Getting A Visa For Brazil – When I set out on my backpacking trip to South America, Brazil wasn’t exactly on my bucket list. My reasons revolved around three factors. One – It was just huge and needed me to backpack for a year or so. Two – It was too expensive and I was a budget traveler. Three – I had learned a lot of Spanish and wanted to continue that.

Anyway, when I was in Ecuador I decided to go for it for a variety of reasons ranging from the long term travel option as the tourist visa for Brazil was a multiple entry visa valid for 1 year from the date of issue, with a limit of 90 days.

Getting A Visa For Brazil

Getting A Visa For Brazil

If you ask me to come up with a straight answer, Brazil was my backup plan. A resort if I couldn’t extend my visa in another country. So I went and got my tourist visa for Brazil at the Brazilian embassy in Quito, Ecuador. The process is the same for other nationalities, although the requirements may vary slightly.

Brazil Lifts Visa Requirement For Us, Canada, Japan And Australia

At the time of writing, Brazil has changed its visa policy and now Indians would be visa free for Brazil. But it has not yet been implemented. This article can serve any nationalities who need a tourist visa for Brazil.

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Citizens of all EU countries, North and South America, Australia and many other Asian countries can enter Brazil without a visa for a 90-day stay. You can check if you need a visa or if you are eligible for a visa exemption on this list.

Brazil tourist visa requirements are pretty standard. It may change a bit depending on where you apply from. For a tourist visa in Brazil, you need the following documents.

Brazil Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

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The Brazil visa application form to be completed on the Portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. There is no need to fill out a physical application. However, after completing it, you will receive a receipt, which you must print.

Brazil tourist visa application photo size should be 2cm X 2cm. This is for digital upload as well as paste. Even if your digital photo has been uploaded on the Brazil visa application form, you must paste a hard copy of the photo on the printed receipt in the appropriate field.

Getting A Visa For Brazil

To provide a Brazil visa travel itinerary, you can get either a departure ticket from Brazil to another country or a return ticket to your home country (safer option). There are many ways to do both for free.

Brazil Reintroduces Visa Requirement For Us Tourists, Others

I booked plane tickets from Quito to Rio de Janeiro and then a return ticket from Rio de Janeiro to New Delhi after 80 days.

For this, I made reservations on for the first month in a few cities in Brazil and printed the tickets in Portuguese to give it a nice touch.

Just like any other visa application, Brazil requires you to show proof of funds when applying for a Brazil tourist visa. They need bank statements for the last 6 months. They don’t say how much money is good enough. In my guess $3000 is a good bet. The more the better.

I showed my bank statements as well as several credit card statements for the past 6 months.

Brazil Travel Advice & Safety

Brazilian embassies may request Proof of employment in your home country if you are employed. If you are a student, you must show proof of enrollment and attendance at school or university.

Applicants who have visited certain countries and territories 90 days before entering Brazil are advised to present an International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination (ICV), known as the Yellow Card, upon entering Brazil.

So, the first thing you need to do is fill the online application form on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. It’s a simple application and they ask for personal information.

Getting A Visa For Brazil

After completing the application, immediately print the delivery receipt and save it as a PDF, or at least take note of the application pickup code. Don’t play with this one because they don’t send you any confirmation email. So if you forget this, you’ll have to start from square one.

Getting A Business Travel Visa For Brazil In Florida Is Easy When Following The Rules

When you visit the embassy, ​​take with you the printouts of all the necessary documents (airline ticket, etc.) and the receipt of the tourist visa application for Brazil. Make sure you paste the same picture you uploaded in the portal and sign the receipt.

I went to the Brazilian embassy in Quito around 9am or so. It is on Av. Amazon River. No need to schedule an appointment. The working schedule is:

I was a little skeptical about the whole thing since I’ve been to Ecuador as a tourist. Obtaining a tourist visa for a country when you are not in your home country is always difficult and it is common for embassies to require that you are a resident or have a resident visa.

The officer who received the application was very friendly and asked me what I was doing in Ecuador and why I wanted to visit Brazil. They rarely got Indians wanting tourist visas for Brazil in Ecuador, so she was very curious. The entire conversation was in Spanish and felt like a conversation.

Visa Requirements For Dominican Republic Citizens

Then he examined my documents. He asked me when I entered Ecuador and verified that I had not yet exceeded my 90 day stay limit in Ecuador. After this, he asked me to make the payment at Banco Produbanco to account number 1001326018 and bring the original receipt.

. I went to the branch and deposited $80 into the account and came back with the receipt.

After 3 days I went to get my passport and came back with a shiny new tourist visa for Brazil.

Getting A Visa For Brazil

Some Brazilian embassies, such as those in the US or the UK, allow you to submit your application by post or through a visa agency. However, in most countries, you have to go in person.

Day Brazil Tourist Visa

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If you fall in love with Brazil and want to stay there for a longer period, you can extend it for an additional 90 days once in any 12-month period at a Federal Police (

) office. The thing to remember here is that you cannot stay more than 180 days in a calendar year.

Although Brazil has announced visa-on-arrival for citizens of certain countries, it has not yet been implemented. So Brazil visa on arrival for Indians is definitely not available yet.

Services To Get Your Digital Nomad Visa For Brazil

With parties and crazy street costumes, Brazil’s carnivals are famous around the world. And if you’re visiting Brazil around the Easter holidays, you won’t want to miss the Rio de Janeiro carnival.

But Brazil is not just about carnivals. With stunning blue oceans, over 70 national parks, sprawling metropolises, the Amazon and breathtaking waterfalls such as

, Brazil is a traveler’s paradise. While Rio De Janeiro is probably the most visited city in Brazil, many visitors also visit Florianopolis, Copacabana, Curitiba and Manaus. And Brazil’s carnivals are famous all over the world.

Getting A Visa For Brazil

Deb Pati is the founder of The Visa Project. He lived and traveled in many countries. When he’s not traveling, he’s either working or writing. Updated April 2018 – One of our readers Scott reached out and said that it is now possible for citizens of Canada, Australia, Japan and the US to apply for an e-Brazilian. visa online using this website. We don’t have personal experience with it, but it seems to be easier and cheaper than going to the embassy. Please do further research before applying through this method as we cannot personally condone it. This is Scott’s experience using it.

The Ultimate Brazil Travel Guide • The Blonde Abroad

Updated January 2018 – there are some new requirements for getting a Brazil visa in Buenos Aires, which we have included in this post. Thanks to all our readers who commented with new information.

As Australian citizens, we learned that we had to obtain a visa for Brazil in Buenos Aires before we could travel to the largest nation in South America.

During our research, we found that all the blogs online were outdated and full of information that seemed contradictory. After contacting the Brazilian Consulate directly, we received some updated information that made our application process go smoothly.

Despite some reports, we didn’t need to be in our home country to apply for the Brazil visa, so we don’t have to worry.

Do I Need A Visa To Go To Brazil 2023?

After checking and confirming all the information at hand, we were finally able to apply for a 90-day Brazil visa in Buenos Aires and were able to get it on the first try.

Unlike other South American nations, Brazil does not offer visa on arrival (VOA) nor does it offer


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