Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper – Today, after just a few days of having my Soul, I noticed a brand new deep scratch (or scratch?) on the right side of the rear plastic bumper. The bumper is unpainted textured plastic. There was no damage yesterday so something must have happened either overnight or when I parked at the convenience store for a minute this morning, I never left it unattended after last night. Anyway, I’m doing some research on how to fix it or make it less noticeable. One suggestion was to use a sharp razor to get rid of the protrusions and then some kind of plastic filler, but I don’t know because it’s textured plastic. The bumper was previously pristine. I wonder if anyone here has had a similar experience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching some pictures so you can see the damage.

This is disgusting for Carl. This is disappointing, because the very thing that is designed to “bounce” the car gives a visual reminder that it has been beaten. You’d think there’s a better material these days than hard, textured, delicate plastic

Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper

Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper

A painted, smooth surface bumper can be repaired, even with some filler, to near pristine condition. Not so with our Soul unpainted, textured units.

How To Use T Cut Scratch Remover

My suggestion, aside from replacing the entire buffer, would be to warm up this buck gun and see if you can live with these results. Take your time and do not burn, moisten the material. The goal is to soften so that the plastic on both sides of the scratches blends.

PS: This thread from another member who had a similar problem may or may not help with the “adoption” phase.

Yes, it is very frustrating. The video shows removing the surface scratches, not sure how it would work in the deep one that goes through that dent. But a heat gun sounds like a good investment. I’m also going to look at quotes from body shops. The damage isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely an eyesore..makes me cringe every time I see it now, especially since I’ve had Soul for less than a week. Thank you for your suggestions.

Maybe check with your dealership, they may have local guys who come to the dealership to repair this type of used vehicle (sometimes new) and can put you in touch with the service.

Is It Possible To Fix Scratches From A Bare Plastic Bumper?

What is your insurance deductible…? Get a replacement estimate…YUP, the only way to fix this is with a replacement new SKIN…<:-(( replacing SKINS is a consistently inexpensive, easy DIY…

You can simply replace the middle plastic part of the bumper. It’s not a huge task, but it will take some time because you’ll have to remove the bumper cover and then the center section. I had the same thing happen but it was done again on the painted part and I had to replace the entire bumper.

Conwelpic said: Maybe check with your dealership, they may have local guys that come to the dealership to repair these types of used vehicles (sometimes new) and can contact the service. Click to expand… Yeah, I already talked to my boyfriend at the dealership and he just suggested getting quotes from body shops.

Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper

Soul.Master.007 said: What is your insurance deductible….? Get a replacement estimate… YUP, the only way to fix this is with a replacement new SKIN…<:-(( replacement SKINS is a consistently inexpensive, easy DIY… NOTE: If this were my "NEW " soul it would get a "NEW" SKIN… (FAKE BUMPER) Click to expand… My deductible is $500 and the bumper covers I'm looking at are all under $200. This seems like a better option so far. I'm done such work in the past, but I try not to have to change everything.

Applies To All Model Years

Tainted said: You can just replace the middle plastic part of the bumper. It’s not a huge task, but it will take some time because you’ll have to remove the bumper cover and then the center section. I had the same thing happen but it was done again on the painted part and I had to replace the entire bumper. Click to expand… I hear. Again, the damage isn’t too bad, so you might have to live with it for now. After scraping off the protruding plastic, I might get one of those tape decals and consider replacing the bumper cover in the future.

Once it’s fixed, maybe in the future you’ll get one of these so you can park your car, flip it over when you park it, and back it into the trunk/hatch when you’re driving. Bumper Bully – outdoor parking bumper protection, bumper protection, rear bumper protection

I’ve had success using marine epoxy/filler and paint to repair plastic bumper covers in general, but haven’t used it on the Soul. This may matter. Plastics can be finicky. I even reproduced the textures by pressing the sanding side of the appropriate sandpaper against the epoxy when it was almost but not quite set. It’s really not that hard, and it’s usually not noticeable until you get pretty close.

I would try what @conwelpic suggested first though. Most dealerships have people who do this sort of thing. This is how I found my first PDR boyfriend. I think they also have people who specialize in plastic bumpers.

How To Clean Bugs Off Your Car Bumper

This is an older thread, you may not get a reply and may revive an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread. Getting scratches out of your car’s bumper can be expensive if you do it at an auto body shop. But if the scratches are not very big, you can solve this problem yourself. But keep in mind that you will need to follow the right process to get good results.

Light scratches can usually be removed using car scratch removal kits. However, deep scratches and scratches that pass through the transparent layer are better removed with a more extensive procedure that will restore not only the color, but also the contour.

This guide will focus on repairing scratches on painted plastic bumpers, as this is the most common material used today.

Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper

The exact repair will depend on the severity of the scratch, so assess the level of damage before proceeding.

Best Way To Fix This Scratch In The Fender Flare?

Fuzzy scratches are usually caused by small things like an object accidentally cutting into the surface of the bumper. You can tell it’s a weak scratch if it’s still smooth enough to slide your nail without getting caught in the grooves.

Pro Tips are nuggets of information from ASE certified auto technicians working on . This may include unique personal insights based on their years of experience working in the automotive industry. This can help you make more informed decisions about your car.

Pro Tip: Some people will use 3,000 grit waterproof sandpaper with water for sanding, followed by polishing compound, but be gentle and don’t oversand. If the scratch is not treated with the gentle first shot method, you can improve your game using one of the methods below, depending on the depth of the scratch. But sand over the scratch, not with it, to get the right effect.

Wet the 3,000-grit sandpaper and gently sand the scratch. Do this until the scratch is no longer visible.

Scratches On Bumper

Alternatively, you can use toothpaste to remove these types of scratches. It works like 3,000-grit sandpaper, but also polishes the damaged surface.

With the drill polishing head at 1200 rpm, polish the surface until slightly hazy. Finish with polishing compound.

Car scratches of this magnitude are deep enough to damage the base layer, but can still be repaired with DIY methods. For best results, be sure to wash your car before attempting to remove the scratch.

Getting Scratches Out Of Plastic Bumper

Clean the scratch with the eraser. The latter is specially designed to smooth out scratches in the same way that sandpaper does. It comes in a variety of sizes from 1000 to 5000 grit, so choose the one that best suits the depth of the scratch you’re trying to get rid of.

Different Types Of Bumper Damage. Bumpers Are An Essential Component Of A…

Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth to remove any residue. Make sure it is completely clean before proceeding.

Deeper scratches require a more tedious repair process. These are usually the kind of scratches that are deep enough to reach the metal plate, so trying to sand them out won’t work.

You will need to fill in the scratches before painting and polishing to your desired finish.

Don’t forget that the first three can be smeared when sanding, and the last two can be powdery. Guide accordingly when sanding or sanding.

Anyone Know How To Remove Scratches From Plastic Fender Flare?

Remove the bumper cover for better access to all surfaces. You will usually find a collection of fasteners that hold the bumper in place. If you are not sure how to remove the car bumper cover, contact

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