Getting Married In Hong Kong – As I was writing articles related to marriage, I have one thing in mind – so many requirements! Especially when you are marrying a foreigner; getting the legal capacity to marry is a little tiring. Many also asked if they can get married within a week or two, but in the Philippines; it is very rare because you have to go through seminars, wait for your permit, etc. In case you want fewer documents, try getting married in Hong Kong. Here is a guide on how to get married in Hong Kong for Filipinas and Foreigners.

Many Filipinos do not know this option, this was the first time I heard it because I got the job to write about it. But there have also been several Filipino-Foreign couples who have tried this process. It is less of a problem especially if a Foreigner can only come in the Philippines for a few weeks. A Marriage License takes at least 10 days, not considering that the Foreigner needs LCM (legal capacity to marry), and you both have to attend many conferences.

Getting Married In Hong Kong

Getting Married In Hong Kong

You give notice of intended marriage and after at least 15 days, you receive a Marriage Registrar’s Certificate. With this, you have to get married within 3 months.

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The Registrar may, at least 15 days after giving notice, issue a Marriage Registrar’s Certificate to enable the parties to celebrate the marriage within 3 months from the date of notice if meet all statutory requirements.

Email [email protected] (Immigration Department) to request the form and page and the full list of required documents.

Answer the form and have a lawyer notarize it. In case you live far away from each other, there is only one answer in the form. It is better if the partner is near Hong Kong.

After 15 days after submitting the Notice of Intended Marriage, you will receive it at the Registrar. Fifteen days are given as a warning in case someone objects. If one partner attended the meeting, the other should apply.

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For those applying outside of Hong Kong, there will be a reply confirming your occupation and wedding date. When you arrive in HK, you must go to the Marriage Registration and Records Office (office hours) or a civil registrar. Bring your documents. If you ever go to a civil servant, you will need to make a contribution to have a Marriage Registrar’s Certificate.

It’s pretty straight forward. Only a few documents are required and it can be a great honeymoon destination. There are also many online packages to have a wedding there. Although there are transportation costs, wedding fees are a bit higher than here in the Philippines. It will still get you to the final stage – being married to your one true love!

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Getting Married In Hong Kong

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We use cookies to offer the site in the best possible way. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.OkNoPrivacy policy Getting married can be expensive. And it’s easy to miss some things while filling out your to-do list. To help you stay within your budget, here are six unexpected expenses you may have overlooked.

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When you’re getting ready to get married, you’re probably budgeting for obvious expenses like gift money, a banquet, wedding photos, and the honeymoon. But there are many other costs that you can easily overlook. Below are six unexpected expenses you may not have considered:

Today’s generation may be familiar with gift money, but not some older wedding traditions, such as fruit baskets, dried seafood, golden pig cards and so on when preparing for the their wedding ceremony. Many people also overlook the “bride’s return on the third day of marriage” ritual. In this case, newlyweds must prepare a “homecoming pig” for the family. Ideally, this should be at least a medium-sized pig because the bigger it is, the more it shows the man’s love for his wife. Although a roast pig may only cost around HKD $3,000 , when added to these other usual expenses, it can add several thousand to the total cost of your wedding.

Most brides usually choose their wedding gown about six months before the wedding, and have their final fittings right before the ceremony. Many brides often lose weight as their wedding approaches, so they may need a lot of adjustments at the final fitting. These may require alterations to the original cut and style, and sometimes retailers may recommend a newer, more stylish dress style that will cost you extra. If you spend a wedding gown and a suit for the groom which can be fancy or simple according to your taste, about HKD$3, 000. If you want to get nice clothes for your parents too, this could be HKD$5 add another ,000-$6,000 to your budget.

Getting Married In Hong Kong

Technology is changing all the time, and wedding photography is becoming more and more professional. Some newbies choose aerial photography from a drone, 360º photography, or even film-level shooting and editing. If you want to have really memorable photo and video memories, you need to set aside some extra budget. In addition, to enhance the atmosphere at the wedding party, a current trend is to have an instant photo booth. Guests can get the photos printed instantly, and also upload them to social media to share with their friends. There are a lot of photography companies that offer this kind of services, the common rate is around HKD $7000-$8, 000 for every four hours.

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A traditional wedding vow says, “For better, for worse, in sickness and in health”, which means that no matter what happens in life, you should always take care of each other .

If you really mean it, you need to really plan how to protect yourself. What if your other half becomes seriously ill, or suffers a back condition, how will you cover the cost or pay the medical bills? And looking further into the future, what kind of retirement life do you both want? All of this requires careful thought and planning for your savings, medical protection and your golden years together.

If you are planning to have a baby, you should get a pre-marital medical examination as soon as possible. If any problem is found, or any condition that may affect your baby, treatment can be started early and thus provide him with important protection

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