Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners – One of the many things I love about Paris is that it never fails to give you a romantic story to fall back on – it’s called the city of love for a reason! As a Parisian celebrant, I have been a part of many same-sex wedding events, each with its own authenticity and uniqueness.

What makes these events unique is that they take place in a city that has no judgments about sexual orientation or all kinds of love, however you define it. All love is love! Because of this, I want to show you how to have a gay wedding in Paris and make it an unforgettable event!

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

There have been many same-sex weddings in Paris over the years, and each one has its own beauty. Couples often choose Paris for its intimacy. It’s the perfect place to exchange vows and make your love official.

Paris Weddings, Elopements And Vow Renewals

For example, take this beautiful couple; J&T decided to have a gay Paris wedding very early in the morning – both of them with no extravagance! The couple gazed into each other’s eyes as the sun shone, cherishing the once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were even tears, fortunately a happy soul!

One of our favorite LGBT wedding venues in Paris is the Trocadero. I loved the moment of intimacy as the couple prepared to announce their love. They asked me to create a custom ceremony that would set them apart as a married couple and get them ready to begin a whole new chapter in their lives together. The heartwarming sound of the violin graced the gay wedding. You couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting than that!

J&T also decided to take a first look at a gay wedding in Paris. Let me tell you – it was as impressive as ever! Both looked stunning dressed in white and adorned with white crystal roses. As they exchanged vows, these adorable gay grooms held hands and looked deep into their eyes. They knew they would cherish this moment for years to come! After the ceremony, they opened champagne and began to celebrate their life as a married couple.

I almost forgot to mention, we had some very special guests at the gala! A group of ducks decided to pass by the couple, and it was such a wonderful moment!

A Magical Lgbtq+ Elopement In Paris

It was my great pleasure to be a part of J&T’s LGBTQ wedding. I am very happy that they decided to include me in their love story and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and happy moments! Paris has proven once again that it celebrates all kinds of love and does not pass judgment on it.

If you have been inspired by this story and are thinking about hosting a private gay wedding in Paris, please do not hesitate to send me a message. Tell me your dream wedding ideas and I’ll help you make them come true!

In Paris, we celebrate many same-sex weddings at the Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower in Paris – Photos by The Paris Elopement –

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

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Our Fairytale Wedding In Paris

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Elopement By Seine With Eiffel Tower View

Technical storage or permission is required to create user profiles to send advertisements or to track the user on a website or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. Now that we’ve got our wedding video back and some of our photos back, here we are. We are excited to share more about our magical day.

We were honored to be joined by 27 close family and friends who traveled from all over the world to celebrate with us.

At the beginning of the meeting, Karen said she wanted to visit Paris more than anywhere else in the world.

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

This was a significant change both in terms of the relationship and in Karen’s life; so as not to delay experiences that are important to you.

Get Married At The Eiffel Tower For An Unforgettable Experience

This was our first international trip with each other, and our compatibility on the trip was a big indicator of whether or not our relationship would be long-term.

(You can see some pictures of baby Karen and Gavin from over seven years ago in our post on how to get great photos with the Eiffel Tower).

By last fall, we started planning a traditional wedding in Austin, but it just didn’t work out.

We googled “weddings in Paris” and immediately changed our plans to an intimate, romantic ceremony under the Eiffel Tower and a casual cocktail celebration in Austin.

Woman Baffled As ‘rich’ Friends Ask Her To Bring Food To Paris Wedding

If you decide to have a destination wedding in France, remember that this is a symbolic wedding.

You still need to obtain a marriage license in the US and have it signed by a designee or justice of the peace.

Technically, May 4th is not our legal wedding day, but we will still be celebrating it as our anniversary.

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

Most magical couple photos under the Eiffel Tower are actually early morning elopements.

Hidden Locations For Your Paris Pre Wedding Photos

Escaping to reach places without tourists is common at 6:30 in the morning.

We wanted to find a place under the Eiffel Tower that was private, away from the tourists and accessible in the afternoon/evening.

It served two purposes: a beautiful 30-seat balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower AND a gorgeous, large suite to enjoy for two nights.

The suite served as a venue for welcome drinks and snacks the night before the wedding, a gorgeous rehearsal space for all the girls, a stunning ceremony space and the ultimate honeymoon suite.

Wedding Planner In Paris, France

Hotel Marignan can also accommodate a private dinner on the reception terrace, but the maximum capacity is only 14 guests and the suite becomes a catering station, so the bed is removed and you cannot stay overnight in the suite.

We booked the yacht Acajou, which served as a water tour of Paris and a wonderful meal.

During the tour, we passed many French landmarks, even passing the Eiffel Tower as it twinkled.

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

Yachts de Paris hosted a cocktail hour, delicious appetizers, a gourmet dinner of beef and roast veal, and even more drinks and time to dance on the boat.

Paris Elopement: Guide To The City Of Love

Croquembouche is a tower of French pastries. We worked with Yachts de Paris to bring you this transitional dessert and were able to choose our filling flavors.

Our croquembouche is filled with both vanilla and praline and covered in a sweet caramel coating.

We didn’t know what that meant, but we actually cut off the head of a croquembouche with a butcher knife!

All in all, we were so excited that we chose to have a small wedding in Paris instead of going the traditional route out of state.

Paris Pre Wedding

We swore in the most beautiful city in the world and there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.

We even had random Parisians cheering us on from their balconies watching the ceremony!

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for recipes and recommendations, we’d love to see you visit our favorite spots! The mountains and beaches in Paris are different rolling roads compared to the mountains and beaches you usually see on our site. site. Regardless of your stay in the city, a Paris getaway will give you the same sense of passion and intimacy as before, especially being in the City of Love.

Getting Married In Paris For Foreigners

Let’s take a look at what you need to know to plan a trip to Paris without getting overwhelmed by tourists.

A Winter Wedding In The Heart Of Paris

You may not have the trails, forests, and mountains to explore in the city, but you do have cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and awe-inspiring artists. Remember, Paris is a beautiful city, but it is

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