Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam – Vietnam Checklist: Contact our travel experts to get all the best deals to get to Vietnam, eat all the food, buy coconuts at the floating market, cross the road without dying and make clothes.

Of course, there are a gazillion places in Asia where you can order a custom outfit, but the tailors in Hoi An, Vietnam, are especially known for excellence at reasonable prices. You don’t have to be a baller to get a whole new wardrobe, and it’s not uncommon for couples to dress their entire wedding party in this gorgeous, cobbled city.

Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam

Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam

But back to you. maybe you need a dress for THAT party, a replacement for a pair of well-loved jeans, or a rip-off of that designer shirt you spotted at Zimmermann. Hoi An picked you up in the tailor clothing department. Not all tailors are equally amazing, so read on to find out how to get clothes made in Vietnam that you’ll actually wear.

Essenstial Tips To Buy Made In Vietnam Clothes In Vietnam

Those jeans we mentioned earlier, make sure you pack them. Copying an existing clothing design is much easier than starting from scratch, so plug in any favorites you’d like to copy.

Unless you’ve found your Aladdin genius, you won’t have your ideal dress/suit/bolero made in 24 hours. Hoi An is a gorgeous little place with a World Heritage-listed Old Town, so hanging around here for three to five days is guaranteed not to suck.

Chances are you’ll need to pick something up or extend it a bit, which may take another day to fix. Do the tailoring as soon as you arrive to allow time for these changes; the cooking class can wait.

Talking to locals and wandering around the tailoring district is the best method of research. Be wary of offers from your hotel or tour operators as they may be best with a local tailor.

Tailor Made In Hoi An, Vietnam

Covered for time. Go online and search for reviews of tailors in Hoi An. Choose three of the highest rated institutions and recommend them. These reviews can also be a good way to check out local recommendations.

When you walk into the tailor you will be greeted by an abundance of materials and an extremely efficient shop lady. She’ll have giant books filled with designs for you to flip through, and if you don’t know what you want, she’ll suggest a closet full of things that will make you look super cute.

Even having a rough idea of ​​what you want can save you hours and save you from being inspired to order a ball gown that you don’t need.

Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam

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Getting Clothes Tailor Made In Vietnam • Globetrotterdammers

Good material will cost you more; this is (probably) not the super efficient store trying to scam you. If you find a killer dress design and ask a tailor to make it with cheap material, don’t expect the dress to fit and sit the way you want it to.

A tailor will tell you which fabric will best suit your design, although you don’t have to take them at their word; shop around for quotes on the same fabric.

That extra time you spent in Hoi An will also come in handy when negotiating prices. Once all the details are locked in, the ability to walk away and “think about it” may be the last push a seller has to lower your asking price. A few more things to ask.

Don’t be discouraged if you return for your first fitting and discover that your dream dress is long at the collar or too long in the sleeves. Tailors tailor things and they will be able to fix it as long as you know exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to ask them to pick up the hem or make your pants tighter.

Two Ladies Tailor

Once the garment bag is stuffed into your suitcase, take the time to review your experience online. whether it’s good or less than ideal, it will help those who come after you.

*Travel restrictions and conditions apply. Review any special terms and our general terms in the Terms and Conditions. Prices and taxes are correct as of date of publication and are subject to availability and change without notice. Prices listed are on sale until the dates listed unless otherwise noted or previously sold. Prices are calculated per person. A little planning before you shop for a tailor will allow you to make your visit to the Tailoring Capital of the World. Making clothes in Hoi An, Vietnam was one of my favorite experiences during my three months traveling in Southeast Asia. It was also super overwhelming. Hoi An is a vibrant town with over 300 tailors and leather workers. While most are family businesses run by skilled craftsmen, some are better than others and I wanted to spend my money wisely. Doing my research was critical to getting the experience and clothing I wanted. With this guide, I hope to make clothing manufacturing in Hoi An, Vietnam easier.

Generally, you end up at a tailor’s shop and talk to the tailor to pick out the clothes you want. After that you select the material and get measured. You will then return for one or more fittings to ensure your garment fits you perfectly. Sounds simple, right? Yes.

Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam

The first important step is to decide what clothes you want to make. Deciding on this ahead of time helped me a lot. Tailors will have mannequins with examples of their work, but choosing pieces that complement your style and aesthetic before you even set foot in the store is crucial to being happy with the end result. You want to be very specific and show pictures of the items you want to make.

Best Places To Go Shopping In Hanoi

The best way to make clothes in Hoi An is to think about two things.

A custom suit is the most popular item that can be made, and for good reason. A suit that doesn’t fit properly looks sloppy and unprofessional, so most people tailor their suits anyway. Designing your own suit, from material to suit, is an experience you can’t have (or afford) in many other places.

Although I’m not a man, I talked to all the suit tailors and went to all the fittings with a friend of mine who got a three piece suit made in Hoi An. I learned a lot during this process and I’m happy to share. There are many options for designing your ideal costume, which may sound exciting to some and terrifying to others. If you go to a good tailor (more on that below), he should walk you through the whole process. They will give you as many choices as you want and give their opinion when you don’t have any.

I also made a women’s suit and I’m very happy with it. I now have something to wear to any job interview or professional event that isn’t gross and uncomfortable. Women’s fashion changes faster than men’s fashion, so I would really definitely look for photos of women’s suits before I go to the store. Pinterest has been a great resource for me.

Made To Measure

Suits are definitely the most popular item of clothing to make in Hoi An, but I would seriously recommend making casual and work clothes as well. I received two silk tops, a dress and two jumpsuits. Uniforms are my favorite things in the universe, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

But how do you choose a specific style? Pick a few of your favorite or aspiring stores and then pick your favorite items from there. It’s easier to research and narrow down the options from stores that already fit your aspirational aesthetic, then create your dream pieces yourself.

For the beautiful basics, I got my photos from Everlane. Both of the silk shirts I received were modeled in their designs, and I’m very happy with their flowy, boxy aesthetic. (Even though they are flowy, they still had to fit well in the arms and shoulders since silk is not a stretchy material.) I modeled the dress I got from Anthropologie, which is a great store to browse for women’s luxury pieces. For my overalls, one is from Anthropologie and the other one I found at Urban Outfitters is great for dressier pieces.

Getting Clothes Made In Vietnam

The sky (and $$$) is the limit, so be sure to look for inspiration in all sorts of places, even your own brain. I would watch fashion youtube channels and follow style influencers on instagram and spot stylish ladies on the street. In the end, though, finding pieces from my aspirational stores was the most useful technique I tried.

Incredible Tips For Getting Clothes Made In Hoi An

Choosing a tailor was the most stressful part of the whole process. There are so many options and the time


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