How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass – Plexiglass (commonly known as acrylic) is a good alternative to standard glass. It is very cheap and can last for a long time. However, maintaining Plexiglas can be difficult for some people. Even a small scratch (if noticed) can cause some serious damage. Therefore, it is essential to remove scratches from acrylic to prevent further damage. There are many ways to remove scratches from plexiglass. This article shares some practical ways to get rid of scratches from plexiglass. Let’s dive in.

Plexiglas can get scratches from a variety of sources. But, the good part is that you can remove all kinds of scratches from its surface. Now, not all scratches require the same process. Because the depth and type of scratch will determine how it can be removed. So, here’s how to remove all kinds of scratches from acrylic.

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass

Light scratches are very common on acrylic. You can get rid of them without much effort. Here is a list of items you will need for light scratch removal.

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Before you begin, make sure the acrylic surface is free of dust particles. Next, use a clean cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth) to remove all dust particles. Now, you need to use 800 grit sandpaper. Soak it in water and start rubbing it on the Plexiglas surface.

Rub the sandpaper with uniform force and in a specific direction. During the rubbing process, the acrylic surface will appear wrinkled. This is natural, as rubbing sandpaper creates this frosted effect. It will disappear once the process is complete.

Next, take a 1200 grit sandpaper and sand it the same way. Apply even pressure and rub for 3-4 minutes. Minor scratches will go away. Next, take a soft cloth and clean the remaining residue. No more scratches on the glass.

Apply some acrylic/plastic polish using a microfiber cloth. You may need to apply plastic polish a few times to achieve the desired shine.

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Homeowners can also remove moderate scratches from Plexiglas. The process remains almost the same. Instead of using 800 grit sandpaper, you should start sanding the Plexiglas surface with 600-grit sandpaper. Repeat this process 2-3 times. Then just follow the same process (for light scratches).

Deep scratches can be somewhat challenging. But don’t worry, they can be removed with some effort. Here’s what you’ll need for the rest of the deep scratches in acrylic.

First, you need to mix the surface of the acrylic. Use a rotary polisher for this. Apply some compound to the wool pound. Now, start rolling the pad gently on the plexiglass surface.

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass

Be very gentle at first. Keep the RPM around (1000 max). Note that you may need to compound 2-3 times to smooth out the scratch.

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Now, use the foam pad that comes with the speed rotary polisher. First, apply a layer of acrylic protector over its surface. Then, buff the Plexiglas surface with a foam pad. Continue buffing until the surface is completely dry.

The entire compounding and buffing process will help you remove some of the deeper scratches. If some scratches remain, you can use a heat gun to give the Plexiglas a brand new look.

Take the heat gun and apply some heat to the scratch on the left side. This will soften the surface of the Plexiglas and fill the scratches.

So, this is how you can remove scratches from plexiglass. It is a very durable material. You just have to keep it nice and clean. We have shared some simple tips for removing scratches from acrylic. Most of these tips do not require any additional tools.

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However, for deeper scratches you should use a variable-speed rotary polisher. No matter what type of glass you choose, always buy it from a reputable glass distributor.

Anna Walter is an accomplished writer specializing in home decor and interior design. She specializes in creating engaging content about glass and mirror products, providing practical tips and insights for homeowners and designers. Anna’s mission is to help readers create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect their unique style and personality. This article was co-authored by Claudia and Angelo Zimmerman. Claudia and Angelo Zimmerman are the founders of Everneat, an eco-friendly cleaning service based in New York City and Connecticut. He is the founder of Clean Code, a DIY 100% natural cleaning product line.

First created in 1933, Plexiglas is made of acrylic and is a lightweight alternative to real glass. Plexiglass is flexible and durable, but it scratches easily when cleaned and some cleaning products can destroy it. Knowing how to clean plexiglass properly will ensure that you don’t damage the material and then you have clean, clear plexiglass.

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass

This article was co-authored by Claudia and Angelo Zimmerman. Claudia and Angelo Zimmerman are the founders of Everneat, an eco-friendly cleaning service based in New York City and Connecticut. He is the founder of Clean Code, a DIY 100% natural cleaning product line. This article has been viewed 379,275 times.

What Is Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is strong and shatterproof, but it also scratches easily. For this reason, it is important to take special care when you are cleaning it. To remove dust and loose dirt without damaging the plexiglass, try blowing the dust off with a hair dryer. Just be sure to use a low-heat setting, as hot air can damage Plexiglas. Hold the dryer at a 45° angle and move it from side to side, keeping it several inches away from the Plexiglas surface. Avoid dusting Plexiglas with any type of cloth, even a soft microfiber one, as you can rub the dust into the glass and scratch it. If you use a cloth, keep it dry and gently wipe the glass surface without applying too much pressure. To get rid of more stubborn dirt and grime, make a solution of 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of mild dish soap and 1 quart (about 1 liter) of water. Pour soapy water directly onto the plexiglass or spray it with a spray bottle. While the glass is still wet, gently wipe away any dirt with a soft microfiber cloth. Repeat the process of spraying and wiping the glass until all the dirt is removed. When you’re done, wipe the plexiglass dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaners such as ammonia or alcohol to clean your Plexiglas surface, as they can damage the glass. If there is grime on the plexiglass that you can’t remove with just soap and water, try carefully removing it with a sharp razor blade. Hold the blade at an angle of about 10° and slowly move it slowly while removing grime. If your plexiglass is scratched or chipped, you can always sand it down with sandpaper or an electric sander. Wear a mask so you don’t accidentally inhale the fine particles of Plexiglas. When you’re done, buff the sanded area with a polishing wheel to restore the shine. For tips on how to remove deep Plexiglas scratches, read on!For an extra layer of protection, businesses of all sizes have added Plexiglas barriers to their work environments during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is, many barriers are now worn and damaged, and there is an increasing need to learn how to care for plexiglass barriers. Plexiglas is a popular choice due to its durability and clarity, but it is susceptible to scratching and cracking.

In this blog, AGC Signs will review Plexiglas repair, specifically repairing scratches and other minor damages. Generally speaking, plexiglass scratches can be repaired using abrasive acrylic polish, while broken or cracked plexiglass can be repaired with acrylic solvent cement.

For more detailed information on DIY plexiglass repair, please check the sources used for this article which are listed below. Also, if you need plexiglass barriers or more maintenance tips, contact us today.

The first step in fixing any scratch on your Plexiglas barrier is to determine the depth of the scratch. According to, “Any scratch deeper than 5mm is an exceptionally heavy scratch – it’s generally considered unhealable and can only be repaired with special buffing tools.”

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If you run your fingernail over a scratch and it gets stuck, the scratch is probably beyond repair. If the scratch depth is less than 5 mm, however, try this step-by-step procedure.

Using a clean, soft cloth, wipe the Plexiglas surface with water or a special acrylic cleaner. Dish soap can also be used to remove any dirt. Then, rinse and dry the plexiglass.

For mild scratches, try an abrasive acrylic polish (such as Novus Polish products). Using a cloth, polish the scratched area using a circular motion until the area is smooth, then wipe off the polish with a clean cloth.

How Do You Get Scratches Out Of Plexiglass

If scratches cannot be removed with acrylic polish or are more moderate scratches, use fine sandpaper (initially

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