Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland – A UK celebrity answers the questions many couples ask when deciding on a wedding, including ‘Should a registrar officiate at our UK licensed venue?’

A good question to start with, I get asked often, and the answer is no! … you have a choice!

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

If you are engaged and looking for the perfect wedding venue now! It’s great that you’re exploring your own possibilities. Not only do you choose the venue, flowers and music, but you also have a say in who will officiate your day and ceremony.

Ultimate Guide On How To Get Married In Ireland

Remember that if you are getting married in Scotland, different rules apply, so this information refers to venues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Some venues receive their bookings through their local registrar’s office, so it’s easy for them to offer no other options. Another possibility is that they may not be familiar with the role of celebrant.

Both the celebrant and the registrar want you to enjoy the ceremony, but the services they offer differ. (Different laws apply to Scotland)

The registrar can be legally married to you and is employed by the local authority. The form and content of the ceremony is limited by law and does not include any religious or spiritual content. The registrars perform a series of rituals each day, so they insist on keeping to the appointed time. The registrar will arrange to meet with you both individually for a pre-ceremony interview, and any readings must be approved prior to the ceremony. Due to time constraints, it is not possible to meet with the registrar before the ceremony.

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The celebrant takes the time to get to know you and work with you to create a beautiful, bespoke, legal engagement ceremony that reflects your ideas, values ​​and personality. By separating the legal aspects of marriage, your ceremony will be about love rather than legality. You also have a choice of types of celebrants, there are humanitarian celebrants, civil or independent celebrants, both offer non-denominational ceremonies, but independent and civil celebrants are also happy to include spiritual and religious elements.

Celebrations are not limited to licensed areas, so even if you choose to hold your ceremony at a designated location, you have the option of having it at another location. Maybe in beautiful places? Many celebrants also choose a wedding rehearsal to relax and prepare for your big day.

Many couples book a “small house” ceremony at their local registry office a week before the wedding, bringing two witnesses with them to complete the legal requirements of the marriage, save the vows, and exchange rings for the celebratory ceremony. It costs around £60 and is usually available on a certain morning each week, so it’s a good idea to book in advance to secure your place.

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

You can choose to have a small legal wedding abroad and have your ceremony abroad or in front of family and friends when you return to the UK.

Getting Married In Ireland

Some couples opt for a registrar to have their wedding ceremony followed by a celebrant instead, but it’s more expensive. The registrant attends the venue and completes the legal ceremony in front of family members and friends immediately followed by a beautiful celebration with family members.

What you say to your guests is up to you. The celebration ceremony is an authentic and very beautiful wedding ceremony where the couple declares their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends. Many couples choose not to tell their guests that it’s not a formal ceremony, and their guests will have no idea, in fact, guests often say after the ceremony that it’s more personalized and beautiful than any other wedding!

Whatever your decision, take your time and choose the right option for the couple. We all want the same thing. Have a wonderful day.

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For couples looking for a wedding venue that exudes timeless glamor and timeless elegance, a manor in Kent is just the place to be. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and rich… Just before lunchtime at the end of February, at the height of the Level 5 lockdown, four couples will marry at the Lower Menu Center on Grand Canal in Dublin. The person in charge is Louise Dodrill, Executive Registrar and Director of Marriages at Dublin Register Office. An employee of the Health Services Executive, she has worked there for nine years, ever since her sister sent her a job description and the words, “This is all of you.”

Why “all of you”? He laughed. “Because I love ‘love.’ It’s so cheesy, but I love it. I love romance. I like to know how [the couple] met and when they combined things like [the ceremony]. I love all of this.”

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

There is a glass Covid zone on the desk he runs. “Love bubbles,” he says. Behind the wall is a framed copy of Frederick William Burton’s Encounter on the Cake Ladder. Most of the blue chairs in the house have a yellow “Do not use this chair” sign.

Registrar Or Celebrant? You Have A Choice!

Some people don’t want to fuss and always want a wedding of four and don’t want the stress of inviting family.

In 2020, 1,793 couples were married at register offices including Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. That’s less than the 2,447 who got married last year, but that’s likely because they were closed for 10 weeks at the start of the pandemic. So far, demand in 2021 appears to be increasing. They are booked until September.

Love still reigns supreme in a Level 5 lock-up, with eight couples getting married every day at a Dublin register office. Video: Enda O’Dowd

At level 5, wedding parties can only have six guests. The room here can usually accommodate 60 people. Small weddings suit some people, she says. “Some people don’t want the fuss, always want a wedding of four and don’t want the pressure of inviting family. For others, it’s like, “Let’s do the legal thing and have a party next year.”

Can We Get Married At Home?

Newlyweds must give at least three months’ notice. Some time points are harder to get than New Year’s Eve and the summer. “Sometimes we get calls saying, ‘We’re getting married in three months.’ You will see a lot of people getting married during the Christmas season. So January is all questions. And then you kind of hit Easter and then you get into regular weddings.”

Dodrill said security guard Tom scolded her about her first wedding because she was so nervous. Why was he nervous? “You want to make someone’s day special.”

Tom has worked in this registry office since the first civil partnership in 2011. Part of his job now involves handing out Covid forms to people and taking their temperature with a handheld thermometer.

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

“Ah, here’s a very happy bride,” said Dodrill. In the hallway, the couple waits with their witnesses. They are laughing and relaxed.

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Jim and Sarah are in their 50s and well-dressed. Their 18-year-old son and Sarah’s sister came as witnesses. “Jim” and “Sarah” are not their real names. The extended family is not yet aware of the wedding, so they do not want to be named.

“We always told the family, if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it,” Sarah said. . . »

So this is an option. Sarah has “Bride” printed on her face, and Jim has “Groom”.

“The conversation came up one night and we just said, ‘We might as well,'” he said later.

Can A Celebrant Legally Marry You In The Uk?

It’s an extraordinary feeling. I have never worn jewelry in my life. I’m suddenly heavier on one side

“I think with Covid everything has slowed down, you have more time to think,” Sarah said. “You’re always with each other. “You don’t just go out, you just pass each other in the hallway or at dinner at night.”

How did they meet? “I met through my brother,” Sarah said. “We met. . . What was his name? he asked.

Getting Married In A Registry Office Ireland

“Bloody horse,” said Jim. “It was my 28th birthday. We were going there [to a Dublin bar] and two girls [Sarah and her sister] walked in and history was made.”

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Jim and his sister go


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