Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree – We know that digital skills are important for finding employment today, and even more so, if one tries to make a good living. In fact, since the beginning of the last decade, more than 60% of jobs require either high-level or intermediate-level digital skills. While COVID-19 has caused a spike in unemployment, people are eager to learn new age skills.

In today’s economy, although higher education is appealing, for most people, it can be expensive and take a long time (usually 3-5 college hours) to learn the appropriate skills. What if through learning-based online tools, people could quickly acquire advanced skills? To pave the way for such a situation, Google is planning to introduce special career certificates that can help people advance their careers and even start their tech careers to find well-paying jobs.

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree

Kent Walker, SVP of Global Affairs for Google wrote in a blog post that people don’t need a college diploma to achieve economic security. “We need new, accessible job training solutions—from enhanced vocational programs to online education—to help America recover and rebuild,” he wrote.

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The new Google Career Certificate builds on Google’s existing programs to create pathways into IT support careers for people without college degrees. Also, individuals can acquire job-ready skills to start or advance careers in high-demand fields such as data analyst, project manager, UX designer, IT support specialist. According to Google, these certificates also connect learners with top national employers who are hiring for relevant job roles.

He added that college degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and that new, accessible job training solutions—from improved vocational programs to online education—are needed to help America recover and rebuild. . Ken Walker wrote about Yves Cooper, who previously worked as a van driver and later took an IT support certificate program. Within five days of finishing the program, he was offered a role as an IT help desk technician at a non-profit organization in Washington, DC.

The recent introduction of certificates comes under the “The Grow with Google Career Certificates” education initiative. With this initiative, the company will help people acquire the skills they need to get a job or build their own business. Google has hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities for people completing career certificate programs to provide them with real-world on-the-job training.

Plus, there are 100,000 need-based scholarships, funded by Google, to complete any of these career certificates. Google has also partnered with more than 100 community colleges to help with registration and teaching of courses.

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“We’ll be providing 100,000 need-based scholarships, and at Google, we’re putting our new career certificates at the equivalent of a four-year degree for relevant roles. We’re also working on $10 million in job training grants for communities across the United States, working with partners like the YWCA, NPower and JFF,” Waker wrote.

Programs will be taught by company employees who work in specific fields of data analytics, project management and UX experience, and IT support. It should be noted that these career certifications are different from the Google Cloud certification, which focuses on developing advanced skills for professionals using Google Cloud technology products.

Let’s take a look at the career certificates that Google has created. Google only has the details of the course at this time, and the company has given a release date. The announcement is primarily targeted at US workers, but is expected to be expanded to the rest of the world later.

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree

Data Analyst: With a median salary of $66,000 according to Burning Glass, the data analyst role is included as part of a career certification. Google says that certification for data analysts can help them with the confidence and skills to navigate the data lifecycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze and gain insights from datasets. Such insights are essential for business managers to make effective decisions.

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Project Manager: Next on the list is the job role of a project manager, which commands a median salary of $93,000 according to Burning Glass. Project managers are in high demand today, and Google seems to fill the demand for this high-paying job with a six-month career certificate. According to Google, this certificate focuses on the fundamentals of traditional project management and also provides training in agile project management.

UX Designers: According to Google, this certificate guides learners through the fundamentals of UX design and research, creating low-fidelity designs and wireframes, designing high-quality prototypes, and testing. UX designers (median annual income, $75,000) help make technology products easier and more enjoyable to use by creating interfaces to deliver a great user experience.

IT Support Specialist: Finally, one of the most popular certifications from Google is the IT Support Specialist, which involves learning to troubleshoot and troubleshoot IT systems, and creating great customer service in the process. IT support professionals help with everything from networking to operating systems, and from system administration to security across organizations.

Google has been running this professional certification on Coursera for a while, benefiting professionals looking for a new job, a raise, or starting a new business.

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Launched in 2018, the Google IT certification program has become one of the most popular certifications on Coursera. Google says that thousands of people have found new jobs and increased income after completing the course.

Google has explained that the certificates are a pathway to jobs as the tech giant will directly connect the certificate completer with the top employer in the respective countries. Certificates are designed for learners to become job-ready for high-demand and well-paying job roles with median annual salaries in excess of $50,000.

Google’s certificate courses can be completed in a period of six months. The best part is that Google has indicated that they will be considered equivalent to a four-year college degree by Google.

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree

Because it is entirely developed by Google, it can be a game changer for those looking to change fields or advance their careers. Not only this, Google has announced that it will provide grants and scholarships to deserving students. All courses and resources related to specific jobs will be hosted on Coursera.

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Just like other career certifications, Google says that no degree or previous experience is required. In fact, 61 percent of teaching enrollees do not hold a four-year degree. This certificate can be a perfect launch pad for a career in IT. Certificate courses are not provided for free. In terms of fees, for its current IT support program, it takes an average student approximately three to six months to complete the certificate program at a cost of $49 per month.

The importance of short-term certificates is that they train people on practical skills in a short period of time instead of traditional college education. Such skills and certifications can play an important role in providing the required and continuous learning in the technical field.

Such certificates are not only beneficial in acquiring specific skills, but they are also more affordable than a traditional university degree. Also, the curriculum can be revised every year based on the demands of the job at hand, something that colleges do not do.

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Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree

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Our mission is to make better informed and more informed decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and credible journalism. Can you get a tech job without a degree? The technology industry is one sector where experience can be more valuable than academic qualifications. Many large tech companies have dropped strict requirements for a degree in this field. Today, a professional certificate or bootcamp program can be enough to land you a high-paying tech job.

However, there are some things you should do regardless of your first tech job experience. This guide will highlight some of the key steps available to you to get a technical job without a four-year degree. You should build your technical skills, communication skills, soft skills, and relevant experience if you want to start a great career in technology.

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Yes, it is possible to get a technical job without a college degree. This is the reason why many jobs in the IT sector are not regularly required

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