyundai dealer used a heat gun to repair a scratch on the rear bumper of a Santa Fe I owned. The dealer ended up replacing the plastic trim since it was their fault to begin with. Repair of the heat gun was also unsuccessful.

How Much To Fix Scratches On Bumper

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The Best Diy Methods For Removing Car Scratches

I read that one guy bought self-adhesive rubber steps to cover up scratches. You can glue them on both sides and make them look like part of the bumper design.

Cookster72 said: Has anyone figured out how to fix minor scratches/scuffs? Click to expand… You can ignore the first 11 minutes of this video as he paints over deep scratches, but sanding, texturing and painting are all applicable.

Thanks Roger. This guy is a master of his craft. I think I can live with a quarter-sized abrasion for now. Maybe one day I’ll try some coarse grit sandpaper to smooth out my stupidity a bit. Thanks again!

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