Getting Assistance From The Government – SINGAPORE: A number of charities that provide assistance to the needy have expressed hope that the government will provide more financial assistance and allow them to use their money more flexibly to help better, according to a Channel report. 8 News.

The Chinese Post noted that the number of local charities has increased in recent years. In 2021 alone, more than 50 charities were established in Singapore.

Getting Assistance From The Government

Getting Assistance From The Government

Philanthropists here rely primarily on donations to help people with disabilities. While the Government of Singapore does not fully fund these organizations, it does fund these charitable programs to operate and provide support in the form of grants, subsidies and tax incentives.

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But for some philanthropists, the level of support they receive is not enough to help those in need, and some are opening their own homes and pockets to fill gaps.

Ling Anne Hsieh, co-founder of Project Green Ribbon, a charity focused on helping disadvantaged youth by providing them with an empathetic and empowered community, told Channel 8 News that Charity like she gets is not enough.

To help young people in need better, the Green Ribbon project is now looking at building a physical home where people in need can come and go as they receive support from Green Ribbon representatives to overcome Stigmatize society and build resilience.

The head of Riverlife Community Services added that the charity also hopes the government will allow them to use their funds more flexibly, noting that some restrictions on the use of funds make it harder for non-profit organizations. Profits in running a program that fits a wide range of needs. The people they serve.

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“There may be a lot of financial (aid) coming into different agencies, but when it comes to constraints, we have to find other ways to raise funds to do some programs because of the needs (of the people we have,” he told the China Post. Serve) spacious.

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“The standard of living is very high, I can not retire. I will be 70 years old and will still be working. ” About 30 per cent of Singaporeans applying for short- to medium-term government financial assistance have been rejected in the last three years, although almost all applications for long-term assistance have been approved.

Getting Assistance From The Government

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) provided the figures to The Straits Times, and this is believed to be the first time such data has been made public.

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Last Friday, it released ComCare annual report for its 2018 financial year, which ended in March this year, but the percentage of rejected applications is not included in the report.

About 37,400 households were in various ComCare projects in its 2018 financial year, the lowest number in four years. During that period, about 72 percent or 27,122 of these households received short- to medium-term assistance (SMTA), while 11 percent or 4,261 households received Long Term Assistance (LTA).

An MSF spokesman said it had approved seven out of 10 applications for SMTA over the past three years. She added that applicants were rejected because they had enough income or savings to cover their basic living expenses, or they withdrew their application or could not be reached despite attempts to contact them. They do.

Last year, 10 percent of rejected SMTA applications, or 1,551 applications, were not approved because the family was considered to have sufficient savings.

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MSF said first-time applicants are usually assessed for SMTA, the amount of which is given and the duration varies from case to case.

Its spokesperson added: “Depending on the circumstances and needs of the applicant, our Social Services Office will recommend long-term assistance to those who are assessed as unable to work permanently and have little or no family support. “Most LTA beneficiaries are older people with limited family support.”

Those in the LTA program are provided with monthly financial assistance for a long period of time. For example, a family with only one person on the LTA will receive $ 600 per month.

Getting Assistance From The Government

Each family member who received SMTA had an average savings of $ 246 last year, down from $ 283 in 2017 and $ 335 in 2016.

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This amount refers to the savings they had when they applied for the grant. This is also the first time MSF has released this information.

Minister for Social Development and Family Development Desmond Lee provided information in a congressional response to nominee Anthea Ong on October 7 as she asked about the savings that ComCare candidates have among the questions. Other.

The Social Services Office looks at applicants’ income, assets such as savings and expenses, Lee said. In considering their savings, MSF looks at factors such as their savings for emergency expenses and their family size.

“There is no level of difficulty and the Social Services Office can exercise flexibility by taking into account the situation and needs of the applicant,” Lee said.

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Like those on SMTA, savings for those with LTA plans are declining.

The average cash savings of each family member for those on the LTA was $ 907 last year, down from $ 982 in 2017 and $ 1,000 in 2016.

Social workers interviewed said they were not sure why these families had less savings, but they pointed out that those in the LTA were generally better than those in the SMTA.

Getting Assistance From The Government

Pepsi Zewet, head of the Fei Yue Family Services Group at @Taman Jurong Social Services Office, said those who plan LTAs are usually the elderly who have to support themselves. And the financial aid they receive covers most – if not all – of their living expenses.

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He added, “They also receive other assistance, such as free food delivery services, and they also receive red packages during the festival that those in the SMTA project may not receive.” “So those in the LTA project can save money better.”

Social workers say those involved in the SMTA project often suffer from a range of issues ranging from health issues to family issues. They work in blue jackets as cleaners and security guards and often earn between $ 1,000-plus and $ 2,000-plus a month.

She has many health problems and a son with a mild mental disability. She also has a violent husband who is now divorced.

She was temporarily declared unfit to work by a doctor and relied on the $ 850 a month her family received from ComCare’s short- to medium-term living assistance plan.

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She has diabetes and asthma, heart problems and used to work as a cleaner for $ 1,000 a month. But she had to stop about two years ago due to a foot problem that made her sick.

Like her, her only 10-year-old son is not healthy. He has digestive problems and still needs diapers.

Like many other poor people receiving financial assistance, Mrs. Manis borrowed money from her friends and relatives to pay off her water and electricity bills. She had no savings and owed $ 1,000-plus.

Getting Assistance From The Government

She eats with ketchup on the day her bag is empty. Sometimes she can afford meat and vegetables.

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In addition to the $ 850 from the government, she also receives $ 300 a month from the Islamic Council of Singapore and other assistance such as her son’s tuition.

“I wanted to work but I could not. I was always worried if something happened to my son, what would happen to my son,” she said.

The number of households receiving government financial assistance and the amount provided by the Community Care Fund (ComCare) both hit a four-year low last year.

According to the latest ComCare annual report released yesterday by the Ministry of Social Development and Family (MSF), about 37,400 households benefited from various ComCare projects last year, down from 2017. The number has also dropped for those receiving short- to medium-term and long-term assistance.

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People familiar with the social sector say the decline is due to a variety of factors. They cited the establishment of 24 Social Service Offices (SSOs) from 2013 to 2015 as key reasons.

CSOs work with volunteer welfare organizations and community partners in each area to better coordinate the various social services provided and connect residents in need to the relevant support networks.

“After 2015, there was a lot of outreach from the Office of Social Services and Community Partners, and those in need knew where to look for specific help,” said Tan-Wu Mei Ling, CEO of Shine Child and Youth Services. .

Getting Assistance From The Government

Paulin Straughan, a sociologist at the Singapore University of Management, points out that the figures for ComCare reflect only those in need of financial assistance, compared to other projects focused on specific needs.

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“People in need can now be supported by those schemes instead,” Straughan said, leading to a drop in demand for ComCare. She added: “

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