Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree – SIT partners with Sixides to translate interior design ideas into visual recommendations and industry-standard quotes by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The partnership between SIT and Sixides has resulted in a machine learning model that classifies images according to a pre-defined set of interior design attributes.

Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree

Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree

In Singapore, home renovations often conjure up dual emotions. On the one hand, excitement – finally, the home of one’s dreams will soon become a reality. On the other hand, concern – there is a prevailing issue of transparency in the interior design industry. Prices may not be what they should be, and the designer’s competence cannot be easily evaluated, so homeowners may not get what they pay for. A small and medium enterprise (SME) seeks to disrupt the market by harnessing technology.

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Sixides focuses on bridging the gap between homeowners and interior designers. Along with supporting transparency, the company recognizes that there must be a process for homeowners to communicate their design preferences and themes quickly and clearly, as well as professionalize and certify interior designers.

As a consumer-oriented interior design platform, Sixides was looking to partner with a higher education institute to implement its future ideas. The company approached the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to help translate their ideas to meet industry standards.

“The prospect of collaborating with a university to ideate, collaborate and deliver projects is very exciting. By collaborating with Design Factory@SIT (DF@SIT), we can now bridge the gap between academia and the business world,” said Astley Ng, CEO of Sixides. Through real world projects, with real results.”

The university’s ICT faculty can help Sixides use the technology, while Design Factory@SIT will provide a certification program for accreditation. By sharing the same values ​​with SIT, especially in design thinking, Sixides seized the exciting opportunity to collaborate.

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“We have embarked on a series of projects with DF@SIT involving artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and industry upskilling courses that raise industry standards, and we are exploring more projects. DF@SIT staff are very receptive to ideas and also actively contribute from their perspective.” Mr. Ng added: “There is a wonderful synergy between the two parties, which stimulates creativity and leadership.”

For SIT, the feeling was mutual: what better way to expose its students to the industry than through real-world projects?

“Sixides had a great idea: If you’re a homeowner and you see a piece of furniture you like, take a photo of it and upload it to the Sixides platform. Sixides will then generate potential “Different to what interior designers can do for you.” “And that’s where SIT came in – we provided the ICT skills and resources to help Sixides realize their vision.”

Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree

SIT has developed a machine learning algorithm that has been trained to recognize design elements such as furniture, colors and materials and classify images according to a range of interior design themes. Ultimately, the system could allow consumers to receive instant, industry-standard quotes.

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For the two SIT students involved in the AI ​​project, this was nothing new – they had experience from a previous unit. However, there is still a lot to learn.

“Every detail in every photo plays a big role, from the furniture to the tiles. This affects how we categorize the photos as a subject,” said Nicholas Lim, now a third-year ICT (Software Engineering) student. Complex really helped us design the AI ​​model, making everything more accurate. It made me realize that every part of the user experience really matters.

For machine learning to be as effective as possible, hundreds, even thousands, of images must be uploaded. This proved to be a challenge as the team constantly needed to search for more images. “Machine learning is a cycle that can constantly be improved. As Sixides continues to use it, it will continually improve as more images emerge,” Jones said.

Besides using technology to advance the industry, Sixides felt that professionalizing the sector was also crucial. Thus, he envisioned a system whereby interior designers could take classes and earn badges to showcase their unique competencies and certifications. This would ensure homeowners of the quality and standards of interior designers.

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“Sixides had already identified a core set of competencies and SIT’s mission was to provide a level of standard for the courses, of which we have long experience,” said Associate Professor Mark Teo from the Business, Communications and Design Group, a former architectural practitioner involved in developing the courses. “We worked with Sixides to clarify the different components of intended training and propose a competency framework that meets industry needs. The courses are also designed to engage adult learners by incorporating applied learning into the delivery of course content.

The benchmark certification courses will be taught not only by Sixides and SIT, but also by industry partners and experts. The program features four pillars (design, sustainability, buildability and project management) with three levels of courses, from basic to advanced.

For example, Sustainability and Healthy Interiors courses focus on sustainable practices and interior design principles, from materials to overall interior spaces.

Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree

The courses will be open to working professionals in the second quarter of 2022 through SIT LEARN Professional Development, the lifelong learning division of SIT. “We hope to conduct physical classes given the nature of the practice,” Associate Professor Teo said. “Sixides is already buying from companies.”

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Associate Professor Agnes Xue, Chair of DF@SIT, looks forward to working with more industry partners who are keen to adopt a user-centric model. “We support industry partners, especially SMEs, through design-led collaborative projects to move up the innovation value chain.”

Sixides is one such partner that has benefited from the collaboration. “I believe that as more companies shift (to technology-enabled platforms), many will realize the value of critical thinking – a key theme in creative learning, especially when doing design work,” said Mr. Ng. “The DF@SIT track will include helping non-design-related companies.” “Designing and remodeling a home can be difficult, especially when you have a tight space. But, with skillful design decisions, you will give your home a luxurious, design-like interior by transforming the room. Efficiently narrow into an expansive design that is completely functional with elegance.

Apart from all that, if you are having a hard time searching for practical interior design ideas to make your home look more spacious, we have the help you need.

Well, let’s see some amazing home interior design ideas that you can apply to make every space and home look better. Check this out!

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False ceilings are certainly tempting, but once faced with limited space, they can be overwhelming. Choose a smart solution to make your attic look great instead of a false ceiling.

Neutral and subtle colours, which often include white, beige and grey, will expand your home. The greatest aspect is that these colors are perfect for any luxurious and modern interior design style, whether minimalist contemporary, modern or Scandinavian.

Your furniture lines can stand out better due to the recognition and direction of good lighting; Raising the aesthetic level of the room.

Getting Into Interior Design Without A Degree

The open floor plan gives the home a wider, more spacious space. As a result, an open kitchen is a possible way for small homes. Reduce all partitions between the living room and the kitchen to make the space more full.

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However, you can use a small creative breakfast nook design to visually divide the room. Applying neutral colors in an open kitchen will create a more spacious and elegant impression. Wood would be an excellent material to inspire kitchen cabinets. Every item on this page was hand-selected by the House Beautiful editor. We may earn a commission on some of the items you choose to purchase.

When you live in a small house or apartment, it can be difficult to provide everything you need. Trying to fit everything in

Making it look good is a bigger challenge, but that’s what makes small space design so fun: coming up with clever solutions to those obstacles makes it more rewarding in the end. Fortunately for you, we have quite a few little space hacks up our sleeve, with hacks ranging from hanging beds to hidden storage, eye tricks, and more. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to make the most of a small room in a small house, these small space design ideas will make it feel much larger while maintaining elegance.

Opt for white-painted walls and bright tiles, as designer Brian Patrick Flynn did here. High-gloss materials are light-reflective and will create the same maximum effect that a mirror would, bouncing light and creating an overall airy space.

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Pocket doors with glass windows allow for shared light to flow throughout the space while also creating separation. Better yet, they slide right into the wall when not in use, taking up much less space than swing doors.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it covers the wall

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