Help Getting A Car Seat – Continuous movement is the default mode for most toddlers, so it’s no surprise that the average toddler views being restrained in a car seat for extended periods of time as more of a painful punishment than a loving act. Kat Armstrong, a mother of three from Toronto, went through a period where every time she tried to buckle her dick in, it would become as stiff as a board. Even short trips in the car with her three-year-old son, Lauchie, can start to happen. with wrestling matches.

“When I’m strapping him into the seat, I have to put my forearms on the knee portion of the car seat to keep him from straightening out,” Armstrong said. Still, she carefully positioned her son in place. Discuss the entire process with your son. “I’d say, ‘I know you’re not happy with what I did, but we have to go. Let’s hug each other now and we can talk about it further when we get there.’ As simple as it sounds, acknowledge and validate those feelings— — especially for a toddler who doesn’t yet have the language skills to express his frustrations — can go on for a long time. Ways to help change the dynamic.

Help Getting A Car Seat

Help Getting A Car Seat

How to Get Your Child in a Seat In an ideal world, our children would be precocious enough from birth to respond to rational argument. The reality is that a thorough explanation of safety and provincial laws rarely makes a big difference to a toddler who is having a tantrum. Even if your child can’t grasp the details, providing context and being consistent is key, says Janet Lansbury, California-based author of “No Bad Kids: Shameless Early Childhood Discipline.” “When they were toddlers, we already said, ‘You don’t seem to want to come in here, but I have to keep you safe.'”

How To Help Your Toddler Learn To Love His Car Seat

Regulations vary by province, but generally speaking, a child must weigh at least 20 pounds to be seated in a forward-facing position, although safety experts recommend keeping children in a rear-facing position until they reach a seat in that position Height or weight restrictions. How long a child must be restrained in a car seat with a five-point harness system also depends on your province, but the recommended age and weight are generally five to six years, or at least 40 pounds. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific car seat model and vehicle seat, and be sure to have your child’s car seat inspected by a Canadian Child Passenger Safety Association-certified technician to ensure it is installed correctly.

While safety is always non-negotiable, Sharalyn Crossfield, a Toronto child passenger safety educator and seat fitter and mother of four, recommends providing opportunities for young children to participate in the process. “At that age, kids want to do things on their own,” she said. “If you do it for them, it’s wrong. If they do it, it’s right.”

Encourage your child to climb into the car independently (you can tuck a small folding stool under the front passenger seat for an extra boost) and let her try buckling the chest strap herself to make sure it’s in the correct position. Small rewards can also defuse the battle before driving. “Say, ‘If you get seated, you’ll get a sticker or an M&M,'” Crossfield said. “There’s nothing wrong with a little bribery.”

How to Keep Her Happy Once your child is securely buckled in, the challenge becomes keeping her content while she’s trapped in the harness. Crossfield recommends keeping a few special car-specific toys on hand. “Keep away heavy and hard objects,” she said, as these items can become dangerous projectiles in a collision. Stuffed toys and soft fabrics or paperback books are good options.

How To Choose Child Car Seat

Once toddlers are forward-facing, easy-to-reach snacks, such as sippy cups and containers of dry cereal or small, mess-free crackers, can distract and prevent hunger.

As you work to calm your child’s frayed nerves, try to calm your own nerves by remembering that car seat protest is a normal stage from a developmental perspective. “In transitional situations like this, it’s important for a young child living with a perpetual transition to know that it’s healthy and normal for them to say ‘no,'” Lansbury said. “The best thing to do is just don’t. Get involved in the fight. You will be over your child in this situation, just as you would in any other safety-related situation.”

Did you know? All car seats have an expiration date. If you are using an older child’s seat, check its expiration date and replace the seat if it is expired. Transport Canada also recommends replacing all car seats involved in a collision and checking with the manufacturer if the seat needs to be replaced if the shell or webbing is torn or damaged.

Help Getting A Car Seat

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Learn about your baby’s development, get the latest parenting content and receive special offers from our partners. According to Singapore’s Road Traffic Act, booster seats or child restraint seats are a legal requirement for children below 1.35 meters in height. Regardless, even if it is not mandated by law, choosing the right child car seat and installing it correctly is still a priority for parents like you to ensure the safety of your child while traveling in the car.

To choose the right child car seat, you’ll need to take some measurements of your child first. Seats often have weight or height restrictions. These measurements will help you choose the right seat for your child.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider whether you want a rear-facing, forward-facing, or combination-facing child seat. Rear-facing seats are recommended for infants 15 months and younger. This is because the neck is still not strong enough to withstand the impact of a frontal collision.

Car Seats Checked For Safety In Irmo

From 15 months to 4 years old, you can transfer your child to a forward-facing seat with an integrated safety belt. Adjustable harnesses allow you to continue using the seat and adjust the size as your child grows. A seat with a good side protection system will also provide protection and cushioning from any side impact impacts and provide better protection for your child.

There are also combination facing seats that allow your child to sit in a rear-facing seat from a young age and then switch to a forward-facing seat when the time is right. It is generally recommended to install it in the back seat, which is much safer than the front seat. The middle rear seat also keeps children safe from side impacts. Please carefully follow the instruction manual included with your purchase to ensure proper installation to provide proper protection for your child.

There are also baby seats that can be moved to the stroller, which can help move a sleeping baby. However, these car seat strollers typically only last until the child is 1 year old.

Help Getting A Car Seat

Once your child exceeds the height or weight limit of a child safety seat, you can transfer your child to a car booster seat. The purpose of a booster is to raise your child’s sitting height to a point where the seat belt can fit properly. There are high back designs and backless booster seats. The high back design will provide neck and head support for your child.

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