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If you have ever sought compensation from an insurance company, you know the challenges of this stressful process. Unexpected delays, withholding of information and direct denials are common when dealing with multiple carriers. Since 1991, the Phoenix personal injury attorneys of Plattner Verderame, P.C. protects insured persons from bad faith practices by insurance companies. These years of experience have given us the knowledge and tools necessary to fight for the insurance premium you deserve. If you have been the victim of bad faith practices by an insurance company, contact our office today for a confidential discussion of your case.

Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Near Me

Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Near Me

Every insurance contract contains an express or implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This means that you owe the insurance company good faith, and the insurance company owes you good faith. This includes the responsibility of the insurance carrier to pay the correct claims in a timely manner.

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While not all insurance company malpractice is bad faith, our attorneys know that these agencies are working hard to deny your claim. You want someone on your side who will do more to keep them accountable for the services they promised. Our Phoenix insurance malpractice attorneys have successfully represented insurance companies in a variety of bad faith actions, including:

Our attorneys will work hard to resolve your bad faith insurance disputes by making sure your case is ready for court, should the need arise. If this approach is correct, we can seek compensation, as well as punitive damages (money paid by the insurance company as punishment for their bad and negligent actions).

While most of our practice is dedicated to representing individuals in disputes with their own insurance companies (known as first-party claims), our attorneys also handle claims by the third party. These cases include claims on someone else’s insurance policy, and many traffic accidents, including disputes over whether or not to have motor vehicle insurance, residential injuries and accidents that fall under general liability (CGL) policies. For example, if you slip and fall in a grocery store, you may have a third-party claim on the store’s insurance policy.

If you are struggling to collect a third party insurance claim, trust us to advocate for you. With a free initial consultation, our experienced Arizona insurance claim attorneys will learn about the details of your case, so you know how we can help upfront.

Can I Sue An Insurance Company For Denying My Claim?

At Plattner Verderame, P.C., our attorneys work hard to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries. We are proud to provide professional representation to Phoenix residents and the nation. Call our Phoenix insurance dispute attorneys today at 602-266-2002. We are also available toll free at 888-657-3573, or you can contact us to discuss your legal options.

“Warm, kind people who go the extra mile. They tell you what’s going on and what to expect. I can’t thank them enough for all their help! unexpected reasons something happens. Homeowners insurance is often needed not only for homes, but also for apartments and condos. Homeowners insurance is usually there for you in the event of an emergency. suddenly you are left to search for other houses. Home insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith and ensure that their insured receives the payment they require in the contract. i under their insurance policies.

But what happens when your homeowner’s insurance company does something wrong? If you have been wronged by your home insurance company, you have the right to hold them accountable for damages. You can get different rewards depending on the situation.

Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Near Me

Contact our California malpractice attorneys today to see how you can get your money back. You will not enter into any claim that is not justified.

What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need To Contest A Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim ?

Bad faith occurs when the insurance company acts recklessly and disregards the insured. Bad faith is usually recoverable under tort charges in court. When this happens, the insurance company can hold it. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side who has handled bad faith insurance claims before and is well versed in navigating the legal process.

The key word in Insurance malpractice lawsuits is “good faith and fair dealing” which exists in law and mandates that every insurance company is responsible to their insured to act in good faith. . This means they cannot break a contract.

Our attorneys at Heidari Law are here to hold your homeowner’s insurance company accountable for your losses. Insurance companies are committed to making sure you get the claim you deserve. So, if they harm the insurer and whatnot, they will be held responsible.

We help our clients get the justice they deserve and work to recover the costs for them. If your insurance company has denied or disputed your homeowner’s insurance claims for any reason, contact our attorney today to see if they have engaged in any bad insurance practices. Bad faith can be very difficult to prove in Insurance law, which is why our attorneys get involved. an active investigation to find instances of bad faith by the insurance company. If the life insurance company fails to pay the beneficiaries what they should be paid, the insurance company is doing bad business. A Phoenix life insurance attorney knows how bad faith life insurance companies work and can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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A person buys life insurance, names family and/or friends as beneficiaries, and can breathe easier knowing that his death will never result in financial loss. In most cases, the policy is sold separately in lieu of the insured’s income.

But when the insured dies and makes a claim on the policy, the unexpected happens: the insurer denies the claim. Now what? It’s too late to go looking for a deceased person’s insurance policy. There is a lot of stress on a family trying to cope with the death of the insured.

Depending on the nature of the denial and how much evidence the beneficiary is able to gather, the insurer may be subject to a claim that it has breached its duty of good faith. The beneficiary can recover damages that exceed the value of the policy itself, including punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. An attorney who is familiar with bad faith cases involving life insurance will give the beneficiary the best chance of winning that bad faith claim.

Homeowners Insurance Claim Denial Attorney Near Me

There are very few reasons for an insurance company to deny a life insurance claim. Among the most common are the following:

Beware Of Improper Insurance Claim Denials For Water Damage

These are the reasons given by the insurance company; they do not guarantee the cancellation of the claim for profits. For example, life insurance policies are generally “irrevocable” when the policy is in effect for two years. Misrepresentations on application may result in non-reimbursement of benefits if death occurs more than two years after the policy is issued.

Even if death occurs within two years and the policy can be contested, misrepresentation and concealment do not automatically justify cancellation. In most states, for example, an applicant’s lying about a family history of cancer will not allow the insurer to deny a claim for someone’s illness in the car accident.

A bad practice by some life insurance companies is called “post-claim admissions.” The insurance company simply waits until the insured person dies to do the various investigations that should be done before issuing the policy. If the investigation reveals evidence that can be used to refute the claim of the beneficiary, the insurer will do so. A bad faith attorney can recognize the signs of filing a claim after a claim and build a bad faith claim against the insurer.

Another common mistake life insurers make is to claim that a medical mistake has resulted in a policy that would never have been issued had they known the applicant’s health condition. Also, a bad faith attorney knows how to check that basis for denying a beneficiary’s claim:

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The insurer simply cannot conduct a reasonable investigation of the claim before denying it. For example, the insurer investigated and determined that the insured had heart disease at the time of the application.

With the help of your Phoenix bad faith life insurance attorney, you can testify when your insurance company denies your claim. To indicate that the company is doing something bad,

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