Gooseneck Trailer Air Ride Suspension – For a smoother, quieter ride, longer trailer life and higher mileage rates, choose our custom Cush Air Ride trailer suspension.

Since most pickups do not have air supply, trailer Air Ride systems must be self-contained (unlike semi-trailers). Our Air Ride system includes two Group 27 BATTERIES that provide the power to regenerate the air, along with two compressors and a 10V 5 amp charger.

Gooseneck Trailer Air Ride Suspension

Gooseneck Trailer Air Ride Suspension

Air Ride Suspension uses airbags on each axle made of durable polyurethane and rubber material. Dual compressors pump air into each flexible bag, allowing them to absorb shock and vibration much more effectively than a traditional spring suspension system. While spring suspensions tend to compress and release shock energy into your trailer frame and cargo, an Air Ride suspension absorbs the energy under the frame before it even reaches your trailer body.

Ttsa Trailers 45×102 Container Chassis

We’ve partnered with Cush Suspension Systems in Fall 2021 to bring you the most functional and durable trailer Air Ride system on the market.

Our new Air Ride unit is based on a custom ReliAIR T3 total air control system. This custom designed full trailer suspension system offers significant benefits to trailer owners (especially HOT SHOT users) and is a completely new innovation in the Air Ride trailer market.

In traditional air suspension systems over the past few decades, the actual axle has typically been hand-welded. Although this welded assembly method is strong and durable, it makes repair and maintenance very difficult. We’ve solved this problem with our Cush Suspension partnership by supplying a suspension that is designed with a bolt-on application using U-bolts (similar to heavy-duty semi-trailer U-bolts on spring suspension). The result is a long-lasting and durable suspension with the added benefit of significantly easier access for maintenance and repair.

We also have heavy duty galvanized arms on the bottom to protect the suspension (especially during the winter months when traveling through snow and salt). This galvanized coating will help prevent premature rust and wear.

Air Detachable Gooseneck

The super smooth ride of our Air Ride system is perfectly paired with our industry exclusive 12′ HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL.

Still have questions? Watch below as Jacobs gives a guided tour of the entire system, along with some best practice tips for safely using and operating air suspension.

Lippert provides an extremely high quality product using state-of-the-art robotic welders to ensure the highest precision and quality on every axis.

Gooseneck Trailer Air Ride Suspension

We design our proprietary I-Beams to fit every trailer. The result? Stronger yet lighter trailers with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Trailer Parts Marketplace primarily ships ground orders via FedEx. Land orders are shipped the next business day if ordered by 12:00 p.m. CST. (Some exceptions may apply

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10,000 lb Lippert Tandem Axle Swivel TK Trailer Parts Kit – 20K Capacity HD (Complete Original Series) 10,000 lb Lippert Tandem Axle Swivel TK Trailer Parts Kit – 20K Capacity HD (Complete Original Series)

Instead of you having to hunt down individual parts and pieces for your trailer, the team at The Trailer Parts Outlet did the hard work for you and put everything together in these complete TK Trailer Parts Kits. You can find the perfect set and get fast shipping for every order. No need to waste time looking for individual parts, you can purchase your kit today and get started building or repairing your trailer. (This axle is not compatible with ABS)

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Double A Deckover (14,000 Gvw)

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