Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit – 7 · 4 comments Even after 3 years of FE dev experience I’m not getting interviews. What can I improve? 614 · 201 comments Thinking of dropping Harvard from my resume. 2 · 1 Comment Updated resume after a lot of useful suggestions from all of you, worked on it for about 3-4 hours today. Appreciate your feedback one last time. Applying to SWE New Grad Jobs · 2 Comments Fire up my resume, don’t hold back! 5 · 14 Comments [Software Engineer] I am not able to get an interview from anywhere with 2 years of professional experience in a big company with 2 internships with projects. What’s wrong with my resume? 3 · 8 Comments Rejected from over 100 jobs, could it be because of my lack of education? 6 · 21 Comments Would love feedback! Thanks3 · 6 Comments How to list self-employment and two simultaneous jobs? 1 · 1 Comment Resume Critic for Aspiring Analyst1 · 1 Comment Entry Level Software Engineer First US Style Resume

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Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit

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While college is a great way to invest in yourself, it’s not for everyone. A college degree may be a stepping stone to overall success, but 43.5 million Americans also left college with an average of $37,574 in federal student loan debt.

How To Get A Job At Google

Check out the 40 Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree to find an alternative path to professional and financial success.

Note: We used 2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics median salary data, the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Career OneStop Occupation Profile (sponsored by the US Department of Labor) to compile this list and infographic. Projected jobs are the number of annual jobs created through 2031 for the position.

Makeup artists who apply makeup for theatrical performances are generously compensated for their work and artistry. Theatrical makeup artists typically use makeup to convey a particular time or setting that enhances the performer and their role. Their craft requires precision in their work while regularly replicating looks for characters and they specialize in using different materials to achieve their looks.

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit

While airline pilots typically need a bachelor’s degree, commercial pilots do similar jobs without one. Commercial pilots operate and fly aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes, that are not affiliated with airlines Unlike airline pilots, commercial pilots typically fly non-scheduled flights such as charter flights and aerial tours.

Tech Jobs That Require Little Education To Get Started

First-line supervisors of police and detectives directly supervise detectives and police officers and offer expertise in coordinating the investigation of criminal cases. They are also known as police captains and shift supervisors.

This highest paying job without a degree involves all activities related to the planning and coordination of distribution, transportation or storage.

Duties include planning and implementing warehouse security, overseeing shipping, product receiving, storage and testing, as well as integrating logistics with business operations.

Elevator and escalator installers and repairers are tasked with fixing, maintaining and installing elevators and moving walkways. This occupation requires workers to work at tall heights and in confined spaces but offers good compensation. Get started on the path to becoming an elevator and escalator installer or repairman by obtaining a high school diploma and gaining experience with an apprenticeship.

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With just a high school diploma and moderate job training, you can drive subways, commuter trains, or streetcars. As a streetcar or subway operator, you transport passengers by operating train or streetcar controls, driving and controlling cars on railways, and managing emergency procedures when necessary.

A power plant operator is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree. Major responsibilities include controlling, operating or maintaining equipment that generates electrical power on the grid. A power plant operation is a highly technical job – it requires no education beyond your high school diploma. Instead, the skills needed to succeed in this position are taught on the job.

A postmaster, also known as a mail superintendent, is a supervisory role that plans, directs, and coordinates the operational, administrative, and support services of a U.S. Post Office. Although this job does not require further education, it does require experience. Because this is a managerial role, you may be required to rise to your position from other administrative positions within the US Postal Service.

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit

Another transportation career with a high salary and no degree required is a transportation inspector. This job is responsible for inspecting products or equipment that involves the transportation of people or goods. Inspectors may specialize in freight, rail transport or other vehicles. Responsibilities include inspecting shipments for safety, recording and managing cargo conditions, monitoring loading for compliance, and providing expertise when stocking heavy or dangerous cargo. If you are interested in transportation and management is not for you, this role is a good paying option to become a transportation manager.

Are Ai Positions Creating New Top Salaries In The Tech Industry?

In this role, individuals supervise non-retail sales staff and may also take on budgeting and accounting responsibilities. Non-retail sales supervisors manage their employees and offer guidance in achieving sales goals and solving service or product related problems.

This career involves maintaining and installing power grids, and entry-level positions require a high school diploma. Electrical power-line installers install power-line networks and repairmen service high-voltage lines and towers or even street and traffic lights. Typical duties include inspecting power lines, identifying power grid faults, and climbing poles to string power lines. These electrical line installers and repairers work underground and in dangerous situations with high-voltage electricity. This risk can be balanced by strong projected job growth and compensation.

Supervisors in this career are responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of firefighters and others involved in fire prevention and control. Firefighter supervisors act as leaders of their crews and are involved in communicating fire details to all personnel, directing medical services, evaluating fires, and tactically rescuing and extinguishing firefighters. You can work your way up to this supervisory position in less than five years and start earning well above the average American income.

Agricultural managers, farmers and ranchers earn good salaries by producing livestock, dairy products or crops. A high school diploma is usually required to begin this career, but a secondary degree may be required as farm management becomes more complex. Agricultural manager positions may begin to decline as farms become more efficient.

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Construction and extraction worker supervisors coordinate and inspect work activities and ensure that safety standards are met at work sites. Reaching this role typically requires five or more years of experience in an extraction or other construction trade. However, with this field growing at a rate of 4% until 2031, once you have experience, there can be plenty of job opportunities.

This role is responsible for supervising the work of mechanics, repairmen or installers. Mechanic supervisors schedule and allocate work hours based on an employee’s skills, review job performance, maintain safety procedures, and investigate accidents. It takes less than five years of experience to reach the supervisory level, and with an expected job growth rate of 4% through 2031, rapid advancement into this role may be possible.

Aircraft mechanics and service technicians regularly maintain or repair aircraft. After completing high school, mechanics and technicians can receive technical training and complete a certification course at an aviation technician school approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Another path is to begin supervised on-the-job training to gain enough experience to become certified. responsibility

Getting A Tech Job Without A Degree Reddit

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