Getting A Sim Card In China – So you’re looking at Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards. We know there’s a lot out there – so here’s a handy guide to how SIM cards work in Hong Kong and some suggestions on which SIM cards to get.

If you’re paying more than HK$150.00 for a monthly plan, you’re probably paying too much. Most plans differentiate themselves by offering some other combination of voice, data, and international calling or roaming options. Most cards are valid for the number of days indicated on the package, and many can be extended to 1 month or 180 days by topping up (added value) at stores or stores operated by mobile operators. Talk to the clerk, they know what to do.

Getting A Sim Card In China

Getting A Sim Card In China

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Esim【china + Hong Kong】china Hong Kong Travel Prepaid Sim Card Unlimited Gb 中国上网卡香港上网卡

There are shops at the airport, ferry terminals, near the bus station and throughout the city. Be aware that promotions may vary between stores and you may not get the card you want.

You’re more likely to find what you’re looking for at these specialty stores, which can be found throughout the city.

Voice: Calls are billed to the nearest minute. Rates vary depending on which country you’re calling and sometimes whether you’re calling a landline or a mobile phone.

SMS: Sending texts in Hong Kong is not free (although receiving them is). They charge per text and prices vary depending on whether they are on-net, off-net or to which country they are sent. To solve this, many people use the chat apps we mentioned above, which use data to send messages and make calls.

China 15day Unlimited Data Prepaid Sim 7gb4g Hong Kong Taiwan Macao Macau Cn

Data: If you’re like most people and don’t plan on streaming Netflix on your phone through your data plan, you won’t need more than 2G for a few days, maybe a month. senior user. Posting to Instagram, Facebook, or sending photos to your mom (unless you’re sending huge files for some reason) won’t affect your data too much. Save the stream for your hotel room, where we probably have very fast internet. Most plans offer 3GB of service in a few days.

Low cost and hassle free. If you don’t want to use a lot of data or make a lot of International Direct Dialing (IDD) calls, this is for you.

There is also a Lite data plan which offers slower service but lasts more than 10 days. Note that the Lite data package does not allow connection.

Getting A Sim Card In China

Your local call savings will be deducted at HK$0.05/HK$0.12 per minute depending on peak or off-peak hours. IDD calls cost between HK$1.19 and HK$11.35/minute to most major destinations.

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This SIM card gives you free calls to 30 international destinations, but read the fine print as some of these countries only offer free calls to landlines. IDD is completely free in USA, China, Canada, Singapore and Thailand. Calls to mobile phones in the rest of the country range from HK$1.00 to HK$15.80 per minute.

For this plan, you can purchase a pre-installed SIM card for HK$100.00 or HK$180.00 and remove the charges from it. Basically, you can choose the number of days and the amount of data you want and update as you go. You subscribe to the plan by sending an SMS to the number. See the official site for the price list.

If you really need a lot of data in 8 days, CSL’s Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM card offers 5G service for HK$118.00 during those days.

For those who don’t want to spend money on a SIM card, Hong Kong is generally a Wi-Fi-friendly city, with many restaurants, buildings, shopping malls and hotels providing free internet. If possible, connecting to free Wi-Fi can help reduce data usage. According to Chinese regulations, you must provide one passport for each Chinese SIM card ordered. SIM cards will be activated after passport copies are submitted. Once activated, the SIM card is non-transferable or non-refundable. However, the 90-day validity of the pack/talk time starts from the first use and not from the date of activation.

Cellphone & Sim Card In China

Please note that the first time you insert a SIM card outside of China, it may take up to 15 minutes to register the SIM card to one local network due to international roaming. Please be patient.

Also note that using this SIM card to surf the web or make calls outside of China will significantly reduce data and voice usage or even cause the SIM card to be suspended.

People in Mainland China can dial your number to contact you, for example 132 818 12345; People outside China should dial +86 and your number, for example +86 132 818 12345

Getting A Sim Card In China

Dial an 11-digit mobile number directly; Chinese mobile numbers start with 13../15../17../18…, for example, call 15680912345 directly. China Sim Card 60days 20gb, Mainland China Sim With Mobile Number, 300 Minutes Of Local Calls & 300 Sms, 5g Operating Network (real Name Authentication Required)

Dial 0 + area code + phone number, Beijing area code – 10, Shanghai – 21, Chengdu – 28; for example, call Chengdu 85332544, dial 028 85332544.

Dial “10193 00” + phone number. For example, to call India number 022 24216344, dial “10193 0091 22 24216344”.

Dial “00” or “+” + country code + phone number. For example, to call an Indian number, dial 022 24216344, “0091 22 24216344” or +91 22 24216344.

English speaking customer service agents can be reached by email at or by phone on 0086 28 85332544 and 0086 156 8092 7447.

Traveling To China: Buying Chinese Sim Card

Dial 110 to report medical, robbery, fire or other situations requiring local authority assistance. It is equivalent to “911” in the United States or “112” in Europe.

You can check your balance when you are in or out of China. Just text “WLCX” to 10010 for airtime and data balance. These texts are free. Answers are in English.

General China Unicom airtime can be applied to this SIM card, which means you can purchase airtime at or other retail channels.

Getting A Sim Card In China

The data pack top-up package is ONLY available at Data bundles purchased through other retail channels will NOT work with this SIM card and may even cause this SIM card to stop working!

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China Unicom’s 4G LTE data usage limit is 6GB per month. Once you reach 6GB of usage in that calendar month, you cannot add more data to the same SIM card.

China Unicom has adopted two types of LTE technologies: FDD-LTE (up to 150 mbps) and TD-LTE (up to 100 mbps), which means China Unicom 4G LTE networks support all 4G smartphones. All Chinese mobile operators, including China Unicom, only display the 4G icon instead of the LTE icon on the phone when the device is connected to a 4G LTE network. If you see a 4G icon on your phone, it means your phone is connected to a 4G LTE network.

For most devices, this SIM card does not require any APN configuration to access the Internet. iPhones rarely require any APN settings. However, some Android-based devices may require you to manually configure their APN to access the Internet properly. If you have an Android device and your phone is able to make calls and receive texts, but cannot access the Internet, please try to configure the APN based on the following instructions:

Wireless Management-> Mobile Network Settings-> Wireless Access Points (WAP) Name-> Menu-> Enter New APN, then enter the following information:

Things You Need To Know About Chinese Sim Cards

Data only, no outgoing calls – Incoming and data only, 25 Indian minutes with prefix or 50 local minutes, 75 Indian minutes with prefix or 150 local minutes, 125 Indian minutes with prefix or 250 local minutes , No Indian minutes – 1000 local minutes When I was in China, I helped many young people buy Chinese SIM cards every year, especially the new arrivals at our university in September and October. I took HSK4 before going to China, so it’s not too difficult for me to buy a SIM card myself, but I know that many of you may not speak Chinese well, so I’ll explain to you how international students get a SIM card. / phone number in China. But keep in mind that all articles published on the Internet are time sensitive. Situations can change in real time when you check my article. But I guarantee this is the best reference you will ever find.

1). How important is it for international students to purchase a SIM card as soon as they arrive in China?

If you are coming to China for the first time, it is very important to get a Chinese SIM card as soon as possible. Because just by getting Chinese SIM card you can connect with your teacher, family and friends anytime because WIFI is not available anywhere. If you don’t have your own phone number, you can’t even apply for a local bank card. Today

Getting A Sim Card In China


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