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If you’ve read any financial articles or news related to money, you’ve probably come across financial literacy or “financial literacy.”

How Financially Literate Are You

How Financially Literate Are You

These conditions apply to how well you understand your finances and how educated you are in making everyday financial decisions.

What Percentage Of Americans Are Financially Literate?

“Only 28% of Americans are considered ‘financially healthy,'” according to a CFSI survey of more than 5,000 Americans.

While the sample size is not large, there are many other statistics about low savings, high debt, etc. However, you don’t have to fit into these categories.

Defining financial literacy or being “financially literate” is not difficult. These terms simply mean that you have a basic understanding of taxes and that you have an understanding of the value of money.

In this way, understanding financial basics allows you and others to make better money choices and be able to be self-sufficient in financial decisions.

Fpam: Why Financial Literacy Is As Important As Financial Knowledge?

You can understand financial issues that everyone deals with such as saving money, paying bills, managing debt, investing, and more.

Knowing and memorizing some financial terms is great, but it’s applying those terms effectively to create financial stability in your life.

Now that we have a complete definition of financial literacy, it makes sense to put some statistics behind it. There are a lot of personal finance statistics out there, but I’ll keep it very simple here.

How Financially Literate Are You

Many schools do not teach students about personal finance and there is a huge lack of financial education. Parents and families may be misinformed or lacking in depth knowledge that children cannot learn.

Fly: Financially Literate Youth By Marlies Hobbs

While they can all have some effect, it’s still something you control in the end. You alone have the ability to change your lack of knowledge and financial future.

The bitter truth? is possible But no one will actually hold your hand and show you the way.

Even if someone in your life gives you some money and investment insight, it’s up to you what you do with that information.

The good news is that many school districts are starting to teach money lessons and adding classes to the curriculum to help improve financial literacy. But, it has a long way to go until it is universally accepted.

What Is Financial Literacy? Tools To Succeed [+ Free Templates]

So what can you do personally? In the next section, I’ll cover some ways you can become financially literate yourself.

Again, since you probably don’t have any classes or much insight, it’s up to you to become financially literate and develop good financial habits.

Everyone is in a different learning situation and depending on your life schedule, it may take you some time. So I suggest you go at your own learning pace.

How Financially Literate Are You

To begin with, personal finance books will be key in your quest to become financially literate. It was very important to my education, especially not coming from a background in finance or investing.

School Leaders Should Be Financially Literate

Dedicate at least 1-2 hours every week to reading books on managing your money, investing, how to budget, etc.

I think books are the most important, but financial magazines and online publications can be equally important to your financial education.

Also, websites like Bankrate, Student Loan Hero, BiggerPockets, GoBankingRates, and Investopedia have lots of helpful information, online calculators, and more.

Managing your finances and finances doesn’t have to be hard or boring. Thanks to technology and the Internet, there are many money making tools available to help you become more skilled.

What You Never Want Your Children To Inherit: Financial Illiteracy — Guardian Savings

But in addition to helping you organize and visualize your life, these financial resources can also help you learn more. Many of these tools have excellent learning centers or blogs.

Being able to dedicate time to reading can be a challenge. You may have a busy work and family life, which is why podcasts are perfect.

And there are plenty of great things you can listen to on your way to or from work, running errands, or even at work (if it doesn’t disrupt your productivity).

How Financially Literate Are You

There are too many interesting podcasts to list and all vary in length from 10 minutes to almost an hour of solid information. This is the freest financial advice you can hear! Here is a great list of some of the best taxes

Financial Literacy: A Beginners Guide To Financial Education

So in addition to books and online publications, you can absolutely attend a financial literacy class or course. Whether it’s at an online school, college course, adult education center, etc.

This is when you feel you want to go a step further or need structure to learn. Many are paid, but there are some free online courses that can also be a good teacher.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of math. However, in order to become financially literate, you need to master some basic math skills.

Brush up on some math or look up some basic formulas that can help you organize your money, save percentages, and budget.

Great Ways To Become Financially Literate

I know spreadsheets can make it easy or software will do the math for you. It’s okay if you do, but understand how the math works, why it’s a number, and if you need to – you can calculate it yourself.

I know some of you may be a little distrustful of government – tin foil hats, big brother listening, etc.

Well, all that aside – the government has some useful resources to try and get you more information about personal finance. More information is on the Treasury website with links to other resources.

How Financially Literate Are You

The biggest challenge for most Americans is whether we have a consumer mindset. But it’s really incredible at first.

Financial Literacy: Your Complete Money Mastery Blueprint

We are bombarded with advertisements everywhere, the media promotes a luxurious lifestyle, social media makes us jealous of other people’s wealth, we are more concerned about what others have, and so on.

How can you put your money to work for you, instead of wasting some instant gratification on stuff? This is the key question in breaking bad consumer habits.

Extras: You can learn more about money or ask specific questions on Reddit. This can be a great place to learn and think differently about finance. Here are some of the best Reddit personal finance communities you should follow.

By now, you’re probably beginning to understand the power of financial literacy. You might also consider the benefits it will have on your current and future finances.

How Financially Literate Are You: Take This Quiz

Instead of money controlling you, now you are in control of your personal finances. It empowers you and makes you feel more confident and decisive with your money.

In addition, your attitude towards taxes changes. The way you see and think about money is changing for the better.

When you have a financial education, you begin to understand exactly how debt works, interest rates, and how to avoid debt disasters. It can also help you create a plan to attack current debt and save yourself thousands of dollars.

How Financially Literate Are You

As you gain financial knowledge, you will be more inclined to set goals for yourself. And besides, you might find yourself happier and more determined to work toward those goals.

Conquering Financial Literacy With Financial Qbits

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some tips for setting financial goals and sticking to them.

It may not be talked about often, but financial literacy can really affect your understanding of identity theft and fraud in the financial space.

You may start noticing red flags with investing, banking, or any other money-making scheme. And, it will ensure that you can take your time when making any financial decisions.

Of course, consult someone if you need help, but now you can also tell if someone is giving you bad advice or services that might rip you off. And it enables you to ask the right questions and evaluate your options.

Financial Literacy Definition: Top 8 Industry Definitions

Consider using identity theft software, it can help protect your credit, banks, and overall identity and help you before damage is done. Some of the featured products include:

While I’ve covered most of what you need to know to become financially literate, you may still have some questions. Here are some common questions you may have.

Financial literacy is about your ability to manage and earn money, as well as the basics of budgeting and how to invest for the future. Being self-sufficient in tax basics leads to a stable financial life.

How Financially Literate Are You

Everyone needs basic financial literacy skills! From children to current students in school, and eventually adults. Many aspects of financial literacy can be taught to young children, and the topics gradually develop as they get older.

What Is Financial Literacy & Why Does It Matter?

These financial concepts are not hard to learn and when broken down over time, anyone can become a financial master.

Financial literacy is important because it helps equip you with the skills you need to manage money and ensure you don’t struggle financially. Without a basic understanding of finances, you leave yourself vulnerable to bad money habits.

As the years go by, it’s up to you to master your finances, take control of your debt and your investments. Learning how to manage money is not easy

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