Getting A Work Visa In Spain – Being a Spanish citizen has many benefits, such as receiving the 5th most powerful passport in the world which gives visa-free access to 175 countries.

Also, once you become a Spanish citizen, slow bureaucracy and paperwork will become much faster and easier. You can vote in Spanish national and regional elections, depending on how much you earn or how much tax you pay.

Getting A Work Visa In Spain

Getting A Work Visa In Spain

Another advantage is that you automatically become a Spanish citizen and become a European Union citizen. This means you can move freely and work in any EU country and vote in EU elections.

Here Are Five Ways To Obtain Spanish Nationality In 2023

Since Spanish citizenship is coveted by many, there are certain requirements you must meet to qualify for it. Find out about the different routes you can take to become a Spanish citizen.

By naturalization: if you have lived in Spain for 10 consecutive years on a valid residence permit, for example, on a work visa. Years spent as a student in Spain do not count as a temporary stay.

By descent: If you can prove Spanish ancestry and your ancestors did not renounce their Spanish citizenship, you can apply for citizenship.

By marriage: If you marry a Spanish citizen (including a same-sex marriage) you become eligible for Spanish citizenship after living in Spain for at least one year.

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By Investment: By making a significant investment in Spain, you can get a Golden Visa, which is the path to becoming a Spanish citizen after 10 years.

Becoming a Spanish citizen is a simple process. But, some ways to apply for citizenship are more time-consuming than others.

Naturalization is the easiest way to become a citizen. But it requires more time than other options. To be eligible for citizenship through naturalization, you must have lived legally in Spain for at least 10 years.

Getting A Work Visa In Spain

The fastest way is to apply for citizenship through marriage or civil union. You only need to live together with your Spanish partner for one year.

How To Apply For Spain Work Visa, Easy Ways To Get

Obtaining Spanish citizenship through descent is the fastest way if you can prove that your ancestors were Spanish citizens or that you had the right to Spanish citizenship at birth.

If you cannot fulfill the prerequisites for any of the above options, then investment is the only option for you. This way of becoming a Spanish citizen is the most challenging because it requires you to be a legal resident of Spain for 10 years after investing a good amount in Spain.

To become a Spanish citizen, you have to meet certain requirements depending on how you want to become a citizen — by naturalization, descent, marriage or investment.

If you have been a legal resident of Spain continuously for a certain period of time, you can obtain Spanish citizenship through naturalization. Usually, this period is 10 years. The deadline is 5 years if you are a refugee and 2 years if you are from any Latin American country, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines or Portugal.

Applying For A Spain Visa From The Uk: A Step By Step Guide

Note that if you have previously studied in Spain, the time you have lived in Spain on a student visa will not count towards the 10-year requirement to become a Spanish citizen.

After living legally in Spain for 1 year with your Spanish spouse, you can apply for citizenship. This law also applies to LGBTQ+ couples. But you cannot apply for citizenship through a civil partnership in Spain.

After obtaining your Golden Visa by Investment, you can apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years. So essentially the application process for it is the same as acquiring citizenship through naturalization.

Getting A Work Visa In Spain

The table below shows the number of years you must live in Spain before you are eligible for Spanish citizenship:

Work Permit In Spain

Once you have collected all the required documents, you can submit them online or in person at the civil registry. After you submit the documents, the authorities take 18 to 36 months from the date of application to determine if you can become a Spanish citizen. Generally, the waiting time for online submission is quick.

In addition to this, you will also need to pay for Spanish language course and exam registration. There are many affordable language schools in Spain that will help you with your language and cultural exams.

Spain only allows dual citizenship if you are from Andorra, Portugal, Equatorial Guinea, the Philippines and any Latin American country. If you are not from any of these countries and want to become a Spanish citizen, you must renounce your original citizenship.

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Spain Digital Nomad Visa: Requirement And How To Apply

If you are looking for a Spain work visa, you should first do a good research on how to get it and what is required to get it? You also need to know if you need it to work there. If you need it, there is a procedure to apply for the same. If you plan to go to Spain for work, there is no doubt that there is a certain procedure to follow.

To the simple question ‘do you need a work permit to work in Spain?’ the immediate answer is ‘yes’, if you are a foreigner. Some nationalities require a Spanish work permit to work and live there legally. And depending on your nationality and employment situation there are different types of Spanish work visas as well as exemptions for citizens of certain countries.

This work visa is closely linked to your residency status in Spain. In most cases, you must have a job lined up before applying for a work permit to move to Spain.

Getting A Work Visa In Spain

Citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland can live and work in Spain without a work visa or any restrictions. However, non-EU citizens must obtain a work visa before landing there and starting to work and live in Spain. However, there are exceptions for non-EU citizens such as academics or scientists working on specific projects or close relatives joining family members who are in Spain for work for a year or more.

Barcelona: The Top Job Opportunities And Your Guide To Landing A Spain Work Visa

Well, before you can apply or get a work visa, you first need to get a job in Spain. There are many ways to get a job in Spain such as you can use job sites and apply for jobs online as well as upload your CV to the website.

After you have found a job in Spain – the next step is your employer who will request authorization (a work permit) for you so that you can legally work in Spain. You will only be granted a work visa if your job is listed as a shortage occupation or there are no suitable candidates from Spain or the EU for this vacancy. Once the approval process has been completed and you have been granted approval which will correspond to your residence permit, you can then apply for a Spain work visa. Your employer will then submit your application for a work visa on your behalf to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labour.

On completion of all these procedures for Spain work permit visa, you will be provided with an application copy with embossed stamp by office and file number. These documents will be required for the purpose of obtaining a visa as you will send to the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country for a visa application (this will be a work and residence visa). Once you do this, the embassy will notify the regional labor office about your application and the labor office will then start processing your application. Remember, this process takes time. Thus it may take up to 8 months for you to get a work permit. When the Labor Office approves your work visa, the embassy or Spanish consulate will issue you a work and residence visa so that you can move to Spain to start your work.

A Spain work visa is valid for one year, but is renewable as long as you continue to meet the conditions. Once you have spent 5 years there, you will be eligible to apply for a long-term residence permit.

How To Get A Work Authorization In Spain On A Student Visa

There are some people who do not need to get a work visa in Spain to do any kind of work there. But they still need a visa to land in Spain and get a residence permit. These persons include scientists, technicians, professors, persons invited for cultural events or scientific research development, foreign journalists, performing artists, clergy and internationally recognized trade union officials.

Remember: If you want to come to Spain to do voluntary work, you do not need to have a visa for Spain or there are no visa or work restrictions for you. If any of you want to know about the cost of work permit in Spain, remember that it will only be disclosed by the relevant authorities.

If you want to do a seasonal job in Spain, you need to apply and get a work visa like you

Getting A Work Visa In Spain


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