Getting Clothes Made In China – This started a while ago, way back when I received a cute message from Brass Clothing asking me if I wanted to be their girlfriend. I’d never heard of them before, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure they made sense at first. Don’t get me wrong. Their clothes are beautiful and their philosophy suits me. But the timing isn’t quite right. I went on a relaxing vacation. as much as possible And I don’t focus on bringing new items into my closet that I might not need.

Fast forward a month or two. And something sparked in my brain. I miss brass again. I have been struggling for some time to find high quality clothing that is more suitable for work. Don’t get me wrong, I have and

Getting Clothes Made In China

Getting Clothes Made In China

Wear a t-shirt and jeans to work. But I wanted a shirt that could pull its weight in both formal and casual environments. Autumn is approaching And I know that every year I live in black—and that’s okay. But sometimes I wish I had brighter neutrals to break up the winter gloom. It’s time to intentionally organize my winter wardrobe.

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I started reading about their production. Starting to get into their fabric. And why did they start? I saw that it was a woman’s. Gives a calm and simple feeling to life and clothes.

Long story short, I reached out and said, They said, “Let’s do this!” and luckily, they were equally excited to get started. Get ready! This is the whole reason I slowly Falling in love with brass clothes even more

If I could count the number of times people told me they don’t support products made in China, I’d be rich as the world moves into mass production. North America began consuming huge amounts of inexpensive products imported from China. China has become a symbol of poor craftsmanship and the idea that one country wants to economically dominate the world market. Although everything produced in China is cheap. But that’s the impression we’ve developed over the years.

Therefore, Chinese and North American consumption have a turbulent relationship. I first started buying clothes that were purposely made. I would glow with delight when I saw a “made in Canada” or “made in USA” label. One day, I looked at an ethical clothing label that said “Made in China,” and I immediately thought, “Made in Canada.”

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How can a company that prides itself on quality and production of ready-to-wear garments exist in China? Is Chinese manufacturing bad?

Friends, we all know that there is truth behind every word. But at the end of the day, no, manufacturing in China isn’t all “bad.”

One thing to know about the Chinese economy is that it varies greatly depending on the region. There are rural communities that do not have access to textbooks. And there are billionaires in Beijing. It is not all the veiled economic superpower we imagine. China is as diverse economically and socially as we are.

Getting Clothes Made In China

It used to be because it was cheaper, but today even manufacturing in China has become more expensive. Not only because of ethical improvements. But it’s also because of demand. Companies like Brass and Tradlands produce in China because of the incredible skills of garment makers who have been a part of the industry for decades. Simply put, you don’t have access to tailoring experts. A lot of North America is possible at this point in our history.

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Our garment industry is affected by fast fashion. Canada in particular is still reeling from the effects of mass production. Almost all of our textile and clothing factories have disappeared.

Although we create small businesses that can revitalize the North American apparel industry, It is important to support the generations of knowledge and high quality craftsmanship that famous Chinese factories have developed over the years. and the ability to produce beautiful clothing in large quantities. I challenge my preconceptions and judgments about Chinese manufacturing. Why should I praise products made in France or Kenya? More than products made in China What makes supporting the skilled work of our dedicated people any less worthwhile? What makes their work less meaningful?

Working with Brass did more than just add a few new shirts to my wardrobe. Choosing to say yes to companies that are open, honest, and transparent about their production. It helped me discover that there is more meaning behind a garment than just where it was made.

Although my brass clothing is a gift, all love, opinions, and honesty are my own! <3 Your "Made in China" clothing was probably made by men and women locked up in mass concentration camps. That was the message sent this week after American media revealed that an order for apparel produced by North Carolina-based Badger Sportswear had been quietly processed. by prisoners in concentration camps in mainland China It then enters the global supply chain.

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According to the Associated Press, the camp in Hotan, China, which is responsible for producing Hetian Taida apparel supplied to Badger Sportswear, “is one of a growing number of detention camps in the Xinjiang region. where approximately 1 million Muslims are detained and subjected to political indoctrination and ‘New Education’” The camp is part of “China’s larger campaign of incarceration and re-education It uses checkpoints, GPS tracking and facial scanning cameras to monitor religious ethnic minorities.”

Wu Hongbo, president of Hetian Taida Apparel, confirmed that, in fact, The company has a factory in the area. “Re-education” and said they provide jobs to people the Chinese government considers “problematic”

While Mr Wu described the work as “Participation in poverty eradication” reports from various factories It revealed that many people were forced to work without pay and were “treated like slaves”.

Getting Clothes Made In China

This is just the latest demonstration that not only do most consumers not know where their clothing and other purchases come from, but many brands don’t either. The revelation comes less after adviser Peter Humphrey was imprisoned in Qingpu Prison outside Shanghai for two-and-a-half years before he was deported from China. Referring to his time in captivity in China.

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As Humphrey told the Financial Times in February, “Prisons are a business that performs production work for companies. In the mornings, afternoons and often during post-lunch naps, prisoners ‘work hard’ in the common living room. Our people make the packaging parts. I know well-known brands, including [but not limited to] C&A and H&M, very much for their corporate social responsibility.”

Spokespersons for H&M and C&A both said they It said it “did not observe or be aware of the use of prison labor” in China’s extensive and complex supply chain.

Humphrey added that the company sources its products from factories located in prisons. “They may not realize that prison labor is part of their supply chain.”

The AP noted that these cases Including the case involving Badger Sportswear “shows how difficult it is to stop products made from forced labor from entering global supply chains. This is despite the fact that such imports are illegal in the United States,” which the law allows officials to do. To block imports suspected of being made using convict labor into the United States.

Fast Fashion In China: A Humanitarian Issue

*This article has been updated to reflect quotes by the AP as opposed to Badger Sportswear CEO John Anton.

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Getting Clothes Made In China

When asked to choose between a brown Birkenstock and a pink stiletto Most people would be able to make up their minds fairly quickly in …when people are asked where their clothing comes from. His first thought was the roadside shop they had last visited. Instead of where in the world it is made, when asked, I ask people where their items are made. The immediate reaction I get is ‘China’ or ‘I don’t know, somewhere in Asia’. Most people think their clothes are made in ‘Third World countries’ or in clothing stores to keep costs down so that we all ‘have a bargain’. The most common people’s clothing label and the one we are all familiar with is ‘Made In China’ which has become ‘Made In China’. This is normal in almost all of our products.

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As a group, we decided to look at clothes made in China. And ask our classmates/friends/family where they think their clothes are made and the quality of the product in terms of price. We cut small t-shirt shaped pieces of paper. Leave to enter an answer to connect the two concepts. The questions we ask them are:

7. What do you think about the quality of products made in the UK compared to those made elsewhere in the world?

From the responses I received from people who asked. No one knows exactly where their clothes come from or really cares. I found that when

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