Getting A Visa For Tanzania – Tanzania has strict rules regarding the entry process. However, it is a very friendly country for visitors – although you have to apply for a visa, it is very easy to get one. A US citizen does not fall under the referral visa category, meaning a visa that requires an online application if you are a refugee, stateless person, or from one of the countries listed in the “Referral Visa Cases” section (check out the official website of the Department of Immigration). It means that US citizens are allowed to fill the Tanzania Visa Application form online even upon arrival at the airport. It is important to note that you cannot fill out this form on any other website.

People decide to visit Tanzania for a variety of reasons. Some want to spend a family vacation there and enjoy the natural landscapes and animals. Others are sent there on business trips. Depending on the purpose of your visit, there are several types of visas you are eligible for. Here is the full list:

Getting A Visa For Tanzania

Getting A Visa For Tanzania

See the paragraph above to find out what this term means. The list of countries includes Iran, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and 26 more. Applicants in this category are advised to apply for the document in advance as they need to obtain special approval and ask questions before receiving the visa.

Tanzania Travel Guide

This type has two subtypes: the regular (single-entry) visa and the multiple-entry visa. The first subtype can be used for 90 days before it expires. A single entry visa is granted to you not only if you want to travel throughout the country but also if you want to visit your family, receive health services, participate in volunteering or charity events.

A multiple entry visa is valid for one year. Keep in mind that you cannot stay in the country for twelve consecutive months – you must leave every three months. You can be granted this type of visa if you are married to a Tanzanian resident or citizen. Visit the official website to read about other cases. If you are a United States citizen planning to vacation in Tanzania, select the multiple entry type box when applying online.

If you are coming to this country to deal with business-related activities and arrangements, to conduct training courses, to repair equipment or machinery, you will receive this type of visa. As a regular visa, it can only be used for three months.

If your intention is to go elsewhere in the United Republic, apply for this type. Make sure your changes don’t last more than seven days. Prepare a ticket to prove that your final destination is not Tanzania.

U.s. Citizens Need Advance Visas To Visit These Countries

The name speaks for itself. Those coming to the United Republic to do research work, participate in an international exchange program, or volunteer work are eligible for this type of visa. It is valid for two years.

As we have already mentioned, there are two ways to apply for a Tanzanian visa: visit the official website and fill out the form at the airport upon arrival. Regardless of which way you choose, when you arrive in Tanzania, you must meet a few requirements: you must have a valid passport for at least six months after applying for a visa, a Passport or Residence Permit, and a valid visa. .

We will dwell on the online process first as it is the best way to save your time when coming to the United Republic. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a pre-document:

Getting A Visa For Tanzania

If you want to see other application PDFs that you can edit and fill out online, listed below are a number of forms that are popular among our users. Also, remember that you can upload, fill out, and edit any PDF in the.

How To Obtain A Visa On Arrival In Tanzania

Applying for a visa on arrival is a good idea for those who do not have enough time to wait for an e-visa. We encourage you to use our form builder software, which will help you create an application form in minutes, even before your departure time. The form is one page long, so it’s not too complicated to fill out. All instructions are clear.

There is an optional official section in the top left corner of the form. Let’s review the parts you need to complete.

First and foremost, describe yourself and write your first name, last name, and maiden or maiden name (only if it’s different from above).

You can now proceed to Sections 2-3. Write the date of birth first and move on. Indicate whether you are male or female. Add location and country of birth. It is important that you write down your current nationality and the country in which you were born.

How To Get Your Tanzania Visa & Entry Requirements Explained

The form requires you to provide the following information: passport number, date of issue and expiration, place of issue, and authority by which it was issued. It is necessary to show that your passport is valid for six months from the date of your arrival.

Specify your residential address. List your phone, email, and fax numbers that officials can use to reach you.

In Section 10, state the date you plan to come to Tanzania and the date you plan to leave the United Republic. Write the total number of days you will stay. Remember that it should not exceed 90 days.

Getting A Visa For Tanzania

Select one of the boxes provided: travel or travel. The following fields are necessary to complete to determine the type of visa you will be granted. Specify the purpose of your visit by checking the box. Indicate the number of times you will enter the country. If you are applying for a travel visa, let the officials know that you have a Passport at your final destination.

Tanzania Visa Photo 40×45 Mm Size, Tool, Requirements

Once you have filled in the required fields, double check the information. Make sure everything is correct. Put your signature and specify the date of signature. United States citizens need a visa to enter Tanzania. If you are applying for a Tanzanian USA visa (tourist visa from the US), you can get it at any of the two visa processing centers in the US, or upon arrival in Tanzania:

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Tanzania to the United Nations: 307 East 53 street 4th, floor., New York, NY, 10022. Telephone: (212) 697-3612, ext. #4

Visa processing hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm for submitting applications, and 2:00pm to 5:00pm for picking up visas, excluding US and Tanzanian national holidays. No appointment necessary. Allow a minimum of five (5) business days for regular processing.

You can now apply for a Visa online to visit the Republic of Tanzania (both Tanzania Bara and Zanzibar). You are asked to fill out an online form, make a payment, and submit your application online. Your form will be internally reviewed and processed.

Immigration Tanzania Passport Application, Contacts, Forms

Applicants will be notified by email whether their application has been accepted or rejected. They can also track the status of their application through the online process.

You are encouraged to apply for a visa online as it should speed up your arrival process. Visa requirements and costs for tourists to Tanzania have not changed, and depend on the nationality of the passport holder.

Payments may be made by money order, cashier’s check, company/organization checks, personal checks (accompanied by a copy of a valid driver’s license or driver’s license number written on the check), or credit card (all types accepted except American Express). All checks and money orders should be made payable to the Embassy of Tanzania, Washington, D.C. If you would like to pay by credit card, download the credit card payment slip here. Cash will not be accepted.

Getting A Visa For Tanzania

Most safari destinations in Tanzania (and most of Africa) are very remote, and far from any conflict zones. However we recommend that you review the Tanzania travel warnings and the US State Department travel advisories for Tanzania available at:

Travel To Tanzania

While this post is about visa to Tanzania, we have a more extensive post on African safaris and tourism to Tanzania. To learn more about Tanzania tourism and safari needs, visit the Tanzania Safari Holiday Guide page.

The above information on Tanzania Visa for US Citizens is the best information to the best of our knowledge. We recommend that you verify it with the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. if you are confused.

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