Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes – Custom paint on your motorcycle can be an incredibly satisfying experience…or a great challenge. Conscious consumption often makes all the difference.

I’ve been painting motorcycles for 40 years and have been in just about every situation that can come up. Some clients know exactly what they want in terms of color and design, while others don’t.

Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes

Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes

To start, think about what kind of paint you want for your bike. There are many options: full colors, fresh colors with custom graphics or artwork, simple touches, and more. A great idea at this early stage is to find and collect samples you like and save them. When you see a paint job at a show or event that you like, whether it’s color or design, take a photo of it – or click and save to folder if you’re surfing the web. So when you meet with your artist, you have specific ideas or instructions to show him. A good artist can take your ideas and design a paint job that incorporates them.

Custom Paint Job

If a client comes to me and wants a flame, for example, I understand what kind of flame they want. One layer or multiple layers of flames? Do the flames overlap? If you are interested in a particular style of work or color design, find versions of that style or ask your artist to show you several different options. Chances are they’ve seen or done it before.

Color seems like a simple enough concept, but it can be confusing. Reds, blues, oranges, and blacks are the most requested colors in my experience. Sometimes, a color is so distinctive and powerful – I’m thinking candy lime green here – that it really doesn’t need any art or stripes… which can be a smart choice if you’re on a tight budget. First of all, don’t rush your color decision. No matter how many different colors a customer thinks of, there is always one color they come back to. And there is a reason for this. Finally, when choosing colors for your painting space, do it on a sunny day. A color that looks beautiful indoors can be boring in the sun or vice versa. You want to see color in different environments.

And then, of course, there’s the budget factor. The more complex your color selection or design, the more hours of labor required. Come in, imagine what you can realistically spend. The average flame painting job with general side painting can run anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500 for one tank and two bars. When it comes to cruisers with bags and fairings, the hours spent preparing and painting all that surface area add up to even more dollars. Also, quality paint products like PPG and House of Kolor are not cheap. So the conclusion? Beware of budget artists or budget quotes. There’s usually a buzz. Paint, remember, is the most visible thing you can do to your motorcycle. People easily spend big bucks on wheels and chrome, but often overlook this simple aesthetic element. Do not limit yourself in color. A poor quality or poorly designed paint job is one of the worst mistakes people make when it comes to their riding, and most of this is because paint is usually the last thing they consider in their project. Most of the money has already been spent on the engine, engine, chassis and wheels. So, set your paint budget at the start of your project and don’t skimp! You will not regret your decision.

Finally, think hard about whether you want to keep the bike or possibly sell it. Selling a motorcycle with highly customized colors is usually more difficult. Your spouse’s good looks may be something you admire, but it may limit your future riding ability. And if you break up, well, that’s another thing! Many people end up buying and selling motorcycles, so if you’re one of them, find a color and design with broad appeal. If you keep it forever, feel free to go crazy! A chopper or bobber with classic flak colors is always popular. The Softail attracts buyers with simple flares or a dress with beautiful graphics that make the bike look long and lean.

Harley Davidson Unveils Apex Factory Paint

Next time we’ll talk about finding and working with an artist. Local verses long distance, questions to ask, how to communicate effectively and what you should expect. Here’s a great custom painting experience!

We use cookies to provide the best experience. If you continue to use this site, it is assumed that you agree to the use of cookies. Accept the privacy policy. Inspired by its successful competition history, Harley-Davidson has revealed a new custom color variant of the Apex that takes home the motto: “look good, ride good”.

With a color scheme based on Vivid Black, Gauntlet Gray on the graphic element and a Jet Fire Orange accent strip – the original color applied to the Harley-Davidson XR750 competition models – the color scheme for the bike is designed. sense of motion even in a standing position. The paint option will be available for nine select Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring models and debuts at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes

“Apex’s custom paint allows riders to express the thrill of speed and competition in their supercharged body,” said Brad Richards, VP of Motorcycle Design and Creative. “This color scheme communicates forward speed and momentum with lines and colors inspired by Harley-Davidson’s competition motorcycles.”

Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited

The paint scheme features a graphic design on the fuel tank that pays homage to the shape of the tank on the legendary XR750 flat racing motorcycle. On bike models with fenders, the graphic is set back to match the tank graphic and at an angle to suggest speed.

In addition to the three colors, each design panel includes internal shading and a subtle outline of the Harley-Davidson logo. A faded effect was applied to the design as a nod to the fading seen on the Harley-Davidson team’s race bikes.

The custom paint job is applied in-house at Harley Davidson Vehicle Assembly and Harley-Davidson Tomahawk Operations and will be available worldwide for the remainder of the 2022 model year order period as a factory-installed option for the following Harley-Davidson Grand. American Touring Models: Harley-Davidson has been busy — and with 2021 coming to an end, the American motorcycle maker shows no signs of slowing down.

Harley just released a special edition of their Street Glide hot bag model, complete with a new paint job – and I’m not lying when I say the juicy colors make me want to be a saltwater taffy at the local marina.

Custom Harley Davidson — Wedding, Corporate, Portrait Photography And More

The 500 gliders will be painted with a limited-edition coat of H-D’s Arctic Blast paint, hand-crafted for each car – and as usual, each special edition of this batch will have a serial number on the tank, which is unique to the unit. more exclusive than this beauty.

A simple cool paint job was revealed at the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – a bright metallic blue with hits of bright blue on a pearl white base.

If you look closely, you’ll also see a hexagonal pattern on top of the metallic blue, which gives the glitter a delicious honeycomb look.

Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes

Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson, is thrilled to offer the limited edition Arctic Blast bags to H-D customers.

Paint On Your Harley Davidson,flhtc Electra Glide Classic,flhx Street Glide

“By introducing the Arctic Blast Limited Edition colorway for the Street Glide Special, at Harley-Davidson, we continue to build on our reputation and exemplify the finest motorcycles and exceptional custom design.”

Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson vice president of styling and design, explains, “Arctic Blast paint is done in high-contrast colors designed to communicate a look of movement.”

“The design looks bold from a distance, but offers interesting details that can only be seen up close, including a blue pearl effect on a white base and a ghostly hexagon pattern on the paring.”

Gunslinger Custom Paint artists in Golden, Colorado perform custom paint jobs on Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ motorcycles and Limited Edition paint kits as agreed upon by Harley Davidson.

This Custom Harley Davidson Street Glide Is An Engraved Metal Vision

Examples of this great partnership include the 2021 CVO Tri Glide Bagger and the 2021 Road Glide Bagger.

Don’t miss out on this model – prices start at $32,999 USD (MSRP), and the optional RDRS adds $995 USD. When you own a motorcycle, you pay close attention to other people’s bikes. One of the first things you’ll notice is their paint job.

Different Harley models come standard in different colors. When you buy a new bike, once you know which model you are getting, you may have several color options. When you buy a used bike, you will likely have a wider selection of colors.

Harley Davidson Custom Paint Schemes

When deciding which color to get, you should choose whatever speaks to you.

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